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hereis no doubt that cancer is more prevalent today than it was fifty years ago. Many doctors say they don’t know the cause of cancer. However, the cause of cancer is no mystery. There has to be a cause for every effect. There are people out there who have studied the causes of cancer as well as the solution to the problem. People need to be educated on this topic so that they will be better informed in order to make wise decisions concerning their health.



The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be medical advice for individual patients. It is not wise to attempt to self-medicate, even with food supplements, herbs or dietary programs. Those with health concerns are urged to consult a qualified health care professional. This is partic­ularly true for cancer, which ideally requires individualized treatment programs. Doctors have the equipment necessary to make the proper diagnosis. After a person learns exactly what the problem is, then they can decide if they want to abide by the doctor’s advice regarding conven­tional therapies, or go to a naturopathic doctor for alternative treat­ments.

There is a conspiracy of silence regarding the cancer industry and people who suffer from cancer are entitled to know the truth. Most of us have heard only one side of the story. We’ve all heard about the conventional treatments for cancer, which are chemo­therapy, radiation, and surgery. It is only fair to hear what the other side has to say about it. We should not judge anyone who goes with conventional therapies. In most cases, people are trying to make the best possible decision for themselves, and in some cases, it may be the only choice they know about.


What Is Cancer?


We have not been told the truth about cancer. What we need to do is to know and understand our enemy. Most people believe cancer is a disease. But is cancer really a disease? There is accurate documentation to prove cancer is not a disease, but is in fact a symptom of an inefficient immune system. Cancer is not an infectious disease like polio, whooping cough, mumps, or measles. It is not contagious. You can’t catch cancer from someone else. It is not a bacteria or a virus whose purpose is to eat the nutrients we have in the body.

We need to find a definition for cancer. What does the cancer industry want us to believe cancer to be? The American Cancer Society says, “Although most of us think of cancer as a single disease, it is actually a family of more than 100 different types.” What does that tell you about cancer? It tells us that it’s insidious, complicated, over­whelming, and there are many types. It also calls it a disease — not just one, but over 100 different types of diseases — a whole family of diseases. This is what we are supposed to believe cancer to be. This is how they classify cancer. If a person has cancer in the bones, it’s called “bone cancer”; in the breast, it’s called “breast cancer”; in the blood, it’s called “leukemia”; in the lymphatic system, it’s called “lymphoma.” So the cancer industry identifies cancer by the location of the cancer — where it is found in the body — or in some cases names it after the doctor who discov­ered it, or by the particular athlete who had it when it was first discovered.

Arthur C. Guyton wrote a book of over 1000 pages called Medical Physiology. In that book he has dedicated one page to cancer. So, either he knows very little about cancer, or else he knows enough about cancer to do the job in one page. He writes, “Cancer is caused in all instances by a mutation of cellular genes.”  How many of us have cells that are mutating? The answer is — we all do. If we all have cells that are mutating, then why are we not all dying of cancer? The answer is because we have an immune system. Arthur C. Guyton says, “Indeed it is believed that all of us are continually forming cells that are potentially cancerous, but our immune system acts as a scavenger and nips these abnormal cells in the bud.” So according to this definition, cancer is a single condition. In fact, it is a naturally occurring condition of the body. It’s perfectly normal and natural to have an immune system, and it’s perfectly normal and natural to have a population of mutant cells. The human body has 75 trillion cells. We have over 200 different types of cells in the human body. Some 230,000 cells are created every second, almost 20 billion per day. The average person has about 1100 mutant cells daily. It is the immune system’s job to find these mutant cells and nip them in the bud.

Cancer cells are loosely formed with no organized method of attack. In fact, cancer is a bunch of confused cells that do not have the capability of functioning and are just waiting around to be destroyed by the immune system.


The Incredible Immune System


God created us in such a way that if given a chance, the body will heal itself. The immune system is extremely intelligent and it knows its job well. Your immune system is the most complex and critical component of your body’s inherent defense mechanism. Now we need to ask two very important questions. Is it possible to weaken the immune system? Yes, of course it is. What causes a weakened immune system? Many elements of the environment we live in today compromise the defense ability of our immune system. Immune suppressors can be of the physical or emotional type. Physical immune suppressors are any chemical material, which is foreign to the body and not needed for a specific function. They include air and water pollutants, chemical additives to food and in household cleaners, pesticides, toxins, the overuse of antibiotics and other drugs as well as refined sugar. Emotional immune suppressors include harboring nega­tive emotions such as fear, hate, anger, grief, anxiety, depression, resentment, frustra­tion, feelings of guilt, hopelessness and help­lessness. Debilitating stress, which overloads the nervous system, also weakens our immunity.

