Giving & Sharing Bible Studies
Descriptive Table of Contents

1          Don’t Take Your Brother to Court! It is wrong for brethren in the faith to take one another to court. How are matters to be handled in God’s Church? Who is your brother? What should you do if you are sued?

2          Idolatry in the Church of God.  Some religious leaders have become idols in the Church today. The Corinthian Church’s problem was idolatry. There are 15 symptoms of idolatry today.

3          Women’s Responsibility in the Church, by Keith Hunt. What responsibilities can women perform in the church? Are women allowed to teach in the church?

4          Christian Fellowship — Why and With Whom? by Richard A. Wiedenheft. You should fellowship where you can grow spiritually, learn, give and share, enjoying the company of brethren.

5          How Should Worship Services be Conducted? This article explains how worship services should be conducted. We all should contribute something to worship services. The elder plays a key role.

6          Joseph: a Portrait of Mercy, by John Dunkin. The story of how Joseph reacted when he found Mary to be pregnant demonstrates God’s mercy and how we should be merciful unto others so that God will be merciful to us. 

7          Is Christianity Pagan? adapted from The Faith magazine, January, 1976. Paganism crept into the early church and changed the religion of the Messiah into baptized paganism.

8          Why I Don’t Close My Letters With "In His Name".  Using the Eternal’s name in prayer is proper, but not in closing our letters. Paul’s letters closed, not with "in Jesus name," but merely "Amen."

12        Theme of the Apostles, by John Trescott.  Preaching the Kingdom of God requires preaching the way into that Kingdom through Jesus Christ granting repentance and remission of sins.

13        Why Hebrew? by Bill Phillips with notes by Richard C. Nickels.  This article gives a brief look at the "Sacred Name" doctrine. 

14        Being Independent, by Norman F. Rowe.  Being independent has its advantages and disadvantages. It is not sinful to work apart from an organized group.

15        Biblical Hypocrisy. God hates hypocrites. Hypocrisy is destructive and sinful. There are 18 characteristics of hypocrites. 

16        Who Are the Wise Servants? Wise servants will be doing when the Master returns. How can we be wise teachers?

20        Spiritual Winners, Spiritual Losers. There are basic characteristics of spiritual winners and spiritual losers. The Bible gives us principles to be a spiritual winner.

21        Put on the Whole Armor of God, by Jim DeFrancisco. Ephesians 6, describes our spiritual armor: truth, righteousness, the gospel, faith, salvation and the sword of the spirit. With this armor, we can overcome evil with good. 

25        What is an Apostate? An apostate is one who has utterly renounced the faith, and departed from the Truth. We need to admonish brethren who are in the process of giving up the faith altogether. 

26        Ten Basic Qualifications of an Elder. I Timothy 3 and Titus 1 give ten qualifications for an elder. Deacons must have similar qualifications. These are strict requirements for the ministry today.

28        Fellowship: Mark of a True Christian. This short study examines the importance of proper fellowship.

30        What Does It Mean To Minister to the Saints? Ministering to the saints is helping them in their physical needs, and a vital part of every believer’s life.

31        What is the Ministry? There are many kinds of ministry. Every follower of Christ must have a ministry, even women!

32        Daily Bread, True Bread, Living Bread, Bread from Heaven. Scripture places a tremendous emphasis on bread, and uses bread as a symbol and object lesson many different ways. 

33        Spiritual Dogs. The Bible takes a dim view of dogs, using them as a type of the wicked. Let us not become spiritual dogs.

34        Spiritual Cannibalism. Today there is a famine of the word, and God’s people have the tendency to devour themselves. How can we avoid end time spiritual cannibalism?

35        The Scatterings, by James Vivo and Richard C. Nickels. False ministers have scattered God’s sheep. There are many scatterings in God’s prophetic plan for His people.

38        Should a Christian Work in Government Office? Under certain circumstances, it would not be proper for a Bible believer to work for the government. There are some conditions whereby government work is acceptable.

42        Yahweh is My Strength, My Song, My Salvation. Singing is a vital part of worship. We have many reasons to sing praises to our Maker! 

47        Ye Visited Me Not, by Manuel Torres. A letter from a prison inmate illustrates the need for all of to be loved.

