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Removal of Ten Commandments Monument Symbolic of Rejecting God
Same-Sex Marriage is Unbiblical
Colossians 2:16-17
Basics of Galatians
Christmas Customs Came from Pagans

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The Story of Rest, The Rest of the Story
Which Commandments Did Jesus Break?
What Do you Mean, "New Covenant"
Points & Lessons from Jerusalem Conference (Acts 15)
Meaning of "Obey" in Acts 5:32
Summary Points on the Law & Covenants
Church Government, What Does the Bible Say?
Let’s Stop the Rancor Over Rank
Why Can’t We All Be Together?
"Called" and "Chosen"
The Meaning of "Paradise"
--What did Jesus promise the "thief on the cross"?
The Real "Lord’s Supper"

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