Homosexuality: The Alternate Death Style

Homosexuality is on the march. More and more fooled souls are falling victim to this perverted way of life. A major recruiter among the young is the public schools. They present homosexuality as an alternate life style. They do not warn young people that it is an ALTERNATE DEATH STYLE. According to the Family Research Institute in a 1991 study, most gays do not live past 50 years of age. The fact is, the average age of male gays at death is 42. If they have AIDS, their average death age is 39. The expected life span of other men is 72 years of age. The expected life span of women is 79 years of age. Therefore, that "alternate life style" presented to a young man is asking him to sacrifice thirty years of his life if he accepts the lie that homosexuality is a great way to live. Lesbians also give up approximately 30 years of their lives.

Why do homosexuals die so early? (1) It is an unnatural, forbidden act. God is death on homosexuals. (2) It is a life of sheer misery. Though the human body is "fearfully and wonderfully made," Psalm 139:14, it can still suffer physical abuse. A male homosexual soon has his entire inside irreparably torn; his internal organs lose their ability to function naturally. (3) Perversion leads to excess. God has made us so that there is no satisfaction to a person deliberately disobeying the way of life He commands. Serial killers Gacy and Dahmer were homosexuals. (4) In their drive to dominate, homosexuals aim to destroy marriage and the family, which God set as the foundation for society. Why would the National Education Association adopt the homosexual agenda without exception? (5) A central aim is to drive Christians out of public life, as witnessed by the increasing drive for "hate crime" laws, and the outrageous claim that Dr. James Dobsonís stance against the homosexual lifestyle makes him guilty of inciting the murder of a homosexual in Wyoming.

Watch over your children. Warn them. Inform them. Today, a young boy is in more danger of being raped than a young girl. Pray earnestly that God will protect you and your children from this perversion. ó condensed from Jay P. Green, Sr.ís Christian Literature World, November, 1998.