49        Is It Christian to Drink? by Norman F. Rowe. The Bible supports moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, but condemns drunkenness.

50        Usury — A Universal Sin. Debt money is the foundation of today’s economic system. The Bible condemns wicked usury.

51        Promotion Comes From God. Promotion in my job taught me lessons relative to spiritual promotion, and realization of the fact that all real promotion comes from God.

56        Fruits Worthy of Repentance. Many lack an understanding of repentance, and the fruits (evidence) of repentance that God requires. The Church of God today needs to repent!

57        Love the Stranger. Believe it or not, some religious organizations think little or nothing of "strangers" (foreigners)! We need to diligently serve strangers and help them obey God’s Laws.

60        Gird Up Your Loins. "Girding up your loins" means to follow the Almighty’s specific instructions.

61        Personal Spiritual Object Lessons. Personal incidents in my life have taught me spiritual lessons.

62        Be Ye Therefore Perfect. The Bible commands us to be perfect. What is perfection? There are ten marks of perfection. Perfection is possible.

63        What Seventh-day Adventists Should Know About Other Sabbath-keepers. Sabbath-keepers need to know about other Sabbath-keepers. Review of major Sabbatarian groupings.

64        We Are Sabbath-Keepers, Not Seventh-day Adventists. Eighteen similarities between our beliefs and SDA's. Why we are not Seventh-day Adventists.

65        Three Days and Three Nights, by Milburn Cockrell. There are clear, simple proofs that the crucifixion was on Wednesday and the resurrection on Saturday.

66        The Decline and Fall of America, by Dr. Charles Halff. There were five causes for the decline of the Roman Empire. America has these characteristics and is destined for a fall.

69        The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. Has Jesus eternally existed? Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and "Moonies" have false ideas about the nature of our Savior. Colossians 1:14-15 and Revelation 3:14 have been twisted by some to conclude that the Messiah was created.

70        A Lonely Place. From time to time, we, like the Savior, need to be alone in God’s creation to pray to Him, and receive spiritual strength.

71        Is Your House in Order? The untimely deaths of my sister-in-law and her entire family in 1980 teaches us to put our houses in order and work diligently on life’s priorities.

74        Yahweh, Inc.?  The lawsuit of the Assemblies of Yahweh in 1983 against former members continuing to use a similar name in their new organization profanes the very name they hold to be "sacred."

78        Heaven is Not the Reward of the Saved. The Bible does not support the notion that Heaven is the abode of the saved. Numerous verses are often mis-interpreted which seem to indicate the righteous go to Heaven. There are serious consequences for believing the lie in going to Heaven.

79        The Little Sabbath-Keeping Red Hen. This children’s story teaches us what we should be doing to further the Master’s work. We need to be like the little red hen!

80        The Game of Proverbs. This simple card game involves matching two halves of many important verses from the book of Proverbs. It is a family fun game for all ages, that helps us memorize the wisdom of Solomon. 

81        Voting—Is It a Christian Duty? Although there might be a rare circumstance whereby we should vote on some local issue affecting morality or safety of believers, Christians should generally NOT vote in elections for candidates for public office. 

82        Casting Pearls Before Swine. Today is not the only day of salvation. Giving religious literature to those who do not want it is casting pearls before swine.  

83        How to Memorize Bible Scriptures. The key to memorizing portions of Scripture is to "get familiar" with your Bible. You should obtain a lifetime wide margin King James Version Bible. Our list of "Key Bible Chapters" helps you to know the main portions of scripture, which is the basis for generally knowing where to find important subjects.

84        Comments From Our Readers.See Appendix B for a compilation of reader comments.

87        The Solution to the Grasshopper Plague. Swarms of grasshoppers are the direct cause of disobedience to the Eternal’s Laws. Obedience to the Almighty helps get rid of pesky bugs better than the most powerful insecticide.

88        Don't Die in That Church! Righteous people should gather together at the death of one of the saints. A cold-hearted minister sent a funeral sermon tape to a dying man’s wife, but he later recovered.

89        We Saw a High Place! Medicine Wheel in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains is an ancient Indian "high place" similar to those mentioned frequently in the Old Testament. We need to eliminate the "high places" of our lives.

