A Brief History of the [Sacred] Name Movement in America
by L. D. Snow

As reported in The Eliyah Messenger, April-May issue, page 3, 1957, the writer made a MORE THAN 4000 MILE RESEARCH TOUR BY BUS gathering information on this subject. In that write-up, I said, "As mentioned before, sometime later, I plan to write a brief history on the [SACRED] NAME MOVEMENT in the USA." Well, here it is 8 years later and I have just now STARTED to write.

Though I would not in any way compare myself to Mr. Lewis Browne who wrote the book, STRANGER THAN FICTION, I cannot help but quote what he said in his "PROLOGUE, 42 Washington Sq., New York City, Nov. 1, XXIII-. The proper way to write a book--at least, so I've been told--is to buy a ream of clean paper, a stock of pens, a large bottle of ink- and begin.

"I did all that to-day. I bought the paper, pens, the ink; I even bought the wire clips with which to fasten the loose pages, and the pressboard folder in which to bind the whole manuscript. And several hours ago I came up to my work room, arranged the materials on the table, took the best pen in hand, and made ready to write.

"I am still making ready to write. It is already long after midnight, and the noises of the street have died down to a creepy silence. Even whirling, frenzied, fevered New York has tired at last, and fallen to sleep. But still in vain do I make ready to write.

"By this time I should have been nearing at least the end of the first chapter-and I have not so much as begun! In a brave flourishing hand I have written across the top of a blank sheet: STRANGER THAN FICTION-A SHORT HISTORY OF THE JEWS, by Lewis Browne--Chapter 1--and no more."

Anyway, in my estimation, Mr. Browne wrote THE BEST history of the Jews (I prefer to say Israel, though most of his history concerns the descendents of Judah) I ever read, in a SHORT, condensed form, well illustrated.

Though we may not like many of the FANATICAL actions and deeds of the Phariseeical Rabbis down through the ages, yet after reading STRANGER THAN FICTION one cannot help but appreciate the sacrifice and zeal these men had in defending the Holy Scriptures (Scrolls), even giving their LIVES trying to preserve them. My wife and I visited THE CHAMBER OF HORRORS on the southern end of Mt. Zion and saw the Sacred Scrolls of the Holy Scriptures written in HEBREW, SPATTERED WITH HUMAN BLOOD, blood of men who died giving their lives seeking to defend and preserve the Sacred Scrolls.

"Stranger Than Fiction" uses the form "Yahveh" freely for the Creator's Name and also speaks of "...Yahvist History (Judah) and Elohist History (Israel)," and illustrates this history very wonderfully! With these remarks in mind, I shall now TRY to give you a BRIEF HISTORY OF THE [SACRED] NAME MOVEMENT IN AMERICA.

Let me remind you of a statement made by the Messiah, "...render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto Yahvah the things that are Yahvah's." Matt. 22:21

Paul said, "Render therefore to ALL their dues...honour to whom honour." Rom. 13:7

This I shall endeavor to do in this brief history on the [SACRED] NAME MOVEMENT, letting the chips fall where they will. Though I did not begin using the NAME (except Jehovah, which I always had a love for), when others did in the NAME Movement, and I do not claim to KNOW MORE than anyone about this movement, yet I think I have a fair knowledge of it from the BEGINNING.

In my investigation, seeking to pin-point just WHO started this movement, exactly WHEN and HOW, I found it to be a difficult task. One claimed he did, another said, "No, he didn't." "Well, did you," I would ask. It was hard to get a positive answer to these questions. [They probably thought the guy was a Fed!--Br. Clif]

So I will give you my conclusions, after traveling many thousands of miles and discussing the ORIGIN of the [SACRED] NAME MOVEMENT in America, with such men as; Eld. C. O. Dodd, W. Va. (deceased), Wm. Bishop, Joseph Owsinski, Ralph Kenney, Squire LaRue Cessna, Marvin Gay, all of Detroit, Mich.; John Briggs Grand Rapids, Mich. (deceased), Eld. Roley (colored minister) Cincinnati, Ohio, and others, also Mrs. Pearl T. Smith of Lansing, Mich.

When I say a BRIEF HISTORY OF THE [SACRED] NAME MOVEMENT IN AMERICA, I mean the name movement in the 30's, with which the above named people were more or less connected. How did it start? When? Who started the [SACRED] NAME MOVEMENT in the 30's?

