"I work a work in your days, which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you." - Acts 13:41.

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F.R.A. Glover: Here, then, to enable us to satisfy ourselves that the Material Fact of which mention has been made, is indeed Jacob's Stone, known as his Pillar by the Jews, - to sum up the Premises, concerning both the Man and the Stone, - we have shown that, -

1. Here is a Man, a Prophet of the Lord, who had a great duty to perform:-

2. Here is a Stone, in Jerusalem, which it is the duty of that man to take care of, and to care for :-

3. At the time when a Stone, (which has come to be called Jacob's Stone,) appears in another country, the above-mentioned Prophet is free to do what, and go where, he will: so that there was no political or physical hindrance to his having taken it from Judea:-

4. That Stone, with a Hebrew name and signification, was set up in a foreign country, under the cognizance of or by a great official, the chief Justiciary of the Land, who is himself signalized by a Hebrew name, and that, a name of the highest spiritual import in Hebrew Theology:-

5. In the country in which a Stone is later found, with a Hebrew name, much accounted of, and which is, later, declared to be the above-named Stone - the certainty of which is established by its having an (unsuspected) Hebrew etymology - such a prophecy and legend is attached to its history, as none but Jeremiah could have pronounced; a blessing which it would have been his duty, under the circumstances, to have pronounced, as connected with such a stone as this Stone is declared to be:-

6. The title of the Official in whom the Stone was set up, is the equivalent of the Future Title of the LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS at the time that the Stone is to resume its place in the East; and, of which time and its concomitant facts, the Church of England, in the most pointed and express manner, renews our special recognition at the most solemn season of expectation every year [See the Book of Common Prayer, "Epistle" for Pre-Advent Sunday], so identifying with it her own existence:-

7. And lastly, it is the common assertion of the People who have possession of the Stone, that it is, Jacob's Pillow.

Hence we conclude, from the foregoing Premises, interchangeably,-

1. That, if Jeremiah brought any Stone from the East, Jacob's Pillow is what he would have brought:-

2. That (while other traditions exist, altogether independently of any connexion with this subject, affirming that Jeremiah was in Ireland), as we have seen that he must have been there, and was in a position to bring the Stone, he did bring it:-

3. That, the concurrence of the time of the disappearing of the Stone known as Jacob's Pillow, from Judea, with the appearance of the Stone supposed to be Jacob's Pillow in Ireland, affords, in connexion with the foregoing considerations, a strong circumstantial proof that the two thus-named Stones, are one and the same:-

4. That, as the consciousness on the part of the Prophet of what the Stone was, coupled with that of the duty he had to perform, would have justified him in asserting of the Stone in the terms of the Legend, he certainly did so:- and finally,

5. That the necessity of otherwise accounting for the Legend and the Stone, and the Hebrew Justiciary in Ireland - not to involve here other considerations which will appear hereafter - in any reasonable way, amounts to a moral proof, - no physical hindrance opposing the possibility of the things surmised, - that these conjectures so nearly touch the realities of the case, that the main conclusion arrived at, may be considered to be the proper one, and the actual truth; which is, that the common report concerning the Stone is true. That is to say, That the Stone, which is the Throne-Seat of the Monarchs of England, is Jacob's Pillow, (or a portion of) that Stone, on which The PRINCE Of ISRAEL slept when he dreamed that dream (Gen. 28:11-12), that was the VISION and PROPHECY, and renewed assurance to the Grandson, of the future greatness on Earth of the House of his grand-Father Abraham.

If all this be so, then, indeed, of that House, its future greatness and perpetuity, the Throne and State of England is, by the interposition and providential existence of this Material Fact, the present proof and earnest: and, the Queen thereof, who is enthroned on the one, to rule over the other, as the Vicar of Jesus Christ

[17 Chap. Code of Edward the Confessor - "Rex, quasi Vicarius Summi Regis, ad hoc constituitur; ut Regnum, Terram, et Populum Domini, et super omnia, Sanctam Ecclesiam Ejus, veneretur et regat, et ab injuriosis defendat."]

according to God's Law,

[It is much to be remembered, that while S. Sylvester, Bishop of Rome, received and accepted the title of Vicar and the Pall, the badge of Temporal Subjection, from the Emperor Constantine, - the Bishop thereby acknowledging him, the Emperor, as God's Vicar, - S. Eleutherius, Bishop of Rome, some 150 years earlier (171 to 185), had already informed Lucius the Great, King of Britain, on his conversion to Christianity, that he, Lucius, as King, was God's Vicar in his kingdom: on which expression of Eleutherius, and the doctrine it conveyed, the here-quoted law of Edward the Confessor was avowedly framed.]

["Eleutherius, then Bishop of Rome, sent the king, Lucius, as a gift, both the Old and Now Testaments, and this letter: 'You have received, in the kingdom of Britain, by God's mercy, both the law and faith of Christ; you have both the Old and New Testament. Out of the same, through God's grace, by the advice of your realm, make a Law; and by the same, through God's sufferance, rule your kingdom in Britain; for in that kingdom you are God's Vicar.'" - Apud Holinshed, vol. i. pp. 511, 512.]

must be the Representative and Ordinance Head, 1. to her own people, .. 2. to "the dispersed of Judah," .. and 3. "to the nations" at large, .. of the Remnant of the House of Judah. Hence, consequently, this great Material Fact, i.e., The Existence of Jacob's Pillow as the Throne-Seat of England, stands indisputably a proof, that the Providence of God is manifestly at work, to identify the Fortunes of Britain with the Destiny promised to the House of Judah:.. of Judah, Ordinance Head, by Divine appointment, of the House, of the many-tribed House, of Israel. (Gen. 49, I Chron. 5:2 "Of him came the Chief Ruler.")

N.B. - Some people have thought to be facetious in comparing the transport of a Stone from Judea to Ireland, with that of the House of the Annunciation from Nazareth to Loretto. There is as much resemblance between the two as there is between 'the possible' and 'the impossible.' A Stone, somewhat of the shape of a not very large writing desk, is not a very untransportable thing in a ship, or by land. The theory concerning the House of Loretto is, that it was its own ship; and which, according to Dr. Stanley's obliging comparison of the foundation on which it stood with its present form, must have taken advantage of freedom from contact with the earth, to have given itself more seemly proportions than the long narrow original edifice presented ('Sinai and Palestine,' by A. P. Stanley, D.D., Reg. Prof. Eccles. Hist. Oxon, and Canon of Christ Church. See Comparative Ground Plans, p. 432, and pp. 438-446.) This resemblance, indeed, between them, there is: "Pillars of Witness," they both are :- the one, of the truth of God; the other of - (Consult 2 Thess. 2:9)

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