90        Right In Our Own Eyes. Like it was in the time of the judges, so it is today. Because there is no great faithful spiritual leader, every professed believer does what he or she thinks is right. What are some ways to NOT do what is right only in our own eyes?

95        At the Ritz in High Tech City. Despite man’s advances in computer technology, computers will not solve human problems. Life illustrates the "GIGO" principle: garbage in, garbage out.

96        Why Do the Seas Roar? The ocean displays the power of God. The seas remind us of the coming of our Saviour.

98        Is Gambling a Sin? Yes, gambling is a sin. This article shows why.

100      I Believe in Jesus Christ. What is it all About?by John I. Ajalli. Believing in Jesus Christ is obeying Him.

102      Worship Not the Beast With 666, by John I. Ajalli. The Roman Empire, and the Roman Catholic Church which is pattered after Rome, are branded with the number 666.

106      Comments From Our Readers.See Appendix B for a compilation of reader comments.

108      Is Jesus YHVH? by Ronald H. Stewart. People who deny the pre-existence of Christ today are similar to the Jews in Christ’s time who could not accept His pre-existence either. Jesus Christ has always existed; He IS God.

109      Our Road to Damascus. This is the story of my conversion. Each of us has a personal "road to Damascus." We must never forget how the Almighty led us to repentance. Young people in the church should prepare to meet their Maker, accepting God’s challenge.

113      Comments From Our Readers.See Appendix B for a compilation of reader comments.        

116      Receiving Correction From God. God can give us correction, even through unsavory individuals. We need correction from God and should be willing to receive it.

117      Genesis Finds Its Complement in Revelation. There are least 34 amazing parallels between the books of Genesis and Revelation.

118      Awake Out of Sleep! God’s Church of today is in a deep spiritual sleep. There are four reasons why people today are not "on fire" for God.

119      Contention in the Church of God. Contentiousness abounds in the church today, coming from wrathful, selfish people who argue over trivial matters. We need to put on Christ’s humility and withdraw from contentious persons.

120      How to Recognize a True Servant of God, by William B. Scherer. Use these guidelines to put ministers to the test to verify if they are or are not true servants of God.

121      The Problem of Giving to the Poor. Helping the poor is honoring the Creator, but there are lazy "bums" who should not be helped. It’s a problem to find someone you can truly help. It is not the responsibility of the church organization to help the poor; it is each member’s responsibility.

122      King James Version Errors. We use and recommend the King James Version, as opposed to modern translations. However, you should be aware of several KJV translation errors and changes in meanings of certain words since 1611 when the KJV was published.

124      The Diotrephes Complex. John’s short second and third epistles have a powerful message to us today. In a period of apostasy of the vast majority, a faithful few held on to doctrinal truths. Instead of wanting to put ourselves first, like Diotrephes, we should put others first and serve the brethren.

125      Spiritual Schizophrenia. "Split personality," or schizophrenia, is a spiritual disease affecting many in the church today. A warm, family relationship in the Church of God is the best prescription for spiritual schizophrenia.

126      Behold, A Virgin Shall Conceive. Old and New Testaments confirm the virgin birth of the Messiah, Savior of Mankind.

127      Petra and the Place of Safety. Scripture and history confirm that God has and will protect His people. The history of Petra is fascinating. We need to put our trust for protection in our Savior, not in a rock of death in the Middle East.

128      The New Age Movement. A thorough comparison of the New Age religion versus the religion of the Bible in the areas of the nature of God, Man, Sin and Man’s Destiny, shows that man’s choice is to believe in either Naturalism or Supernaturalism. New Age theology has deeply infiltrated the Church of God today. It was prophesied. God’s Word condemns the occult, witchcraft and New Age Movement.

129      Philo: Classical Expounder of Law, Sabbaths. Philo, an Alexandrian Jew and contemporary of Jesus, supported Biblical Law and the Sabbaths.

130      The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, by Steven J. Kieler. The beatitudes demonstrate seven pillars of God’s Wisdom. These are the opposites of the seven things God hates. We need to get wisdom!

131      Rechabites and Edomites. The remarkable faithfulness of the Rechabites of Jeremiah 35 is contrasted to the lack of faithfulness of the Edomites.