First, let me say that personally I have been interested in the NAME of the Creator ever since I was first converted in 1929 under the preaching of a Free Will Baptist Minister, Simpkins, of Fort Smith, Arkansas, But especially in the Name "Jehovah" after being united with the 7th Day Church of God (Headquarters then was Stanberry Mo.) under the ministry of Eld. R. A. Barnes, pastor at that time (1932) of the Waldron Road Church of God in Fort Smith. He united my wife and I in marriage, Oct. 17, 1933 at this church. Soon after uniting with this church, our landlady gave me an American Standard Bible Version of the Bible. When I got over the scare of its being DIFFERENT from my mother's old Bible, the King James Version, I had a love and respect for the Name JEHOVAH greater than ever.

Being a member of The Church of God, 7th Day, which was called the REORGANIZED Church of God which established Headquarters at Salem, W. Va., November, 1933, A.N. Dugger, who was chosen General Overseer, called a ministers' meeting during the Campmeeting at Galena, Kansas in 1936. Eld. Dugger requested that the ministers make a decision as to the exact words for the ceremony of water baptism used by the Apostles. This was made known several months before, i.e., that this subject would be discussed, so we would make a special study on it. I was convinced from the discussion and decision made concerning this subject at that time (1936) by these Church of God ministers, that Jehovah was THE NAME AS FAR AS I could see, yet being a young minister, I decided to study more on the subject to BE SURE before I SPOKE OUT ON IT.

I do not say that this conference and discussion on the NAME of the CREATOR and HIS SON, concerning how we should baptize, i.e., what ceremony for water baptism should be used, as decided by these Church of God ministers, was actually what started the [SACRED] NAME MOVEMENT LATER, but I am sure it had a great bearing on the subject.

Elder C. O. Dodd was one of the "mainsprings" in helping to start the reorganized Church of God with Headquarters at Salem, W. Va., November 1933, in which he served as Secretary, Treasurer through the spring of 1936. But because of a difference in ideas to the Salem Church of God, concerning THE FEASTS he was asked to resign.

In March 1937 Elder Dodd started publishing THE FAITH Magazine. At first it seemed the purpose was to let the brethren KNOW exactly how he believed and stood on THE FEASTS, FOR I have a copy of the FIRST "THE FAITH" in which he explained how he stood on this subject, but Vol. 1, No. 1 did not contain a date. I have the July Aug. 1937 FAITH, Vol. 1, No. III which of course is dated.

Not long after starting the publication of this paper someone (I did know who, but do not have that certain "FAITH" now) sent in a clipping about the Saviour's Name, which, as Elder Dodd explained that he even thought sounded a bit strange, but he published it as a little FILLER in THE FAITH (for he himself was still using Jesus, Lord, God, etc.) and it really caused a STIR, i.e., different ones began to write Elder Dodd and inquire what he meant by this. And asked, "What does it actually mean?" So different ones who looked into this subject started to write. Here is the statement, "It is interesting that throughout his life Jesus Christ never heard himself called by that name. 'Jesus' was the Greek word for the Hebrew 'Joshua' or 'Jeshua'; and 'Christ' or 'Christus' was the Greek word for 'Messiah' or 'Redeemer', page 241, Man's Great Adventure, by Edwin W. Pahlow, professor of the teaching of history, Ohio State University."

This quotation was sent to Elder Dodd by someone in Michigan, which resulted in Elder Dodd's beginning to use the form Jehovah for the Creator at first, also Jahovah and Yahovah and Yah-oshuah and Jahoshua in the October 1938 FAITH magazine. This edition contained an article by A.B. Traina, "What Is His Son's Name?" in which he used Jahovah for the Father and Jah-oshuah for the Son.

In this same issue of THE FAITH was an article by Wm. Bishop and John Briggs, THE KING JAMES' VERSION REGARDING SACRED NAMES, in which they quoted from The Empatic Diaglott, the King James Version, Encyclopedia Britannica, Smith's Bible Dictionary, Webster's New International Dictionary, and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, concerning the different forms of the Creator's Name that had been used, also different forms for the FOUR Hebrew letters used for the Name, such as IHVH, JHVH, JHWH, YHVH AND YHWH, JAHAVEH, JAHVAH, JAHVE, JAHVEH, YAHVE, YAHVEH, YAHWE, YAHWEH, etc. The "Kadesh Name Society, 936 Campbell Street, Detroit, Michigan," was listed at the end of this article. I understand that this society started as early as 1936, maybe earlier.

