A History of the Seventh Day Church of God, Volume II
by Richard C. Nickels

As an Appendix to my History of the Seventh Day Church of God, Volume I, Volume II contains a variety of material that students of Church of God history will find interesting. This 1973 collection of pictures, charts, old out-of-print literature, and miscellaneous information has never been mass-published.

Lack of storage space prevents us from keeping multiple copies on hand. Giving & Sharing does not pay salaries, and our time is limited to make additional copies. To continue to make Volume II available, you may order it on the following basis: 10 cents per page (for printing and postage), payable to Giving & Sharing, plus 3 cents per page (for copy work), payable in a separate check or money order, to Earl Lewis. You may order any single part (no further subdivision), or the entire Volume II. Just return this order blank.


Section Pages

[  ] Part A: General Information 144

[  ] Part B: Stanberry Material 217

[  ] Part C: Denver — Merger Group 390

[  ] Part D: Dugger Material 122

[  ] Part E: Meridian, Idaho Group 36

[  ] Part F: Salem, West Virginia Group 62

[  ] Part G: Caldwell, Idaho Group 24

[  ] Part H: Sacred Names Material 145

[  ] Part I: Bible Sabbath Association 13

[  ] Part J: Gathering Call Material 22

[  ] Part K: Miscellaneous 11



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Section Page

Part A: General Information

Chart on the Origins of the Bible Advocate A1

Chart on Origins of the Church of God (Adventist) A2

Chart on Stanberry and the Post 1933 Divisions A2

Editors of the Hope of Israel, Sabbath Advocate, and Bible Advocate A3

Graphs on Church of God Membership, Churches, Ministers,

Dates of Organization A4

Census Reports of 1906, 1916, 1926, 1936 A9

Chronological Chart Compiled by Stanberry A21

1859 Sabbath Recorder Re: Samuel Davison A28

1872 Sabbath Recorder Re: H.E. Carver A31

1942 Sabbath Recorder Re: Review of "A History of the True Church" A32

August 25, 1865 Hope of Israel A33

Davison Family History A35

April 9, 1907 Bible Advocate Re: Katie R. Gilstrap A39

100th Anniversary Issue of The Bible Advocate, August 12, 1963 A40

"The Sabbath Through the Ages," by John Kiesz in July 26, 1965 Advocate A62

April 1972 Mount Zion Reporter Re: Halbenslaben and A.F. Dugger A66

Sabbath Recorder Re: I.N. Kramer A67

"General History of the Church of God (Seventh Day) of Michigan" A68

Partial Copies of Tracts by Jacob Brinkerhoff, Almon Hall, H.C.