132      History of the Trinity Doctrine. Early Adventists were against the Trinity doctrine. Trinitarianism has entered Sabbath-keeping churches through a slow insidious process, a "death by a thousand cuts."

133      Seven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave. Review of Dave Breese’s book. Shows how Satan uses the ideas of seven dead men to rule the world: Darwin, Marx, Wellhausen, Freud, Dewey, Keynes, and Kierkegaard are insidiously affecting us.

134      Truth About Circumcision. The importance and meaning of physical and spiritual circumcision.

135      Prayer, by Wayne Holmes. The purpose of prayer, to whom we should pray, what we should pray about, where should we pray, at what times, in what physical condition, what prayer is, what prayer is not.

136      Importance of Spiritual Fellowship. What is fellowship? True spiritual fellowship is rare. It is a salvation issue. Rules of friendship. Wrong fellowship to avoid.

137      The Elijah to Come. The characteristics of Elijah the Tishbite. Comparison of Elijah and John the Baptist. Comparison of end time Two Witnesses and Moses/Elijah. Comparison of Elijah/John the Baptist and Herbert W. Armstrong. How to recognize the Elijah to Come.

138      How to Prepare, Conduct, and Participate in Group Bible Studies. How to make home Bible Studies effective tools for spiritual growth.

139      Socialism in the Church of God. The government cannot fulfill our obligation to help the poor. Comparison of state welfare programs contrasted with God’s Laws for the poor.

140      Lessons From Proverbs. Alphabetical list of major topics of the instructive Book of Proverbs.

141      Herbert W. Armstrong & Church Government. Review of the famous "1939 Article" on Church Government. Correction of misunderstanding about this important article. Comparison of 1939 Article and later Worldwide Church of God practice.

142      From A Distance. Why is the Church of God at war amongst itself? From a distance, we differ so little, yet we make so much of our differences and continue fighting against one another.

143      The Gospel of Isaiah. The book of Isaiah is the Old Testament prophecy most like the New Testament. The Gospel message of the Good News of the World Tomorrow is given throughout this inspiring prophecy.

144      Coming Clean. We must all confess our sins and not cover them up. A review of Garner Ted Armstrong’s booklet, The Origin and History of the Church of God, International.

145      Message to Prisoners. My friend in prison, and our difficulties helping him. What the Bible says about prisons. Biblical laws of crime and punishment.

146      Are You a Member of a Cult? Characteristics of cults. Four-point test for cults. Marks of a cult. Is the Worldwide Church of God a cult?

147      Yea, Hath God Said? How modern translations, especially the New International Version (NIV) corrupt the Word of God. Nineteenth Century Biblical scholars Westcott and Hort led the modern movement to pervert the Bible.

148      Thank God For My Handicap! Every member of the Messiah’s body has a gift given by Him to be used in His service. Yet also we all have handicaps, which we struggle with. My speech impediment, like that of Moses and Paul, has been a useful tool to get me closer to God.

149      The Wheat and the Tares. How the Parable of the Wheat and Tares explains why aberrant teachings arise among God’s people. God’s people need to be aware of tares growing in their midst. An example is the false teaching that the Messiah was resurrected on the first day of the week. The Worldwide Church of God has taught a first-day resurrection since 1974, and yet few know this fact.

150      A City on Seven Hills, by Dave Hunt. The Roman Catholic Church is identified as the woman riding the beast of Revelation. Almost a billion Catholics are deceived into trusting their Church, instead of Christ, for salvation.

151      Pursue Love, by Lee H. Clark. I Corinthians 13 is like a drama, with ten succeeding scenes.

152      And From the Laodicean Front, by Lee H. Clark. The Laodicean message applies to us, today.

153      The Blessing of Wool. Wool is a great blessing from God.

154      Shifting Paradigm: Where Will it End?By David Barton. Belief in evolution destroys the purpose of history and creates a society with no roots, and nowhere to go.

155      Nicolaitanes, by J.H. Allen. The doctrine of the Nicolaitanes is lordship, harsh rulership, of religious leaders over the lay persons.

