The French - Speaking Peoples In Prophecy

By Dibar Apartian

Pasadena, California 1961, 1967


Translated from the French

By Carol Kalin 1975


Retyped by Cheryl Nichols and Santa Fe Parton, 2001.

Reprinted by Giving & Sharing, PO Box 100, Neck City, MO 64849

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Table of Contents



           The Reasons for the Uncertainty of History, The Bible Challenges History

Chapter 1

           The History of the Israelites, Israel in Captivity, Grandeur and Decadence under Solomon, Israel Divides, Israel Turns to Idolatry, The Dynasty of Omri, Decadence Continues, Israel is Taken into Captivity

Chapter 2

           Captivity and Liberation, A Deportation in Several Stages, The Migration, Where Did They Go?

Chapter 3

           The Ancient Inhabitants of France, The Ligurians, Identity of the Ligurians According to the Bible, The Iberians, Identity of the Iberians According to The Bible

Chapter 4

           The Cimbri and the Cimmerians, Some Unknown People Arrive in Europe, The Scythians, The Saxons

Chapter 5

           The Celts and the Gauls, The Key to the Mystery, Recapitulation of the History of the Israelites, The Neighbors of the Gauls, The Celtic League

Chapter 6

           The Origin of Their Name, Biblical Implications, Historical Facts, The Terms “Celtae,” “Galatae,” and “Galli,” The Rapport Between the Different Terms

Chapter 7

           The Language of the Celts, Language Doesn’t Necessarily Indicate Race, Hebrew or Sanskrit? The Rivalry of Sanskrit, The Rapport Between the Semitic and European Languages, The Language of the Tribes after the Liberation, The Example of Judah

Chapter 8

           Comparison of Characteristics, The Character and Personality of Reuben, The Collective Personality and Character of the French

Chapter 9

           The Druids and the Dolmens, The Druids as Judges, The Druids in Charge of Education, The Druids Were Exempt from Taxes and Military Service, The Dolmens, The Meaning of the Dolmens, Some Biblical Examples of Raised Stones

Chapter 10

           The Oak and the Gods of the Druids, The Gaulic Gods, Baal Among the Two Peoples

Chapter 11

           Rites and Customs Among the Two Peoples, Punishment by Fire and Water, The Counterfeit of the Feasts of the Eternal, How Did the Druids Reckon Time?  Some Social Customs

Chapter 12

           The Franks, The Invasion of the Franks, The Frankish Tribes, The Salian Franks, The Name of France


           The Future According to Prophecy, The Decadence of France, The Reason for its Decadence, Grandeur and Decline, Modern Israel in Prophecy