In the October 1938 FAITH Elder Dodd announced the "...Feast of Tabernacles Campmeeting of the Churches of God at Warrior, Alabama to begin, Oct. 9th." This Campmeeting is spoken of as the FIRST "NAME" Campmeeting, though according to the announcement it was actually a Church of God Campmeeting, for most of the ministers and members who attender were of the Church of God, 7th Day. This meeting was held at home, on the property of a Church of God minister, J. D. Bagwell.

Here are the names of some of the ministers who attended; C. O. Dodd, C. J. Ayers, A. B. Traina, J. A. McClain, Arthur Barnes, L. D. Snow, and J. D. Bagwell. I do not think Elder Traina was ever really connected with the Church of God, but he was the main spokesman. He was given 4 to 6 hours a day to lecture on the NAME subject. And as pointed out, the forms of the Name used then were Jehovah, Jahovah and Yahovah, and Jah-oshuah for the Son. I consider that the publication of the October 1938 FAITH, and the Tabernacles Campmeeting held that year at Warrior, Alabama at Elder J. D. Bagwell's was the real beginning of the [SACRED] NAME MOVEMENT about which this brief history is written.

In the July and August FAITH magazines, 1937, Elder C. O. Dodd was still using Lord, God, Jesus, etc. as always. And it just said, Edited by ELDER C. O. DODD. The September 1937 FAITH added onto the return address, Publishers of THE FAITH. In this issue of THE FAITH, Lord, God, Jesus was still being used. But the October 1938 FAITH shows that The Faith Bible & Tract Society, had been organized.

July 11, 1939, The Assembly of YHVH was CHARTERED in the State of Michigan and the following names were listed on the Charter: Joseph Owsinski, John Bigelow Briggs, Squire LaRue Cessna, Harlan Van Camp, George Reiss, Daniel Morris, William L. Bodine, John M. Cardona, Edmond P. Roche and Marvin Gay. And this Organization and Charter permitted those who so desired to use such transliterations as Yahovah, Yahveh, Yah and Yahavah, by different local assemblies connected with this-what was supposed to have been a GENERAL ORGANIZATION. This is the record of what I found to be the oldest chartered Name group in the USA, though Elder Wm. Bishop tells me that THE ASSEMBLY OF YAHVEH BETH ISRAEL is older.

The best I could determine from my discussions with the men mentioned herein, it seems that Elder Squire LaRue Cessna may have been the one who prepared the way for the full form of the Creator's Name to be used. I understood from him, though he belonged to and was a minister of the Church of God, 7th Day, yet in the late 20's he called his group, The Assembly of Jehovah, in the early 30's The Assembly of Yahvah, which form he insisted on at the time The Assembly of YHVH was organized and chartered in the summer of 1939. The form Yahavah was used by Elder Dodd and he said the middle "a" was silent making it "YAHVAH."

But in my discussion with Wm. (Bill) Bishop, Paul Penn a Jewish believer) and John Briggs, it seems that John Briggs and Paul Penn were the FIRST to pronounce and use the Name Yahshua, later Bill Bishop and Squire LaRue Cessna used it. But according to Bill Bishop and Paul Penn, John Briggs was considered FOUNDER of the Name Yahshua, especially. My information shows that John Briggs and Paul Penn met at A. B. Traina's in New Jersey in 1936 and John Briggs told Paul Penn that he privately prayed in the NAME "YAHSHUA". And in December of the same year Bill Bishop accepted the Name "Yahshua" from John Briggs, also in the same year and month Bill Bishop rented a church for 3 months so they could preach THE NAME.

It seems that Bill Bishop was really the FIRST to go out and evangelize in the NAME Yahshua and that John Briggs really started or continued on in earnest to preach THE NAME, Feb. 13, 1937.

I think those who are still living in and around Detroit, Michigan, remember that Bill Bishop was the FIRST to evangelize the Church of God people, and others. At one time in the late 30's and early 40's there was quite a large group of Name believers in and around Detroit, Michigan. They had a radio program going there for a while, broadcasting THE NAME, and Elder Ralph Kenney was the spokesman, and I understand that he did a good job of it.