156      The Berryfields of Gresham. Youth need meaningful work to learn character. The destruction of opportunities for young people to work is a sign of the downfall of our society.

157      Repentance Without Restitution. Restitution is one of the most neglected doctrines of the Bible. Repentance without restitution is like faith without works.

158      False Ministers, False Brethren. Both Testaments are replete with scriptures indicating that false ministers and false brethren wreak havoc with God's people, and cause untold suffering and captivity.

159      Seminar Format Feast of Tabernacles. Instead of the tired old format of songs, sermonette, announcements, and sermon, some groups are successfully implementing a seminar format as an added feature to enhance interactive learning and participation by more of the brethren in services.

160      The Battle for the Bible. There are two major Bible texts: the Received Text and the Nestle Aland United Bible Society text. The KJV and NKJV are based on the more accurate Received Text.

161      God is NOT a TRINITY. Although Trinitarianism is an article of faith by mainstream Catholic and Protestant faiths, the doctrine of the Trinity is not in the Bible, which clearly contradicts trinitarianism.

162      It Does Make a Difference Which Version You Use. A comparison of several verses between the KJV and the NIV and RSV show the superiority of the KJV.

163      Similarities and Differences Between Sabbatarian Churches. Most Sabbatarians do not know much about other Sabbath-keepers. In this article, we compare the similarities and differences of major Sabbatarian groups.

164      The Seven Churches of Revelation. From Ephesus to Laodicea, each of the Seven Churches of Revelation have striking historical lessons for the Church of God today.

165      Every Prayer an Answered Prayer, by Kenneth V. Ryland. Answers to prayer are vital to real spiritual growth.

166      Claiming the Promises of God. God promises blessings or cursings. What do we need to do to claim God's blessings?

167      Walking in the Spirit, Eph. 5:1-21, by Earl Lewis. How to walk in the Spirit is clearly explained.

168      A Look at the Pope's Pastoral Letter, "Dies Domini" by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi. In his 1998 letter, Pope John Paul II claims that the Scriptures authorize Sunday keeping, and that civil governments should enforce Sunday sacredness.

169      Was Luke a Gentile?by Thomas S. McCall. There is strong indication that, contrary to popular opinion, Luke was actually a Jew.

170      Don't Look Back, by Earl Lewis. We are sometimes hindered by not being focused on what is ahead, but looking back to the past. Here is how to be positive about tomorrow.

171      The Lion, the Lamb, and the Koala Bear. Each of these animals teaches us great spiritual lessons.

172      The Collapse of Evolution. Evolution does not stand the test of scientific investigation. Our earth is younger than commonly thought. Review of Scott Huse's book, The Collapse of Evolution.

173      Do Not Prostitute Thy Daughter, by Roger Normann. Fathers need to guide their daughters. Lack of godly Fathers leads their daughters to corruption.

174      United Religions Organization. Like the United Nations, the United Religions Organization seeks to unify the world spiritually. This article describes the dangers of this growing movement.

175      Do You Have a Right To Be Offended? The way to avoid offending others is to not be offended yourself. Can you say that nothing can offend you?

176      The War Against Circumcision. There is a mounting campaign to do away with circumcision. However, the Bible and science show that there are good reasons why males should be circumcised, not as a religious rite anymore, but a law of good health.

177      Don't Reject God Because of Human Failure, by Larry J. Walker. Many people reject God because of the sins of religious people. This article shows the fallacy of this kind of thinking.

178      Jail and Prison Ministry — a Job For You?by Earl Lewis. How to minister to prisoners, blessings and pitfalls.

179      Sodomy in the Church of God. What the Bible says about homosexuality. Relationship of feminism and homosexuality. How Christians should react to, and minister to, homosexuals.

180      Holy Anointing Olive Oil. Olive oil in the Bible. Olive oil is one of the major blessings God gives us. How to anoint. Are anointed cloths scriptural?

181      Cremation Versus Burial — Which? The Bible frowns on cremation. The example of the Bible is that to show proper respect for the dead, we should bury our dead.

182      Disfellowshipping and Marking, by Dexter B. Wakefield. "Marking" means to warn, take note of, be on guard. "Disfellowshipping" means to forbid a disruptive individual fellowship with the Church. Marking and disfellowshipping are two different practices, both used for the health and protection of the Church.