The next question is very important. Is it possible to strengthen the immune system? The answer is — yes, it is possible. How can we do that? The first step is to eliminate all the immune suppressors that can be removed. The next step is to acquire enough immune enhancers to help with the restoration of the normal healing mechanism of the body. A healthy diet and lifestyle is vitally important to maintaining an efficient immune system. Replace negative emotions with positive ones. Adopt a positive, cheerful, hopeful, loving, giving and winning attitude combined with a diet primarily composed of organically grown grains, fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods containing artificial additives. Moderate regular exercise is also very helpful and certain nutritional supplements are known to have an immune enhancing effect such as vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene. Garlic as well as vitamin C are well known powerful antioxidents and garlic is a natural antibiotic.

The immune system is dedicated to civil defense. It resembles an army or police force helping with the natural defense and repair mechanism needed for the prevention of disease. It is composed primarily of specialized white blood cells and a variety of organic compounds produced by the immune cells to act as messengers or regulators. The immune system has the ability to learn to identify, and then to remember specific antigens that have been encountered. Modern conventional medicine battles diseases by means of drugs, surgery, radiation and other therapies. But true health can only be attained by maintaining a healthy, properly function­ing immune system. It is the immune system that fights off disease-causing micro­organisms, and that engineers the healing process. The immune system is the key to fighting every kind of insult to the body. Immunity is partly inherited and partly shaped by lifestyle. Proper nutrition plays a key role in maintaining an efficient immune system as do a number of other factors including adequate rest, emotional sta­bility, purposeful occupation, a positive attitude, regular exercise, spiritual support, and consistent water replenishment. What do these have in common with each other? Balance. When we shape our lives according to this model, we are able to maintain harmony in every aspect of our existence — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Bible teaches a direct correlation between happiness and health.

“Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time” (Proverbs 17:22). “Peace of mind makes the body healthy, but jealousy is like a cancer” (Proverbs 14:30). Two other scriptures also relate to this principle. “Thoughtless words can wound as deeply as any sword, but wisely spoken words can heal” (Proverbs 12:18). “Kind words are like honey – sweet to the taste and good for your health” (Proverbs 16:24).


The Cancer Industry


We need to be aware of a powerful cancer industry that profits more from cancer treatment than from cancer prevention and cancer cures. Disease is an 80 billion-dollar-a-year business in the U.S. and cancer represents one of the biggest sources of income to the medical-drug-hospital industry. There are more people living off cancer than dying from it. What’s wrong with that picture? In order to fight cancer we are asked to donate more money. But throwing money at a problem is not the solution. It should not be a question of raising more money for research, but for steering the research in the right direction. Generally speaking, we are a drug-oriented society. We are always looking for a single drug or a pill that will cure or control the condition. This is also true in regard to cancer. Although drugs may be effective in controlling the symptoms, no drug or pill will be found  to cure cancer. In fact, the outward symptoms of any health problem is nothing but the body’s manifestation of its own defense and remedial effort to correct the adverse condition and restore health. A tumor is nothing but the body’s effort to isolate the affected cells in order to protect the rest of the organism and extend life. Therefore, the effective cure for any health problem can be accomplished by the body’s own extensive healing mechanism. We are equipped with a marvelous healing system, more effective than any healing system devised by man. This built-in healing system is capable of correcting any condition of ill health if given the proper conditions. Consequently, the first principle of biological medicine is to create conditions most conducive to stimulate and activate the body’s immune system.

But we should also realize that there can be divine intervention for healing in our lives. The age of miracles and healing is not past. God can heal and does still heal today. “Bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases,” (Psalm 103:2, 3). It is difficult to enjoy life if we are in constant pain and God would like us to be healthy. The apostle John was inspired to write, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” (III John 2). God does expect us to do what we can for ourselves. Also, God has given us a variety of principles for healthful living — not the least of which is the list of clean and unclean foods recorded in Leviticus 11. Physical healing should be distinguished from divine, miraculous, supernatural healing. If a sick person asks for healing, then God will make his decision regarding whether, when, why, and how to heal. God may heal now to show mercy, to express love, to encourage the spiritually weak, to reinforce faith, or as a witness of the gospel. To get the big picture, we must keep in mind that this physical life is temporary and we are going to die sooner or later. Therefore, it is vitally important to remember that one’s ultimate reward is neither determined nor affected by whether he was or was not healed during his physical lifetime.