There was quite a group in Dearborn Michigan, of which Elder Joseph Owsinski was the leader, also in Detroit, of which Elder Cessna was pastor. Due to the fact that Elder C. O. Dodd was so widely known the world over in the Church of God, I feel that he should be credited with having made known THE NAME MESSAGE through the PRINTED PAGES of THE FAITH magazine while he was living, more than anyone else.

At first, as pointed out, he used the form Jehovah, later, Jahovah, later Yahovah, Yahavah, and for several years before his death, Dec. 1955, he changed to the form "Yahweh", which he said was pronounced, YahWAY. But during the early part of his publishing the NAME MESSAGE he used the four letters, Y H V H, and the form Yahavah which he said was actually Yahvah. During this time while publishing evidence to this effect that the four letters were, Y H V H, and the form, Yahavah or Yahvah, my wife and I were convinced and started using the Name in 1943. But by this time Elder Dodd had begun to use the form Yahweh, which we went along with in writing and spelling for a while, though we pronounced the Name YahWah, for a short time, but soon pronounced it YAHVAH, though we continued to use the spelling, Yahweh, until 1950, Yahavah or Yahvah was one of the forms provided for or used in the beginning of the Name Movement.

As mentioned before, Elder Cessna used it in 1934 and also contended that it was the right form when The Assembly of YHVH was organized and chartered in 1939. Elder Israel Klar, who was a Jewish brother and KNEW Hebrew, used the Name "YAHVAH"; I still have some of his tracts.

The brethren in Michigan formed a committee to print a Sacred Name Version of the Bible, but through misunderstanding or disagreement never accomplished their aim. But Elder A. B. Traina of Irvington, N.J. formed the SCRIPTURES RESEARCH ASSOCIATION and together with Elder Dodd through THE FAITH magazine began to make known that they wanted to publish a Sacred Name Bible. Finally in 1950 the Sacred Name Bible. Finally in 1950 the Sacred Name New Testament was published by THE SCRIPTURE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, INC. of Irvington, N.J.

From about 1938 onward especially, different Name groups using different spellings of the Name sprang up and began proclaiming the NAME as they saw it, so altogether all these groups have spread the NAME QUESTION all over the world.

This subject began to be discussed and published by different church groups, Seventh Day Adventist, Methodist, Assembly of God, Baptist, Salvation Army, Pentecostal groups, etc. Our group in Fort Smith, Arkansas had a sign up, THE ASSEMBLY OF YAHWEH, though we taught and pronounced this, YAHVAH just as we use it now, having made the change to this spelling in 1950.

In 1945 my wife and I began publishing THE YAHWIST FIELD REPORTER, which was later changed to KINGDOM MESSENGER and FIELD REPORTER, later to THE ELIYAH MESSENGER AND FIELD REPORTER. An association called THE SACRED NAME PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION was formed while we lived at 3428 Armour Ave., Fort Smith, Arkansas. Some of the ministers association with us in this work in the past were: C. A. Davis of Tulsa, Oklahoma, L. F. Wilds who moved to Fort Smith in 1945 to work with us, C. J. Ayers and W. L. Bodine.

In 1949 our family moved to Emory, Texas, and in the summer of '49 at the Rocky Point Community Building south of Emory, THE ASSEMBLY OF YAHVAH was organized with the writer, L. D. Snow, as Overseer and E. B. Adair Assistant Overseer.

In 1956 THE ASSEMBLY OF YAHVAH was incorporated and chartered in the state of Texas, and began to teach the restoration of the APOSTOLIC ORGANIZATION of THE ASSEMBLY OF YAHVAH as it existed in the WILDERNESS, in the days of Moses, and under the Messiah. We have had a number of ministers working with us, who are not now working with us, as they felt they saw things differently.

But in all these years, since 1943, especially since 1945, through the FIELD REPORTER and tracts and preaching we have reached THOUSANDS of people with the Name Message. We have an organized work of THE ASSEMBLY OF YAHVAH in India, the Philippines and on the Island of Jamaica, as well as more and more interest being shown all over the USA and in different parts of the world. The ELIYAH MESSENGER is being sent to different countries where we have interest.

The Assembly of Yahavah or Assembly of YAHVAH is the oldest to be organized in India. I have on hand as I write this history announcements of their general gatherings in 1948 and in 1951; these hand bills list their programs for 9 or 10 day meetings.

