Genesis Flood’s Effect on Earth’s Geology        Study No. 211


The flood can account for the following geological changes and facts.

·        Genesis 6:13, the earth was deva­stated by the actions of the flood.  It was an earth-wide flood with earth-wide results.

·        The falling of the firmament: this caused a reorganization of the atmosphere.  An atmospheric layer of water vapor, carbon dioxide, and ozonated air once covered the earth.  Genesis 2:4-6, a mist (dew) waters the earth.

This would cause the earth to have a more temperate climate.  No temperature extremes.  The earth’s climate would be mild and tropical.  This firmament/atmosphere was where part of the water came from.

·        The oceans were shallower and the mountains were smaller before the flood.  After the flood the mountains rose and the ocean basins deepened.  Psalm 104:5-9, the ocean waters would no longer cover the earth.  Genesis 7:11, the fountains of the deep were oceans and underground water.  Part of the floodwaters came from this source.

·        The earth was covered by water.  This deposited great amounts of silt and sediment.  The earth had great tidal surges. The soft sediment was eroded by the fast moving water.  There were great canyons and valleys formed in a relatively short amount of time (weeks, days, not millions of years).  Genesis 8:3, the waters receded continuously (KJV margin: Heb. going and returning).  They slosh­ed back and forth.

·        The ice ages (Pleistocene epoch) were a result of the flood.


Fossils and Rock Strata


According to scientists, the age of fossils can be determined by the strata. 

·        If the strata was laid down in a short time the dating of fossils is not correct.

·        This means that the evolutionary time scale is not correct.

Consider the fact that there are rock strata and fossils in the first place.

·        Today fossils are not being formed at the same accelerated rate as in the past.

·        Sedimentary-layered rock strata are deposited by water.

·        Fossils require quick burying and great pressure by overlying strata.

·        Fossils are found in the same order they would be deposited. 

·        These facts prove a flood, not a changing evolutionary order from simple to complex.

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After The Flood


Merrill, Eugene.  An Historical Survey of the Old Testament. Baker Books, 1991, p. 65.

“Finally, it is helpful to consider briefly the great glaciers, tropical fossils, the polar regions, and woolly mammoths. Scientists generally agree today that at one time the earth enjoyed a tropical climate throughout and that tropical plants were to be found everywhere.  As a matter of fact, fossils of these plants have been found as far north as the Arctic Circle.  Moreover, hunters and other people have found in the Siberian tundra the frozen carcasses of woolly mammoths so well preserved that their meat is still edible! When they were cut open, tropical plants were found still undigested, perfectly intact, in their stomachs.  Scientism has a very difficult time accounting for all of this, but the universal flood presents the solutions that are worthy of consideration.  The canopy of water no doubt provided a greenhouse effect that rendered the climate of the earth unusually warm throughout. When this canopy disap­peared as rain, rapid climatic changes ensued, and the polar zones became frozen. Anything living there also froze, becoming trapped in the mud and rock laid down in the flood.  If the process of drowning, entombment, and freezing occurred quickly enough, thousands of animals could be preserved indefinitely. Uniformitarianism has no adequate solution to these problems, but the flood, rightly understood, is quite satisfactory.”                                     W


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