Blanchard, Uriah Smith, R.V. Lyon A72

Copies of "Age-to-Come" paper, Expositor and Advocate A84

Iowa Archives Letter Re: Snook and Waggoner Conscientious Objector

Petition During the Civil War A88

Marion, Iowa Church of God History A90

"Correspondence Relative to the Michigan Conference, Church of God

and Seventh Day Baptist" A94

"The Backward Look," by Adelbert Branch A111

Picture of S.W. Mentzer A113

Pictures of Dugger, Rodgers, Presler, Davison, Carver A114

Ministers, Churches, Offering Reports A116

Article, "A Dying Church" A120

Bible Advocate articles on Church History A121

Anti-Dugger Notice of October, 1933 Messenger A134

1949 Merger, Picture of New Executive Board A135

"What the Church of God Believes" A136

1949 Church of God Tracts A139

Puritan "Sabbath Keepers" A141

"Enright’s 1000 Dollar Offer" A142

Letter from Rudolph Haffner Re: Church of God Ministers A143


Section Page

Part B: Stanberry Material

"The Adamic Sin or Forbidden Fruit" B1

"The Third Angel’s Message" B18

"The Battle of Armageddon" B35

"The 1000 Year Reign With Christ" B59

"The Doctrine of the Immortal Soul" B67

"The Administrations of God’s Law" B74

"Divine Healing" B84

"Hard Questions for Seventh Dayists Reviewed and Answered" B91

"Christian Standards for Young People" B101

"Suggestions for Ministers and Officers of The Church of God

(Seventh Day)," Second Edition B140

"The Bible Sabbath Defended," Fifth Edition, Revised 1944 B146


Part C: Denver — Merger Group

General Conference Officials C1

Headquarters Buildings C6

Foreign Workers C7

Midwest Bible College, Courses and Students C9

Tribute to John Kiesz C20

Sabbath Services Bulletin C23

"Doctrinal Beliefs of the Church of God (Seventh Day)" C26

"An Invitation to Learn for Yourself (About the Church of God)" C34

"What Must I Do To Be Saved?" C40

"Bible Baptism" C42

"The New Birth," and "The Ordinance of Baptism" C44

"About Face, The Meaning of Christian Conversion" C53

"Wondrous Grace, God’s Life-Saving Gift" C59

"Keeping Fit Spiritually" C75

"Adam’s Apple" C79

"If a Man Die — Does He Still Live?" C81

"The Soul of Man — Is It Mortal or Immortal?" C93

"Life Ends, What Then?" C95

"The Ten Commandments, As Found in The Old and New Testaments" C101

"Which Day is ‘The Lord’s Day’?" C105

"The Change of the Sabbath, Who Authorized It?" C116

"Should the Seventh-Day Sabbath Be Observed by Christians Today?" C125

"Has Time Been Lost?" C135

"Religious Surgery, What Has Been Cut Out of God’s Law?" C144

"The End of the Law" C146

"The Resurrection of Christ Not on Sunday" C150

"The Time Element in the Crucifixion nd Resurrection of Christ" C152

"What Christians Should Know about Easter" C169

"The Observance of the Lord’s Supper" C176

"A Study of the Feast Days Given To Israel" C188

"God’s Treatment of Jews and Gentiles" C209

"The Bible and Man’s Food" C225

"Christmas Investigated" C243

"When Was Christ Born?" C258

"The Teaching of the Bible Concerning Tithes and Offerings" C262

"Can Christians Participate in Carnal Warfare?" C274

"The Rich Man and Lazarus, Is it a Parable or Literal Fact?" C281

"Palestine, Jews, and Bible Prophecy" C295

"World History Foretold" C308

"The Next World Dictator" C326

"The Battle of Armageddon" C328

"The Destiny of the Earth . . . Destroyed or Restored?" C339

"The 1000-Year Reign with Christ" C348

"The Punishment of the Wicked" C357

"A Scriptural Examination of The 1844 Investigative Judgment Doctrine" C370


Part D: Dugger Material

Pictures of A.N. Dugger and His Associates D1

"What Started Us to Israel" D11

"Explanation of the Prophetic Chart: The Future of Israel And All People" D15

"The Rebirth of Israel, The Greatest Miracle of the Age" D31

"The Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel; A King to Reign on

David’s Throne" D39

"Crises Dates in Bible Prophecy; The Resurrection in This Last Generation" D47

"Signs of the Coming Messiah, and Events of Tomorrow" D55

"Seven Reasons Why the Seven Last Plagues are Literal and Future" D63

"The Daughter of Jerusalem And The Daughter of Babylon" D65

"Has Our Messiah Come?" D73

"Easter, Christmas and Sunday were Pagan Holidays, 600 B.C." D77

"Death in the Kitchen" D81

"Hell, What and Where is It?" D85

"What Was Abolished By Christ" D93

"The Change of the Sabbath, Who Authorized It?" by A.F. Dugger, Sr. D101

"Why Israel Is Here to Stay" D105

"Bible Lessons for The Church of God, Seventh Day," First Quarter 1971 D113


Part E: Meridian, Idaho Group

"General Council of the Churches of God, Seventh Day: A Bit of History" E1

"Constitution and By-Laws of The General Council of the Churches

of God (Seventh Day) Inc." E7

"A Declaration of Things Most Commonly Believed Among Us" E13

"Maranatha College E19

"Meridian Group Ministers and Churches" E32


Part F: Salem, West Virginia Group

"The Constitution of The Church of God" F1

"The New Testament Church: Its Foundation, Name, Organization

and Standard of Righteousness" F5

"The Battle of Armageddon" F15

"The Third Angel’s Message" F17

"The Unpardonable Sin, What Is It?" F19

"The Spirit of Ecclesiastes 12:7" F23

"The Spirit of Prophecy" F25

"Bible Baptism" F29

"The Doctrine of the Trinity" F31

"Bond or Free" F35

"The Two Covenants" F39

"Conditional Immortality, Eternal Life" F45

"Sabbath School Lessons," Fourth Quarter, 1970 F55


Part G: Caldwell, Idaho Group

"Doctrinal Points [of] The Church of God" G1

"The Sacred Appointments and Holy Days" G5

"Sabbath Lesson Quarterly," First Quarter 1972 G17


Part H: Sacred Names Material

Letter from Paul Penn, December 22, 1970 H1

Letter from A.B. Traina, January 28, 1971 H5

Letter from Ruth Fink H7

Sacred Names Broadcaster, November-December 1972 H9

Sacred Names Broadcaster, January-February 1973 H11

"A Brief History of The Name Movement in America," by L.D. Snow

in Eliyah Messenger, May 1966 H13

"Reply to ‘The Unknown God’ in ‘The Plain Truth’," by L.D. Snow in

March-April 1966 Eliyah Messenger H18

"Hebrew Names Historical Sketch," by Lawson Briggs H32

"North American Names Movement Start," from March 1969 The Word H37

The Faith, February 1969 H39

The Faith, February 1970 H44

Assemblies of Yahweh Statement of Doctrine H45

Interview with Joe B. Walker, October 21, 1971 H50

"Origin and History of the Sacred Name Movement," by Richard C.Nickels H53

"The Sacred Appointments, Feasts of Yahweh" H71

"They Kept Yahweh’s Feasts" H97

"Yahweh’s Feasts" H101

"The Apostles Doctrine versus Tradition," by L.D. Snow H109

"The Major Beliefs of the Assembly of Yahvah" H112

"The Constitution of the Assembly of Yahvah" H126

"The Father’s Revelation of Himself and His Son," by Charles C. Cramer H130

"The Supreme Being, Oneness, or Trinity? Name of Divinity," by John Kiesz H136


Part I: Bible Sabbath Association

B.S.A. Officers, 1965 and 1973 I1

Picture of Frank Walker I3

Sabbath Handbook and Miscellaneous Sabbath-Keeping Groups I4


Part J: Gathering Call Material

"The Sanctuary Question," by C.L. Price J1

"A Re-Study of the Sanctuary" J3

"The Reform Dress" J7

"Examining Seventh-Day Adventism" J9

"Seventh Day Adventists Weighed in the Balance of Honesty and

Found Wanting" J13

Miscellaneous Material J17


Part K: Miscellaneous

"When are the Voices of The Three Angels to be Heard?" by Elder A.C. Olson K1

The Present Truth by Dr. J. Franklin Snook, August 1965 K9

Interview with Cecile Hull K11


The preceding is a detailed Table of Contents for A History of the Seventh Day Church of God, Volume II, by Richard C. Nickels. It is available from:

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