Scottish Royal House of Stewart Claims Descent from King David

Contender for the Scottish Throne, His Royal Highness, Prince Michael of Albany, head of the Royal House of Stewart says in his recent eye-opening work, The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland:

"Scotland’s royal heritage is the oldest in Europe, and it can be traced back well into the BC era. The legacy of the Scots kings was hewn on the Stone of Destiny, the venerated relic of the Beth-el Covenant (Genesis 28:18-22).

". . . the Royal House of Dalriada, through which all Kings of Scots traced their succession from the biblical Kings of Judah, from the Princes of Greater Scythia . . . many regarded the Stewarts as their Biblical kings. Prior to becoming High Stewards of Scotland, the Stewarts’ maternal forebears were Seneschals in Brittany, and they were of the same ancestral stock as the earlier Merovingian Kings of the Franks, in descent from the ancient Royal House of Judah."

Prince Michael, 2000: pages 12,70,198-99. The Stone of Destiny is also mentioned on pages 55, 63, 78, 290-92.

Prince Michael’s work is a derivative of the Israel identity truth, although he mixes in other ideas not historically accurate. Nevertheless, at least he is one member of royalty willing to be open in his beliefs instead of keeping it secret.