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NOTE: All studies written by Richard C. Nickels unless otherwise noted. These Bible Studies are compiled from past issues of the Giving & Sharing Newsletter, free to subscribers, E-mail your subscription request.

Bible Studies by Topic

Abortion Why Abortion is Wrong

Alcohol Is It Christian to Drink?, by Norman F. Rowe

Agriculture The Berryfields of Gresham

Apostate What is an Apostate?

Apostles Theme of the Apostles, by John Trescott

Armor of God Put on the Whole Armor of God, by Jim DeFrancisco

Babylon All Roads Lead to Babylon

Beast Europa Rides the Beast, by Craig White; Mary’s Stars on the European Flag, by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.

Beast, Mark of Worship Not the Beast With 666, by John I. Ajalli

Belief I Believe in Jesus Christ, What's it all about?, by John I. Ajalli

Bible Who’s Who in the Bible; Books of the Bible; History of the English Bible, by; NIV Bible Quiz, from the Internet; Table of Symbolical Words in Scripture, by Charles A. Weisman.

Bible Memory How to Memorize Bible Scriptures; Scripture Memorization Can Be Fun

Bible Studies How to Prepare, Conduct, and Participate in Group Bible Studies; Fourteen Rules for Bible Study by Fred Coulter

Born Again Begotten Again, or Born Again, Which? By David Nield.

Bread Daily Bread, True Bread, Living Bread, Bread From Heaven

Calendar Exodus 34:22 and the Calendar, by United Church of God.

Cancer The Cancer Answer, by Alex Nicholson.

Catholics A City on Seven Hills, by Dave Hunt, Catholic Priests Child Sex-Abuse Scandal., by Dr. Samuel Bacchiocchi; Is Not Rome the Harlot?

Church Government Herbert W. Armstrong and Church Government

Church History The Seven Churches of Revelation

Circumcision Truth About Circumcision; The War Against Circumcision

Contention Contention in the Church of God

Conversion Our Road to Damascus

Court Don't Take Your Brother to Court!

Correction Receiving Correction From God

CremationCremation Versus Burial — Which?

CrucifixionThree Days and Three Nights, by Milburn Cockrell, A Physician Testifies About the Crucifixion, by Dr. C. Truman Davis.

Cults Are You a Member of a Cult?

Daughters Do Not Prostitute Thy Daughter, by Roger Normann

Death Don't Die in That Church! Is Your House In Order?

Deception Let No Man Deceive You

Diotrephes The Diotrephes Complex

DisfellowshipDisfellowshipping and Marking, by Dexter B. Wakefield

Doing The Little Sabbath-keeping Red Hen; Who Are the Wise Servants? Reach Out & Touch Someone; What Should We Do? Where Should We Go? What Should We Be Doing? By Ronald H. Stewart What Are You Doing Spiritually? What Others Are Doing

Elders Ten Basic Qualifications of an Elder

Elijah The Elijah To Come

Evangelism Casting Pearls Before Swine; Personal Evangelism, by Richard Wiedenheft

EvilThe “Heart of Evil,” and Essay on Evil, by Steve Kieler

Evolution The Collapse of Evolution, The Fossil Record and Early Man, by Arnold C. Mendez, Sr., Universal Nature of the Flood, by Arnold C. Mendez, Sr., Genesis Flood’s Effect on Earth’s Geology, by Arnold C. Mendez, Sr.

Failure Don't Reject God Because of Human Failure, by Larry J. Walker

False Ministers The Scatterings, by James Vivo and Richard C. Nickels; False Ministers, False Brethren

Feasts That Other Feast, by Dan L. White.

Fellowship Christian Fellowship -- Why and With Whom? By Richard A. Wiedenheft; Fellowship: Mark of a True Christian; Importance of Spiritual Fellowship; Spiritual Cannibalism; Fellowship of the Father and the Son, by Aloysius Abdiel

Firstfruits Christ the Firstfruits

Followers Imitators or Followers of Christ?