183      King of the Jews, by Dave Hunt. Understanding the background for the contention between Jews and Moslems is essential to fathom Bible prophecy. Both Jews and Arabs need to return to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who is the Messiah, King of the Jews.

184      The Smugglers — God’s Outlaws(Wyclife, Hus, Tyndale). The story of three reformers gave their lives to resist Roman tyranny and spread Bible Truth.

185      All Roads Lead to Babylon. Summary of the out-of-print book, Mystery Babylon the Great, by Ralph Woodrow.  Catholic practices are directly derived from paganism.

186      Have You Been Sold A Different Gospel?, (Gnosticism) by Douglas S. Winnail. Gnosticism, which perverted early Christianity, is today a major threat to the faith once delivered.

187      Imitators or Followers of Christ? What is the best translation of I Corinthians 11:1?  Should we be imitators or followers of Christ?

188      Alpha and Omega. The “omega wolf” is at the bottom of the pack, picked on and persecuted by all the other wolves.  People are often like wolves, and abuse lowly brethren in the Church.  We need to be a lamb, and not a wolf.

189      The “Serpent Seed” Heresy, by Robert Hoops and Steven Collins. The “Serpent Seed” doctrine says some races are descended from Satan himself.  This dangerous heresy is thoroughly refuted in this excellent article.

190      The “Heart of Evil,” and Essay on Evil, by Steve Kieler. It takes spiritual exercises to discern both good and evil, Hebrews 5:13-14.  This unique article lists the characteristics of evil, and how we can keep from evil.

191      Martyrs: A Mirror of Christ in the World. The book, Martyrs Mirror is a classic text on persecution of Christians by professing Christians.  Mark died on the day to the site of his burning.  Luke was hung from an olive tree in Greece, while Antipas was roasted alive in a copper steer.  Do we have the love of God to not only endure martyrdom, but bless our persecutors?

192      Scripture Memorization Can Be Fun. 300 important scriptures are listed, which can be put on scripture cards for memorization.

193      Let No Man Deceive You. The Holy Spirit is the antidote for deception.  It is possible for true believers to be deceived.  Examples of deception include the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, Nimrod, the Gibeonites, Absalom, and the Temptation of Christ by Satan.  Scripture shows how we can avoid deception.

194      Hell: Where is It? What is It? By E. E. Franke. The common Catholic/Protestant teaching of an ever-burning hell where lost sinners suffer for all eternity is anti-Biblical.  This article is a thorough refutation of this doctrine.

195      Islam and You. A commonly-reported lie is that the religion of Islam is a peaceful faith, and that Muslims worship the same God as Jews and Christians.  Islamic writings prove that Islam teaches killing those who refuse to accept Islam, and death to Muslims who renounce their faith.

196      The Archers Have Sorely Grieved Joseph. The Muslim terrorists who struck the United States on September 11, 2001 were motivated by a hate which stretches back thousands of years.  Modern descendants of Ishmael and Esau continue their destructive behavior.

197      A Physician Testifies About the Crucifixion. What was it like to be crucified?  This doctor’s report helps us understand the suffering our Savior endured for us.

198      Europa Rides the Beast, by Craig White. The symbol of a woman riding a beast in Revelation is a direct reference to mythological Europa who rode the beast, and points to Europe as being the end time Beast power.

199      Rules of the Winds, by Steve Kieler. A guide to perplexed believers during these times of winds of doctrines.

200      Who's Who in the Bible.  Matching quiz of famous Bible characters in both Testaments.

201      Books of the Bible. Matching quiz on Old Testament and New Testament books of the Bible.

202      The History of the English Bible, How did we get our English Bible?

203      Korah’s Rebellion - Its Real Lesson for Today. Ministers who cite Korah’s Rebellion don’t realize that this lesson may relate to them.

204      Patriotism or Pilgrimage? By Les Rinehart. Killing is not our calling.  Attitude of early Christians toward military service.  True Christians are conscientiously opposed to military service.

205      Land For Peace? King Solomon’s “land for peace” deal gave away a portion of the Promised Land. It didn’t work then, and will not work today.