I still have my credentials with THE ASSEMBLY OF YHVH chartered in the state of Michigan, which I have had since the early 40's. Though I differ widely with Elder A. B. Traina, the way he translated or rendered some of the texts in the Sacred Name New Testament, published in 1950, and in his Bible (THE HOLY NAME BIBLE) published in 1963 (Old and New Testaments), yet through these and in his traveling and preaching in many parts of the USA he has done much to spread THE NAME message as he understands it.

So to SUM UP what I have written, here are the names of the men who have had a part in Publishing the NAME MESSAGE which really started in the late 30's; John Briggs, Paul Penn, Bill Bishop, Squire LaRue Cessna, Joseph Owsinski, Marvin Gay, Elder Dodd, A. B. Traina, Arthur Barnes, J. D. Bagwell, J. A. McClain, L. F. Wilds, C. J. Ayers, W. L. Bodine, and L. D. Snow. And of course the wives of these ministers had a part, also Sis. Pearl T. Smith of Lansing, Michigan, who for a number of years was in charge of CAMP YAH near Lansing.

Honor to whom honor is due. From the information I could gather, I feel John Briggs and Paul Penn should be given the honor of having started people to thinking on the Name, YAHSHUA. Elder Wm. (Bill) Bishop FIRST, together with John Briggs and Paul Penn, later joined by Squire LaRue Cessna, should be given the honor of being the FIRST to EVANGELIZE in the NAME "YAHSHUA" in the USA.

To Elder C. O. Dodd should be given the credit for having reached the most people with the Name message while he was living, through the PRINTED PAGE, THE FAITH magazine, and tracts, preaching, etc., especially following when this message first started in the 30's.

Next I feel that the conference the ministers of the Salem Church of God, 7th Day, held during the Camp-meeting at Galena, Kansas in 1936, really prepared the hearts of the ministers of the Church of God who later accepted THE NAME when it first began to be preached and published. It seems that credit should be given to Squire LaRue Cessna for having played a great part in teaching the full form of the Creator's Name, Jehovah, first, in the late 20's, and "YAHVAH" in the early 30's, also to Elder Israel Klar, a Jewish brother who knew and taught Hebrew. He wrote and printed the NAME in HEBREW, and "YAHVAH" in English.

And I am happy for the part my wife and I have had in helping spread the NAME MESSAGE far and near, through the printed page and by traveling and preaching in more than 40 states and 6 foreign countries, after we began using THE NAME in 1943. HalleluYah! I do not feel that this brief history would be complete unless I gave some thought to the question, "Do you mean that THE NAME is no older than when those mentioned in this write-up first started using it in the 1930's?" It seems only just, that, for the wide acceptance of THE NAME during the 30's until now (1966), honor should go to Alexander MacWhorter of Yale University who published a book, THE MEMORIAL NAME, or YAVEH CHRIST, more than a HUNDRED YEARS ago, in 1857, and to the great Bible teacher and Hebrew scholar, F. L. Chapell, who delivered Six Lectures, NAMES OF THE DEITY. Dr. Chapell was Resident Instructor of the A. J. Gordon Missionary Training College, Boston, Massachusetts around 1900. His wonderful lectures were published in THE STANDARD BEARER by John J. Scruby, Dayton, Ohio, Jan.-March 1911. We published most of these lectures in THE ELIYAH MESSENGER a few years ago.

Concerning THE NAME and this great scholar, Mr. McWhorter, I here quote the lectures of Dr. Chapell, "...But there has been, especially during the last fifty years (Remember these lectures were published Jan.-March 1911), a great interest, among the scholars, in this name.

"I remember the stir that was caused in this country by the publication of a little book called "Yaveh Christ: or, The Memorial Name." The author, Mr. McWhorter, seemed to have been raised up just to do that work and to set the Christian world thinking on this subject." p. 50, THE STANDARD BEARER, Jan.-March 1911. Notice that Dr. Chapell speaks about the interest among scholars, in this NAME, during the last FIFTY YEARS from the time he delivered these lectures which, the best we can determine, was around 1900.