Freedom Biblical Liberty and Freedom

Funeral Funeral Services, by Herb Teitgen and United Church of God

Gambling Is Gambling a Sin?

Genesis/Revelation Genesis Finds Its Complement in Revelation

Gnosticism Have You Been Sold A Different Gospel?, by Douglas S. Winnail.

Government Should a Christian Work in Government Office?

Grace A Story of Grace, by Delmar L. Leger.

Grasshoppers The Solution to the Grasshopper Plague

Handicaps Thank God For My Handicap!

Heaven Heaven is Not the Reward of the Saved

Hebrews The Book of Hebrews

Hell Hell: Where is It? What is It?

High Place We Saw a High Place!

High Tech At the Ritz in High Tech City

Holy Spirit The Truth About God's Holy Spirit, by Gene C. Carter; The Promise of the Parakletos, by Larry J. Walker.

HomosexualitySodomy in the Church of God

Hypocrisy Biblical Hypocrisy

Idolatry Idolatry in the Church of God

Independence Being Independent, by Norman F. Rowe

Individual What Do You Mean, “You”?

Isaiah The Gospel of Isaiah

Islam Islam and You, The Archers Have Sorely Grieved Joseph, Land For Peace? Contrast Between Christ and Mohammed

Israel The Other Exodus: Forgotten History of the Danite Exodus from Egypt, by Messianic Church of God; God Will Bring Again the Captivity of Israel

Jesus Is Jesus YHVH? by Ronald H. Stewart, The Real Face of Jesus, by Mike Fillon.

Joseph Joseph: A Portrait in Mercy, by John Dunkin

KJV King James Version Errors; Yea, Hath God Said? The Battle for the Bible; It Does Make a Difference Which Version You Use; Table of Unusual and Archaic KJV Words, by Charles A. Weisman

Korah Korah’s Rebellion — Its Real Lesson for Today

Laodicean And From the Laodicean Front, by Lee H. Clark

Law Biblical Law; Thou Shalt Not Show the Ten Commandments, by Scott Ashley

Lion & Lamb The Lion, the Lamb, and the Koala Bear

Love Pursue Love, by Lee H. Clark, Without Natural Affection, by Jimmie Parr.

Luke Was Luke a Gentile? by Thomas S. McCall

Marriage Remembering Our Marriage Covenant

MartyrsMartyrs: A Mirror of Christ in the World

Messiah King of the Jews, by Dave Hunt, Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

MinistryWhat is the Ministry? What Does It Mean To Minister to the Saints? God Did Not Call Me to Preach; How to Give a Sermonette, by Glen Gilchrist.

Military Service Patriotism or Pilgrimage? By Les Rinehart, The Sabbath and Military Service

Misc. Gird Up Your Loins; From a Distance; The Sea of Glass, by Bill and Cheryl Nichols, Have You Been Matthew 18’d? Replacement Theology; “This Thing is Done of Me” by Bill and Cheryl Nichols

Music Yahweh is My Strength, My Song, My Salvation, Biblical Music

Nicolaitanes Nicolaitanes, by J.H. Allen

Name of God Why I Don't Close My Letters With "In His Name"; Why Hebrew? By Bill Phillips, notes by Richard C. Nickels

Names, Bible Bible Names, by Roger Waite

New Age Movement. The New Age Movement

Offense Do You Have a Right to be Offended?

Olives Holy Anointing Olive Oil, A Wild Olive Tree

Overcoming Personal Spiritual Object Lessons; Don't Look Back, by Earl Lewis

Paganism Is Christianity Pagan? Adapted from The Faith, Jan., 1976

Paradigm Shifting Paradigm: Where Will it End? By David Barton

Pentecost Lessons for Pentecost.