206      Catholic Priests Child Sex-Abuse Scandal., by Dr. Samuel Bacchiocchi. Is the Catholic Church likely to give up its teaching on priestly celibacy? The evils fruits of this teaching. Scandals in the Church of God ministry.

207      The Fossil Record and Early Man, by Arnold C. Mendez, Sr.  If human evolution were true, what would the fossil record indicate?  If Creation was true, what would the fossil record indicate?  Homo sapiens fossils exist back to the very earliest fossil period.

208      What Do You Mean, “You”? This study of the words, “ye,” “you,” and “your” in Leviticus 23, demonstrates that the individual believer has a critical responsibility in observing the annual Holy Days. Karaite objections to calendar calculations are refuted.

209      Contrast Between Christ and Mohammed. Lining up the teachings of Mohammed and Christ shows the dramatic difference between these opposing world views.

210      Universal Nature of the Flood, by Arnold C. Mendez, Sr. The immense size of the ark, and the definition of the Biblical “kind,” demonstrate that Noah’s Ark was capable of preserving life during the great Flood.

211      Genesis Flood’s Effect on Earth’s Geology, by Arnold C. Mendez, Sr. Geological science demonstrates the significant effects the Flood had on the earth.

212      The Cancer Answer, by Alex Nicholson. What is cancer?  What is the role of the immune system, and how can you keep your body cells healthy so you are unlikely to get cancer?

213      Table of Symbolical Words in Scripture, by Charles A. Weisman. List of more than one hundred symbolical words in Scripture, their meaning, and text example.

214      NIV Bible Quiz, from the Internet.  You will flunk this test, which demonstrates the inferiority of the NIV Bible.

215      That Other Feast, by Dan L. White.  This article traces the history of the change in observance of the Feast of Unleavened Bread from a spiritual eight-day Feast to a more secular occasion.

216      Days of Zeal Gone By.  Comparing the observance of the Feast of Unleavened Bread in 1962 versus 2002 shows a striking decline of zeal in the Church of God.  Let us observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread with zeal!

217      The Real Face of Jesus, by Mike Fillon.  Using forensic and archaeological evidence, scientists demonstrate that Jesus looked like a normal first Century Jew.  The Shroud of Turin is proven to be a forgery.

218      A Story of Grace, by Delmar L. Leger. This inspiring sermon shows that grace does not do away with the law.

219      Exodus 34:22 and the Calendar, by United Church of God.  The Bible does not specifically mention the equinox, which is pivotal to determining the sacred calendar.  This is one proof that the Bible does not define a calendar.

220      Lessons for Pentecost.  Pentecost means count fifty (five tens).  Sivan 6 cannot fall on any day of  the week.  Monday Pentecost is clearly indicated by the Scriptures.

221      The Promise of the Parakletos, by Larry J. Walker.  Jesus Christ is the Parakletos, the Comforter.

222      The Real Father’s Day, by Barbara de Parada.  The Father’s Day holiday brings to mind the real Father’ Day, the Sabbath.  It teaches us to please our Heavenly Father.

223      The Three Angels’ Messages, by Eugene Shubert, and Richard C. Nickels.  The Three Angels’s Messages, to be given in the future by angels, counter the three Temptations of Satan.

224      The Sea of Glass, by Bill and Cheryl Nichols.  The Heavenly Father sees all the world through the Sea of Glass before His throne, something like a giant live television screen.

225      Begotten Again, or Born Again, Which? By David Nield.  The New Birth occurs at the resurrection. Christians are now begotten by God’s Spirit and must grow through the Law of God.

226      Mary’s Stars on the European Flag, by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.  The official European Union flag has twelve stars, which were purposely selected to represent Mary worship.

227      Opening/Closing Prayer Guidelines, by Glen Gilchrist.  Here are practical guidelines for how to give an opening or closing prayer before/after services.

228      How to Give a Sermonette, by Glen Gilchrist. Tips for giving an effective 15-minute sermonette.

229      Danite Exodus From Egypt, by Messianic Church of God.  Portions of the Tribe of Dan left Egypt in ships, and settled in Greece, at the same time Moses led the rest of Israel out of Egypt on land.

