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"The Entrance of Thy words giveth light," Psalm 119:130.

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A Grouping Together Of Bible Testimony

On All Subjects Of Sacred Interest And Importance



Assisted by P. A. Nugent and Herbert Miles

Edited by Richard C. Nickels,

Reprinted in 1996, by:

Giving & Sharing, PO Box 100, Neck City, MO 64849 USA


Editorís Note

  In its various editions, The Bible Home Instructor has probably advanced the cause of the Church of God (Seventh Day) more than any other effort. The first edition was published in 1920. It may have been an expansion of an earlier publication, "The Bible Studentís Assistant," offered as early as 1871. Distribution of The Bible Home Instructor in the 1920s led to substantial growth in the Church of God. Andrew N. Dugger continued to publish the book until his death in 1975.

With this edition, we have omitted the photographs from the seventh edition, because of their poor print quality. We have attempted to correct many of the typographical errors contained in earlier editions, which was a very time-consuming task.

The preservation of this classic book on the doctrines of the Church of God (Seventh Day) has been a project of a number of individuals. I extend special thanks to Kerry Barger, Carol Billigmeier, Curtis Garner, as well as my wife Shirley, and daughter Amanda. We are grateful to them, and trust that their work has not been in vain. May the Eternal guide you as you study His Word.

ó Richard C. Nickels

3316 Alberta Drive

Gillette, Wyoming 82718

(307) 686-5191


How to Obtain a Copy of This Book

This book is in the public domain. For a printed copy, or a computer disk of this book, please write:

Giving & Sharing, PO Box 100, Neck City, MO 64849

United States of America

 ISBN 1-887670-04-1



Table of Contents


Part 1: Preface, A Brief History of the Bible, Search the Scriptures, Creation and the Creator, Walking in the Light, How to Learn and Know the Truth, Life and Death, Searching the Scriptures, The Sure Word of Prophecy, Prophecies Relating to Christís Birth, Redemption, Faith, Repentance, Conversion, Confession, Sufferings of Christ, Salvation Only Through Christ, Godís Willingness to Forgive, Forgiving One Another, Unbelief, Holy and Sanctified.

Part 2: Baptism, Growth in Grace, Our Words, Danger of Covetousness, Purity, Riches, Duties of Parents and Children, Child Training, Promises for the Children, Mediation and Prayer, Answer to Prayer, Importance of Prayer, What is Sin and Who are Sinners? The Law of God, The Ten Commandments, The Two Laws Contrasted, Importance of Sound Doctrine, Sin Defined, The Sabbath, The Lordís Day, Sabbath Observance, The Change of the Sabbath, The Lordís Day, The Jewish Sabbath and Mosaical Law Abolished, New Testament Sabbath, Time of Crucifixion, The Masterís Sign, The Resurrection of Christ, The Lordís Supper.

Part 3: The Intermediate State, Immortality of Man, Are Men Judged at Death? What Will Finally Become of Wicked? Will the Majority Be Saved or Lost? What is the Soul, and is it Immortal? The Spirit of Man, Manís Origin and Nature, The Resurrection of the Dead, Promises to the Fathers, The Saintsí Inheritance, The Glorious City, New Jerusalem When and Where, Sobriety, Saving Faith, Nature of Godís Law, Gossiping, The Bible Name for the Church, Cheerfulness, The Ministration of Death, Free-Will Offerings, Ministry Supported by Tithes, Judgment of the Transgressor, Punishment of the Wicked, Christ the Great Teacher, Reconciled to God.

Part 4: Justification, Danger in Rejecting Light, The Perpetuity of the Law, Marriage Institution, Submission, Trusting in Jesus, Temperance, The Kingdom of God, The Law of Liberty, The Law Magnified by Christ, The Nature of Man, The Sons of God, Unity of Believers, Was Peter the Foundation Rock? Pride, Missionary Work, The Poor, and Our Duty Toward Them, The Parable of the Tares and Wheat, Christ the Way of Life, Israel, Present and Future, Praise and Thanksgiving, The Christianís Armour, Evidence of Acceptance With God, Preaching the Gospel, The Two Husbands, The Love of God, Ministration of Good Angels.

Part 5: Not Hearers, But Doers, The Two Laws, The Two Olive Trees, Colored Man: His Origin, Religion, Destiny, Do You Love the World, or God? The Five Kingdoms, The Four Beasts, The Second Coming of Christ, The Manner of Christís Coming , We Know Not the Day Nor the Hour, The Signs of the Times, Social Signs of Christís Coming , Can We Know Near the Time of His Coming? The Spirits in Prison, The Chastisement of the Jewish People, The Gathering of the Jewish People, The Last Generation, Russia in Prophecy, Bible Organization and Service, Hell, When and Where is it?

Part 6: Sinning Against the Holy Ghost, Danger of Rejecting Light, Promises to Overcomers, Israel, Origin and Significance, Prophecy of Revelation 12th Chapter, Beast With Seven Heads and Ten Horns, Woman Riding the Beast, Rev. 17, The Third Angelís Message, The Mark of the Beast, The Battle of Armageddon, Universal and Age Lasting Peace, The Millennium, Death in the Kitchen, The Atomic Bomb, Holy Spirit, Gifts, and Manifestations, Church Organization and Government, The Passover and the Lordís Supper, History of the Waldenses, Pioneers of the Reformation.

Additional Literature



  This book is dedicated especially to home Bible study. It makes the Bible teaching on all subjects plain and clear, and is arranged irrespective of the creed or discipline of any denomination. A strict adherence to the Bible will be found portrayed throughout this volume, which is the home companion of many families of various religious professions.

All subjects of Bible interest, both practical and prophetical, will be easily found by referring to the index next to the back cover, and instead of giving manís opinion regarding these sacred matters, about which we are all so much concerned, many of the inspired witnesses of God are allowed to testify by giving the scriptural quotations with book, chapter, and verse. Different phases of these many subject are taken up and the text of scripture clearly setting forth just what God says about the matter is given.

Many people have lost interest in the Bible and very seldom ever read it, because they say it is so hard to understand, but this book furnishes the key, removing this obstacle and allowing the reader to enter into the realm of Bible thought and study, bringing to thousands a blessing which they had not before dreamed was so near.

The arrangement of the subjects following in their order, with the scriptural quotations applying to all questions presented, has been made by a number of Bible scholars for the supreme purpose of placing in the hands of the public a book which would bring to them a spiritual blessing, give them satisfaction and contentment in Bible understanding, paving the way for them to finally enter the haven of eternal rest, the blooming Paradise of God, and with their loved ones enjoy a vast eternity where sin, sorrow, sickness, and death shall never molest and nothing shall make afraid.


About the Author

Andrew N. Dugger (1886-1975) was the most famous Church of God, Seventh Day, leader in the twentieth century.


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