Lord, What Should I Do?

By Fred R. Coulter

“All true Christians are being targeted by Satan the devil in a subtle conspiracy to destroy their faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Satan is the Adversary! He is the Destroyer! He is the implacable enemy of God the Father and Jesus Christ and every begotten son of God!”

The above quote, by Mr. Coulter, from Lord, What Should I Do? sets the stage for one of the most difficult questions in our lives;  namely, what is the right path for a Christian to follow?  The book is now available in its entirety.  We hope you will find it a blessing in your life.

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This book is dedicated to all true Christians who love God the Father and Jesus Christ with all the heart, all the mind, all the soul and all the strength; who are pursuing righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and meekness; and who are fighting the good fight of faith to lay hold on the hope of eternal life.

The apostle John was inspired to write of the ultimate love of God the Father and the hope that He has given us through Jesus Christ: “Behold! What glorious love the Father has given to us, that we should be called the children of God .... Beloved, now we are the children of God, and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be; but we do know that when He shall appear [at His second coming], we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him exactly as He is. And everyone who is having this hope in him is purifying himself, even as He is pure” (I John 3:1‑3, AT).


The author offers his personal thanks and gratitude to John W. Wyatt, whose concern and love for the brethren of Jesus Christ moved him to ask the questions that led to the writing of this book.

The author also extends his heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the brethren of Jesus Christ who are associated with the Christian Biblical Church of God whose loving prayers, work, gifts and donations have made the publication of this book possible.

First Printing, 1994

Second Printing, 1996

The churches of God are being engulfed by a sweeping tide of doctrinal change. Doctrines that were formerly condemned by church authorities as pagan and unscriptural are now being sanctioned and upheld as “new understanding. “ Ministers and local church leaders are often the first to succumb to this subtle, persuasive and powerful subversion of the Truth of God. Many brethren in Jesus Christ are confused and bewildered by the major changes in church teachings, but they are afraid to question church authority. Those who object to these doctrinal changes are threatened with loss of salvation for resisting the “government of God”! But what should we do when we see the churches of God exchanging the eternal Truth of His Word for counterfeit doctrines of pagan origin? What should we do when we see God’s churches crumbling from within? Should we keep quiet and continue to attend, trusting that God would never allow His churches to be overcome by false doctrines? Or should we make a stand for the Truth? If we speak out and we are forced to leave, will we lose salvation? What does the Word of God say? LORD, WHAT SHOULD I DO?


All true Christians are being targeted by Satan the devil in a subtle conspiracy to destroy their faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Satan is the Adversary! He is the Destroyer! He is the implacable enemy of God the Father and Jesus Christ and every begotten son of God!

In an August 1993article I wrote, “Satan has launched a major spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of God’s people. It is not limited to a single organization. It is a major spiritual attack to destroy the knowledge of God’s plan! It is a major attack to ensnare the brethren of God with the deceit of persuasive religious words in an attempt to get them to accept doctrines which deny Jesus Christ and God the Father, thereby causing them to lose salvation.

True Christians are not the only ones who are under attack. Satan is out to attack everyone who names the name of Jesus Christ, regardless of whether he or she is truly converted. Satan desires to expunge every vestige of the name of Jesus Christ and any form of Christianity!

Satan’s targets include every fundamental Protestant denomination. Here is a quote from a fundamentalist evangelical Protestant publication: “The Church in America [the Protestant churches] is under attack! The source of this attack is not primarily humanism, secularism, or agnosticism from without, but liberalism from within. Liberalism within the Church is eating away at the core of the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. Christianity in America today is facing the same ‘downgrade’ that the Church in England faced 100 years ago in the days of Charles Spurgeon.

“Spurgeon said: ‘We live in perilous times: we are passing through a most eventful period; the Christian world is convulsed; there is a mighty upheaval of the old foundations of faith; a great overhauling of old teaching. The Bible is made to speak today in a language which to our fathers would be an unknown tongue. Gospel teachings, the proclamation of which made men fear to sin, and dread the thought of eternity, are being shelved. Calvary is being robbed of its glory, sin of its horror, and we are said to be evolving into a reign of vigorous and blessed sentimentality, in which heaven and earth, God and man are to become a heap of sensational emotions; but in the process of evolution is not the power of the gospel weakened? Are not our chapels emptying? Is there not growing up among men a greater indifference to the claims of Christ? Are not the theories of evolution retrogressive in their effect upon the age? Where is the fiery zeal for the salvation of men which marked the Nonconformity of the past? Where is the noble enthusiasm that made heroes and martyrs for the truth?  Where is the force which carried Nonconformity forward like a mighty avalanche?  Alas, where?’

