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Just One Puff, Helps to Quit Smoking

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Prayer Lines

You are never so high as when you kneel in prayer for your brethren! Rosy Halley's "Prayer Lines" service collects information from people needing prayer, and broadcasts an E-mail list to prayer warriors. If you wish others to pray for you, E-mail Rosy Halley at, or write her at 4502 Skyline Drive, Chandler, TX 75758. Remember, the effectual, fervent, prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Are The Food Laws Scientific? By Harold Hemenway, is a 42-page booklet crammed with hard-to-find facts, explaining from the Bible which plants are edible; why blood and fat are forbidden; why cloven-hooved ruminants and fish with fins and scales are edible; the rules for birds and fowl; all about grasshoppers and the ingredients for vaccines. Much more. Send $2.00 cash to Harold Hemenway, Box 88401, Tukwila, WA 98138 USA.

More on Clean and Unclean

Is the Distinction Between Clean and Unclean Animals in Leviticus 11 Still Relevant Today? by K. Gerhard F. Hasel, Ph. D.
List of Clean and Unclean Food Products

Gardening and Farming

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