Roman Catholicism and Other False Religions


Roman Catholicism


50 Years in the “Church” of Rome, The Conversion of a Priest, by Charles Chiniquy, 368 pp., paperback.  Here is the heart-wrenching struggle of a Roman Catholic priest torn between the traditions of men and the Word of God.  Chiniquy wanted to trust his church, but was tormented by its repeated violation of God’s Word.  Finally, when he was ordered to give up his Bible and pledge blind obedience to the church, Charles became converted to Jesus Christ.


The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional, by Charles Chiniquy, 144 pp., paperback.  The nature of the Roman Catholic confessional sets up priests to abuse women.


Secret History of the Jesuits, by Edmund Paris, 208 pp., paperback.  This book boldly exposes, from a secular point of view, the secret history of the Jesuits from the 16th Century to World War II.  Learn how they worked behind the scenes to gain high ranking positions that gave the Catholic Church political dominance.  The cunning tactics of Jesuits continue today.


Understanding Roman Catholicism, by Rick Jones, 222 pp., paperback.  This book compares 37 main Catholic doctrines with the Bible.


Occult and Witchcraft


Masonry: Beyond the Light, by William Schnoebelen, 288 pp., paperback.  Can you be a Mason and a good Christian at the same time?  William Schnoebelen, a former 32-degree Mason, knows the depths of Masonry.  All Masons must take an oath that is really a denial of Jesus Christ.  The father of modern Masonry declared “Lucifer is God.”  There is darkness beneath the “light” of Masonry.


Witchcraft: Exploring the World of Wicca, by Craig S. Hawkins, 232 pp., paperback.  Why is Wicca one of the top five fastest-growing religions in the world, and in the United States?  Witches today are not what you might think; they are often well-educated.  Hawkins explains the Biblical view of witchcraft, and gives a philosophical critique of wicca.


Wicca, Satan’s Little White Lie, by William Schnoebelen, 224 pp., paperback.  An ex-Satanist, Schnoebelen explains the wicca is far from a harmless, nature-worshipping religion.


Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged, by Caryl Matrisciana, VHS NTSC video.



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