Giving & Sharing and

The Bible Sabbath Association



Question: What is the relationship between Giving & Sharing, and The Bible Sabbath Association?

AnswerThere is no relationship between these two organizations.  Richard Nickels founded Giving & Sharing in 1978, and continues to edit the Giving & Sharing Newsletter.  Since the 1980s, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of The Bible Sabbath Association (founded in 1945), serving as President, 1996-1999, Secretary, 2000-2003, President, 2004-2007.  Richard’s wife, Shirley Nickels, has been the BSA Office Manager since 1996.

The purpose of The Bible Sabbath Association is to promote the Sabbath, and co-operation between Sabbath-keepers.  Other than the seventh-day Sabbath and the Messiah (Jesus Christ, Yahshua), the BSA takes no other doctrinal positions.  The BSA is a strictly nonsectarian association, with members from a variety of groups, including Seventh-day Adventists, Seventh Day Baptists, various Churches of God, sacred name assemblies, and others.  It is not a denomination or church, and does not seek to bring about mergers among various groups.  The primary focus of BSA literature is material about the Sabbath.  It is a “one doctrine” organization.

Giving & Sharing likewise is not a Church.  It serves Sabbath-keepers around the world.  The purpose of Giving & Sharing is (1) to distribute Bibles, religious books and articles at the lowest possible cost; (2) to promote observance of essential Biblical doctrines: Good News of the Messianic Kingdom, Biblical Law, Bible Sabbath, Bible Holy Days, Tithing, Healing, Laws of Health, Marriage and Family; (3) to oppose eating Unclean Meats, Holidays of Pagan Origins, Divorce, and Sexual Perversions; and, (4) to provide a community of fellowship for like-minded brethren who wish to serve one another and extend the blessings of the Kingdom of God to others.  We support the Fundamentals of Belief of the Radio Church of God (listed in our book, Early Writings of Herbert W. Armstrong).  G&S literature has a much wider focus than that of the BSA.