Notice also the STIR which the book, Yaveh Christ, or THE MEMORIAL NAME, published by Mr. McWhorter (1897) caused in THIS country, which really set people to THINKING ON THIS SUBJECT (Mal 3:16,17). This is why I said that I felt credit or honor should go to Mr. McWhorter for having paved (prepared) the way for people to accept and really start a WORLD WIDE NAME MOVEMENT, as was started in the 30's by the men mentioned in this writing, also by others in other places in America.

Also credit should go to Dr. Chapell for these marvelous lectures on NAMES OF THE DEITY as he delivered them at the A. J. Gordon MISSIONARY TRAINING COLLEGE in Boston, Massachusetts, and no doubt other places where he traveled. Also honor should be given to John J. Scruby for publishing, BROADCASTING these lectures on NAMES OF THE DEITY in THE STANDARD BEARER, Jan.-March 1911.

In the book, THE MEMORIAL NAME by McWhorter he made mention of the FACT that THE NAME is derived from the Hebrew verb "havah" the OLD FORM of "hayah", meaning to EXIST, or THE EXISTING ONE, which EXACTLY AGREES with Strong and Young's Concordances on these verbs from which THE NAME is derived.

I saw a copy of this book, THE MEMORIAL NAME, with my own eyes in the Public Library in Cincinnati, Ohio when I visited there in 1957. Also mention should be made of some of the colored ministers who helped make known this GLORIOUS NAME MESSAGE. They are Bishop Smith of Detroit, Michigan, Pastor Roley of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Bishop C. H. Brown of the Island of Jamaica. I mention Bishop Borwn because he has spent TIME in this country at different times, lecturing, not only among the colored people, but also among white people in different places, and he ALWAYS EXALTS the NAME of the Creator and His Son, Yahshua the Messiah. If time and space permitted, I would certainly mention many more men and women who have helped SPREAD THIS GLORIOUS NAME MESSAGE.

In addition to publishing the Sacred Name New Testament in 1950, Elder A. B. Traina also, with the help of others, published THE HOLY NAME BIBLE (He uses YAHWEH) by The Scripture Research Association, Inc., Irvington, New Jersey, in 1963. This also adds to the spreading of THE NAME MESSAGE, though I disagree with the spelling of THE NAME this version (Both Old and New Testament) uses as well as other renderings made in it. But as a whole, as I see it, this is a good version of the Bible.

Today, different NAME publications are being distributed, THE ELIYAH MESSENGER (our official magazine), Junction City, Oregon; THE WORD, Lebanon, Oregon, THE FAITH (founded by Elder C. O. Dodd, deceased) by D. G. Werner, Washington, D. C., and The Sacred Name Herald, by Earl Boyd, Moscow, Idaho.

Dear Friend, LET US GET READY! THE ISSUE, as this age closes with Armageddon (Rev. 16:16) in which the Creator will vindicate for all eternity His glorious Name (Ezek. 38:23; 39:7) I say, THE ISSUE is and will be, HIS NAME AND MARK WRITTEN IN YOUR FOREHEAD (Rev. 14:1; 22:4) or, the MARK, NAME AND NUMBER OF THE BEAST. Which do you want? (Rev. 13; 14:9-11; chapters 15 through 19). You had better CHOOSE-TODAY (1 Kings 18:21; Joshua 24:15) TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE!

This BRIEF HISTORY OF THE [SACRED] NAME MOVEMENT IN AMERICA may seem STRANGER THAN FICTION to those who read it, but again I plead with YOU, ---PREPARE TO MEET THY CREATOR, they ELOHIM(Mighty One), have His NAME [Yud-Hay-Vav/Waw/Cholom-Hay] written in your forehead--NOW! Be on the safe side, the MESSIAH IS SOON COMING! It is much LATER THAN YOU THINK! Amos 4; Luke 21; 2 Tim. 3.

Ponder this, "WHOSOEVER shall call on the NAME, [Yud-Hay-Vav/Waw/Cholom-Hay] (YAHVAH) shall be delivered (saved)." Joel 2:32.

P.S. The SEAL of the Columbia University, New York City, founded in 1754, more than 200 years ago, contained the four Hebrew Characters of the Name [Yud-Hay-Vav/Waw/Cholom-Hay] (YHVH) Yahvah. Does this not show the interest of our earlier educators, in the NAME? THINK ON THESE THINGS!!

[This article has been reproduced from The Eliyah Messenger, May and June, 1966]