Perfection Be Ye Therefore Perfect

Petra Petra and the Place of Safety

Philo Philo: Classical Expounder of Law, Sabbaths

Philosophy Seven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave

Poor The Problem of Giving to the Poor

Prayer A Lonely Place; Prayer, by Wayne Holmes; Every Prayer an Answered Prayer, by Kenneth V. Ryland; Opening/Closing Prayer Guidelines, by Glen Gilchrist.

Prisons Jail and Prison Ministry — a Job For You?By Earl Lewis

Prisoners Ye Visited Me Not, by Manuel Torres; Message to Prisoners

Promises Claiming the Promises of God

Promotion Promotion Comes From God

Prophecy The Decline and Fall of America, by Dr. Charles Halff; The Three Angels’ Messages, by Eugene Shubert and Richard C. Nickels; If We Could Have Been There, by Del Ledger.

Proverbs The Game of Proverbs; Lessons from Proverbs; Twelve Kinds of Proverbs, by Randy Stiver

Psalms Book of Psalms

Race Review: Do All Races Share in Salvation? (book by Dan Gayman reviewed by Richard C. Nickels). Review: In the Image of God (book by Howard Rand, reviewed by Richard C. Nickels). The “Serpent Seed” Heresy, by R. Hoops and S. Collins; Did Moses Marry a “Cushite” Woman? By Church of the Eternal God.

Rechabites Rechabites and Edomites

Repentance Fruits Worthy of Repentance; Coming Clean

Restitution Repentance Without Restitution

Sabbatarians Similarities and Differences Between Sabbatarian Churches

Sabbath The Real Father’s Day, by Barbara Nickels de Parada; Three Sabbaths: Lord’s Sabbath, Jewish Sabbath, Papal Sabbath, by E.J. Waggoner;  Benefits of the Sabbath; The Sabbath in John, by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi; Keeping the Sabbath, by Roderick C. Meredith, Celtic Sabbath-Keeping.

Sacred Name YAHWEH, Inc.?; Dispelling the Sacred Name Philosophy, by Sandra-Mae Robinson; The Sacred Names Question, by B.L. Cocherell

Schizophrenia Spiritual Schizophrenia

Seas Why Do the Seas Roar?

Self-righteousness Right in Our Own Eyes

Seminars Seminar Format Feast of Tabernacles

Servant of God How to Recognize a True Servant of God, by William B. Scherer

SDA's We are Sabbath-Keepers, Not Seventh-day Adventists; What Seventh-day Adventists Should Know About Other Sabbath-Keepers; Ichabod, The Glory Has Departed! Thirty-Eight Reasons Why I Question SDA Doctrines, by Elder W.H. Olson

Sleep Awake Out of Sleep!

Socialism Socialism in the Church of God

Song Yahweh is My Strength, My Song, My Salvation

Spiritual Walking in the Spirit, Eph. 5:1-21, by Earl Lewis

Stranger Love the Stranger

Sunday A Look at the Pope's Pastoral Letter, "Dies Domini," by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi

Tares The Wheat and the Tares

Tithing The Importance of Tithing

Trinity History of the Trinity Doctrine; The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit; God is NOT a TRINITY; Sabbath and the Trinity, by Kaj-R Nilsen

Tyndale The Smugglers — God’s Outlaws (Tyndale, Hus, Wycliffe)

United Religions United Religions Organization

Usury Usury -- A Universal Sin

Virgin Birth Behold, A Virgin Shall Conceive

Voting Voting -- Is It a Christian Duty? The Elect in Babylon, by Perter A. Huizar.

Wicked Spiritual Dogs

Winds of Doctrine Rules of the Winds, by Steven J. Kieler

Winners Spiritual Winners, Spiritual Losers

Wisdom The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, by Steven J. Kieler

Women Reasons Women Should Not Be Pastors, by Sandra-Mae Robinson

Wool The Blessing of Wool

Women Women's Responsibility in the Church, by Keith Hunt

Worship How Should Worship Services Be Conducted?

Zeal Days of Zeal Gone By.