The Healthy Cell Concept


If we can keep most of our cells healthy, then we will be healthy. It is to our benefit to learn about the healthy cell concept which has four important points.

 (1) Cell Communication: All living things communicate in one way or another and our cells are no different. If we have a healthy, happy, positive outlook on life, then that will send a message to our cells to do what they are supposed to do.

(2) Cell Environment: All our cells live in a fluid. In order to keep our cells healthy, we need to replace the water we use by drinking pure water which has an alkaline pH balance. Many people have water containing chlorine and fluoride which are known cell killers. Random House Dictionary defines chlorine as “a greenish-yellow, incom­bustible, poisonous, gaseous element that is highly irritating to the respiratory organs.”  During World War II, it was illegal for Germany or the Allies to use chlorine gas per the Geneva Convention. But we put it in our drinking water.

Webster’s Dictionary defines fluoride as, “a corrosive, poisonous, greenish-yellow gas­eous chemical element; the most reactive nonmetallic element known in forming fluorides with almost all other known elements.” Over fifty percent of the people living in the U.S. have fluoride in their drinking water. Contrary to popular belief, fluoride does not make teeth stronger, nor does it prevent tooth decay. David Kennedy, D.D.S., San Diego, CA. says, “Flourides do not reduce tooth decay.” Both the Proctor and Gamble report obtained from the Department of Health in 1985 and the National Toxology program under the auspices of the U.S. Public Health Service in 1990, states that fluoride has been linked to cancer. While many have swallowed the propaganda concerning the fluoride in the water deal, the rest of the story is a fascinating one. The plain truth is that the facts, the documentation, and the evidence is available which reveals the real reason why fluoride was put in the drinking water. But that’s another story for another time.

(3) Cell Food: You can’t build live cells with dead food. If possible, we should try to find organically grown fruits and vegetables. Cooked food destroys most of the enzymes, so it is good to use plant digestive enzyme supplements. Flaxseed oil is nutritional gold, and is still the richest source of Omega 3, essential fatty acid. Flaxseed oil provides the right kind of fat to keep our cells healthy.

(4) Exercise: The common denominator of all exercise is opposing gravity. Although all exercise is helpful, the rebounder places the forces of acceleration and deceleration on the same plane as gravity. This exercise stimu­lates the activity of the lymphatic system. Rebounding is a true cellular exercise and will strengthen every cell in the body. The rebounder is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man. With a rebounder, you don’t have to worry what the weather is like outside because you can use it in the comfort of your own home while you watch television or listen to the radio.  (To order a Soft-Bounce Needakä Rebounder, see

The primary and ultimate cause of cancer is lowered or broken down resistance of the body’s own defense mechanism, against the singular or combined physical, chemical, emotional, and en­viron­mental stresses placed upon it. This paves the way for the develop­ment of cancer. Today the medical establish­ment basically uses drugs to treat the effect of a problem, but it does not eliminate the cause of the problem. We need to understand the cause of cancer before we can find a cure for it. The reason for that is because the true cure for cancer lies in the prevention of it. When the true cause of any illness has been found, then a true cure has also been found by removing the cause of the problem.

For those who have cancer, there is hope. Natural, harmless, yet effective, ways to strengthen your immune system include IP-6 with Inositol, Oncolyn, Moducare, Maitake, Aloe Vera, Essiac Tea, and Vitamin C, to name a few.  But none of those should be taken without the advice of a health care professional — preferably a naturopathic physician.

How important is it to be alkaline instead of acidic? Cancer will thrive in an acidic environ­ment. In the body that has a slightly alkaline cell environment, the conditions required for the propagation of cancer do not exist. How important is it to maintain a healthy immune system? It is a medical fact that cancer cannot exist in the body that has an efficient immune system.

When all the cancer-causing factors are eliminated from our lives, cancer will disappear. This is the only way the victory over cancer will ever be won. Stop smoking, stop polluting our air, stop devitalizing and des­troy­ing our food, stop poisoning air, water, and soil with carcinogenic chemicals, stop the health-destroying high protein fad, stop the mad race for more material prosperity, and adopt a contented mental attitude, eat natural unprocessed foods, breathe clean air, drink pure water, live close to nature, and do your daily quota of perspiring, either by hard work or exercise — and you can forget about cancer.

— written by Alex Nicholson, 3719 Hwy 2, Apt 9, Fletchers Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada B2T 1J3,                                                                      W



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