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British Sabbatarian Literature.
History of the Church of God in Chile, unknown author, ca. 1969.
Albert, David John, Peter in Rome?, 1973.
Allix, Peter, The Eccliastical History of the Ancient Churches of Piedmont and of the Albigenses, 1690 and 1692, revised 1821.
Bede, Venerable, Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of England.
Bible Advocate, 100 Years of Church of God 7th Day History
Celtic Sabbath-Keeping.
Coltheart , Elder J.F., The Sabbath of God Through the Centuries, 1954. PDF Version.
Currie, David, The Celtic Church in Britain.
Dean, Bruce, "200 Years Of Sabbath-Keeping In Australia".
Dugger, Andrew N., "A.N. Dugger and the Jerusalem World Headquarters of the Church of God, Seventh Day".
Dugger, Andrew N., The Bible Home Instructor. Review of Bible Home Instructor.
Dugger, Andrew N., The Dugger-Porter Debate.
Dugger, Andrew N. and Dodd, Clarence O., History of the True Church.
Edwardson, Christian, Facts of Faith.
Fletcher, Ivor C., The Incredible History of God's True Church.
Geddes, Michael, The Church History of Ethiopia. Download zip file, 263kb.
Hoeck, Brian, Parick and the Early Celtic Church.
Hoeh, Herman L., A True History of The True Church
Hoeh, Herman L., Where Did the Twelve Apostles Go?
Josephus, Flavius, Index to the Important Subjects in the Works of Flavius Josephus.
Kelly, Ronald D., Now Revealed - The True History of the Early Christian Church. PDF Format.
Kiesz, John, A History of the Sabbath and Sunday. PDF Version.
Kiesz, John, Some Church Of God History (7th Day).
Kiesz, John, The Worldwide Church of God Vs. The Church Of God (7th Day)
Loughborough, J.N., The Great Second Advent Movement.
Marx, Gerhard O., "Sabbatarians in Transylvania".
Morgan, John, Church of God in Scotland.
Nichol, Francis D., The Midnight Cry.
Nickels, Richard C., "The Church of God's English Connection".
Nickels, Richard C., "History of the Sacred Name Movement".
Nickels, Richard C., History of the Seventh Day Church of God, Volume I. Summary of book.
Nickels, Richard C., Table of Contents for History of the Seventh Day Church of God, Volume II.
Nickels, Richard C., Summary of the book, Six Papers on the History of the Church of God.
Nickels, Richard C., "Similarities and Differences Between Sabbatarian Groups".
Nickels, Richard C., Review of, The Celtic Church in Britain.
Ogwyn, John H., God's Church Through The Ages.
Peterson, F. Paul, Peter's Tomb Discovered in Jerusalem in 1953.
Rogers, Dan, The Historic Phenomena and Theology of the Nazarenes and Ebionites.
Rupert, G.G., Reprints of G. G. Rupert Material.
Scherer, William B., Why So Many Factions and Groups?
The Sabbath in Scotland
Seventh-day Adventist Material.
Seventh Day Baptist Church History.
Articles and Books on the Seven Churches of Revelation 2-3.
Snow, L.D., Sacred Name History.
Waldensian material.
Unruh, Ulrike, "The Story of Patrick and the Celtic Church"
Walker, Frank M, "Why the Protestant Reformation Failed"
Ward, Dr. Doug, "Our Thanksgiving Story," early Sabbatarians in England & America.
Ward, Dr. Doug, "The Ephrata Cloister: A Sabbatarian Commune in Colonial Pennsylvania"
White, Craig M., A Note on WCG's Seal and Investigations on Supposed Links to the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)
White, Craig M., History of the Born Again Doctrine
White, Craig M., Roots Of Our Beliefs, Names & Titles. Some Amazing Similarities Between The Churches Of God, Adventists, Russellites & Christadelphians.
White, Craig M., Seven Restorations of the Work of the Church of God.
White, Craig M., Research Notes on the Eastern Churches
White, Craig M., Pioneers of the Worldwide Church of God
White, Wes, In Search of Early Christianity
Wilkinson , B.G.
Truth Triumphant, The Church in the Wilderness. The BEST Sabbatarian Church
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Wong, Paul, The Seventh Day Sabbath Movement in China.
Wong, Paul, House Churches in China
Wylie, J.A., The Papacy: Its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects.
Wylie, J.A., The Papacy is the Antichrist.
Wylie, J.A., The History of Protestantism.

Biographies of Church Leaders

Hoeh, Herman L., 1929-2004.
Pioneers of the Worldwide Church of God.

Historical Tidbits

Kieffer, Paul , “Herbert W. Armstrong and the Gospel in German”
Photo Gallery of Famous Sabbatarians.

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