230      Ichabod, The Glory is Departed!  Traditional Seventh-day Adventists lament the paganization of their church, which has occurred in spite of the warnings of Ellen G. White.    

231      The Sabbath and the Trinity, by Kaj-R Nilsen.  Explains how and why SDA’s came to accept the Trinity doctrine.  A light regard for the Sabbath leads to acceptance of the Trinity doctrine.

232      Table of Unusual and Archaic KJV Words, by Charles A. Weisman.  Cross reference of many archaic KJV words, their modern meaning, and where they are found in the Bible.

233      Three Sabbaths: Lord’s Sabbath, Jewish Sabbath, Papal Sabbath, by E.J. Waggoner.  Keeping the true Sabbath of the Lord points to His works, and is the antidote to legalism and works-based salvation.  It is impossible for a non-Christian to keep the Lord’s Sabbath.  Sunday is the sign of man’s assumed power to save himself by his own works, entire apart from and in spite of the Lord.

234      Doctrine by Anarchy! By Steve Kieler.  Doctrinal anarchists today sabotage God’s Truth.

235      Thou Shalt Not Show the Ten Commandments, by Scott Ashley.  The removal of the Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama Supreme Court building is a sign of the American government imposing a national religion of disbelief and atheism on the people of this country.

236    Seven Holy Day Offerings?  The tradition of taking up seven holy day offerings has no basis in Scripture.

237    The Book of Hebrews. Chapter-by-chapter analysis of this neglected, but important, book.  Major themes of the Book of Hebrews

238    Remembering Our Marriage Covenant.  The marriage ceremony used by United Church of God.

239    Benefits of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a family day, a day of joy, meeting with God, a day of equality, a day of freedom, a day of remembrance, a “palace in time,” and a service day.  We should not pass up the Sabbath Benefit Plan.

240    Funeral Services by Herb Teitgen and United Church of God.  Suggestions for conducting a funeral service.

241    Gopherwood and the Construction of the Ark, by Arnold C. Mendez, Sr.  Gopherwood does not refer to a type of tree from which the wood was derived, but a laminated pitched wood.

242    Biblical Music.  A listing of many Bible scriptures relating to music.

243    Christ the Firstfruits, by David Miller.  How Jesus Christ represented the offering of the first fruits.

244     Have You Been Matthew 18’d?  Matthew 18 is one of the most difficult scriptures in the Bible to follow.  If we have a problem with a brother, the first step is not to go to the minister, but go to your brother.

245     The Deception of Replacement Theology, by Ludwig Schneider.  The Church has not replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people. 

246     “This Thing is Done of Me,” by Bill and Cheryl Nichols.  The scattering of ancient and modern Israel is part of the plan of God.

247     The Sabbath in John, by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.  An explanation of John 5:17, “My Father is working still, and I am working.”

248     Is Not Rome the Harlot? From the Internet.  The persecuted saints for centuries have labeled Rome as the great whore of Revelation.

249     The Elect in Babylon, by Peter A. Huizar.  We need to come out of this Babylonish system.

250     Thirty-Eight Reasons Why I Question SDA Doctrines, by Elder W.H. Olson.  An expert in SDA teaching presents some of the many problems with Seventh-day Adventist teaching.

251     God Will Bring Again the Captivity of Israel.  The Second Exodus is a major theme of Bible prophecy, yet it is so little talked about.  Dozens of scriptures describe this great future event.

252     If We Could Have Been There, by Del Leger.  Prophetic events did not happened by chance, but show evidence of grand design.

253     Twelve Kinds of Proverbs, by Randy Stiver.  The Book of Proverbs contains corporate proverbs, communication proverbs, and proverbs of leadership, wealth, parenting, husband-wife, sexual immorality, health and stress, friendship, fools, righteous-wicked, and greatness and goodness of God.

254     Bible Names, by Roger Waite.  The meanings of the names of major Bible characters.

255     Did Moses Marry a “Cushite” Woman? By Church of the Eternal God.  The “Cushite” woman that Moses married was either Zipporah or a princess of Ethiopia.

256     Keeping the Sabbath, by Roderick C. Meredith.  Principles for how to keep the Sabbath.

257     Why Abortion is Wrong.  Lots of information about the abominable practice of abortion.


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