“If something is not done to stem the tide, the wave of liberalism will engulf our nation as it did England at the end of the last century. The evidence of the liberal landslide is rampant, but a few recent examples highlight its growing intensity. In Newsweek (8/9/93) an article entitled ‘Dead End for the Mainline?’ chronicled the demise of the mainline denominations in America” (The Prophetic Observer, November 1993, Southwest Radio Church, Oklahoma City).

The attack against all forms of Christianity has been well organized. Approximately one hundred years ago, the Synagogue of Satan finalized and implemented its master plan to destroy every vestige of Christianity and to conquer the world through its subversive tactics of monetary control of all governments. The ultimate goal is finally to rule the world and destroy all Christian religions. What has happened in England—in its government and its Protestant religion during the past 100 years—was deliberately planned and carried out by the agents of Satan.  England has been reduced from the greatest empire in modern times to a minor nation dying of moral deprivation because God has been systematically eliminated from all public affairs and nearly every private life as well.

Moreover, the money exchangers have destroyed its wealth through wars, debt and the subversion of its government. Today, England is a mere vassal state controlled by the “unseen hand” of the Synagogue of Satan. At the present time, the United States is experiencing the greatest siege ever by the full forces of the Synagogue of Satan. Every type of Christian religion is under attack. Our government at all levels is dominated and controlled by the forces of the Synagogue of Satan. What has happened in England for the past 100 years is happening in America today. It will not take 100 years, however, to complete the enslavement of America. In only a few more years, the shackles of governmental and religious slavery will be locked in place.

In America today, Satan is attacking in full fury any religious organization that teaches any Truth from the Word of God. Now that he has nearly completed the subversion of Protestantism, he is focusing all his efforts on Sabbath‑keeping Christians and their organizations. His ultimate goal is the annihilation of all Christians—all who are the begotten sons of God the Father and the true brethren of Jesus Christ.

True Christians need to be aware of Satan’s devices. They need to wake up and perceive what is now taking place within the churches of God. Satan’s subtle deception is being accomplished—not by a direct attack from without, but by a clever, insidious conspiracy at work within the churches’ own headquarters. Satan is launching his attack with an avalanche of false doctrines through the top authorities and highest-ranking ministers within the churches of God. These ministers, who purport to speak the Truth of God, have in reality erred from the Truth and have been subverted by Satan into accepting false teachings.   Wittingly or unwittingly, they have become Satan’s agents by promulgating false doctrines from within.

This book reveals how pseudo-scholars and self-seeking ministers within the centrally organized churches of God are being used by Satan to undermine and destroy the faith of true Christians, ministers as well as members. The original apostles of Jesus Christ were confronted with the same subtle attack by false teachers and so-called apostles. The New Testament is filled with warnings against these “false apostles” and “deceitful workers.”

You, your fellow brethren in Christ and the church you affiliate with may be experiencing such attacks. This book is designed to answer the question, “Lord, what should I do?”

Jesus Christ inspired and preserved in the New Testament what every true Christian needs to know in order to overcome the subtle, cunning deception being perpetrated by Satan. God has provided us with the knowledge of His Word and the power of the Holy Spirit to repel all the fiery attacks of Satan the devil. The battle is for eternal life. Jesus Christ is on our side, and He has promised to be with us to the very end of this present age. We can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. We are to fight this fight of faith—even unto death.

“And I heard a great voice saying in heaven, ‘Now is come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ; because the accuser of our brethren is cast down, who accuses them before our God day and night.’ And they overcame him [Satan the devil] through the blood of the Lamb, and through the word [their message] of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death. Because of this, rejoice you heavens and you who dwell in them. Woe to those who inhabit the earth and the sea, because the devil is come down to you, having great fury, knowing that he has a short time” (Rev. 12:10-12, AT*).

In these trying times, our love and faith are being tested to see if we truly love God the Father and Jesus Christ with all our hearts, with all our minds, with all our souls, and with all our strength. God the Father has proven His great love for us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. May this book be a tool to help strengthen you in your love and faith toward God and in your resolve to be faithful to His Word.

Note:  AT designates the author’s translation.  All other Scriptural references are from the KJV.