Steven M. Collins’ Books on Israel


Steven M. Collins, author of The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel … Found! (available for $18 from Giving & Sharing), has expanded his original book into four new books ($18 each).

The four-book set traces the origins, history, migrations and empires of the tribes of Israel. Their locations in the modern world are also identified.  Modern history texts examine ancient history ethnocen­trically from the viewpoints of ancient Rome and Greece. This has led to a warped view of history as the ancient propaganda of Greek and Roman tyrants has been uncritically accepted as a correct accounting of history. This book series examines world history from the standpoint of the tribes of Israel, most particularly, the supposedly “lost” ten tribes of Israel. All books combine Biblical accounts and secular histories in their narratives about the Israelite tribes. While based on The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel...Found! the new books include much new historical information as well as additional photographs, illustrations and maps.  All books have full indexes, and are 6 x 9 inch paperbacks.  Here are the topical descriptions of each book:

(1) The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel is a fresh look at the early history of Israel from the time of Abraham to King Solomon, with special emphasis on the little-known and immensely important events that helped to shape our modern world. Here is the untold story of Israel’s sojourn in Egypt and evidence that God’s People visited distant lands in Europe and America in ancient times. Author Steven Collins retells the story of the Book of Genesis and the lives of the Patriarchs with a keen insight into the meaning of interesting clues that other authors have missed. This is not just a rehash of history, but a re-analysis of a foundational book of Holy Scripture in the light of subsequent events and Bible prophecy. In addition to all of that, it is quite a good read!

The central theme of this book is the Biblical covenant which God made with the Patriarchs and their descendants. This included the Biblical promise of numerous descendants who would build powerful, wealthy nations. This exciting story is told with the aid of over 100 maps, charts, and illustrations. 296 pages (280 + xiv).

Chapter titles include: 1. God’s Covenant with Abraham; 2. Isaac, Jacob, and the Twelve Tribes of Israel; 3. Joseph and the Israelites in Ancient Egypt; 4. Moses, the Exodus, and the Promised Land; 5. King David and Israel’s Rise to Greatness; 6. King Solomon’s Golden Age and the Empire of Israel.

(2) Israel’s Lost Empires. Was ancient Israel a landlocked nation or a seacoast trading empire? In this fascinating study, historian Steven M. Collins details the little-known story of Israel’s ancient empires. Not only did King David’s land empire stretch clear across the Middle East to Mesopotamia, but Israel boasted a navy which merged with and dominated the famed Phoenicians. Hebrew ships plied the Mediterranean, establishing colonies along the European and North African coasts. Israel’s influence in the ancient city-state of Carthage has never before been so thoroughly documented, nor her definite presence in early Britain. New evidence is presented also suggesting that her ships visited the North American continent, as well. This study plows much new ground in ancient history.

Mr. Collins’ knack for patient research and logical deduction is only exceeded by a lively and riveting writing style that will surely hold the reader’s attention to the last page. Over 100 maps and illustrations complement this unique study! 296 pages (280 + xvi).

Chapter titles include: 1. The Golden Age of the Israelite-Phoenician Empire; 2. Israel’s Decline and Migration from Palestine; 3. Carthage: Israel’s Colony Became an Empire; 4. The Scythian Sacae, the Asian “Sons of Isaac.”

(3) Parthia: The Forgotten Ancient Superpower and its Role in Biblical History.  Although little-known to modern readers, the ancient kingdom of Parthia played a key role in historical and Biblical events. It boasted one of the greatest kingdoms of the ancient world, and was the one empire that Rome actually feared. Just decades before the birth of Christ, its armies drove the Romans completely out of Palestine, Syria, and Asia Minor, forcing the reigning King Herod to flee for his life. Who were the Parthians? In this book, exciting new research is presented proving a Semitic-Israelite connection and even a link to King David within the Parthian royal family. The names of Israelite tribes are also in evidence within the Parthian Empire. Another surprise: The cover of the book shows a cutaway diagram of an ancient Parthian direct current battery. A number of these batteries have been found, and this book documents the sensational discovery of electricity by the Parthians and examines its possible ancient uses.

Some of the events of Jesus Christ’s life become more understandable when they are examined in light of the politics that prevailed between Rome and Parthia at that time. One group of Parthian elites that chose Parthia’s emperors was called the “Magi” or “Wise Men.” A delegation of these high Parthian officials worshipped the young Jesus. You will enjoy the fascinating account of this mighty, but little-known empire that played an important role in the Biblical story! Full color cover, over 100 maps and illustrations, 272 pages (256 + xvi).

(4) Israel’s Tribes Today.  This fourth book of a series, Israel’s Tribes Today, identifies the modern locations of the tribes of Israel, and it examines the migrations that brought them to their current locations.  As a result, modern world geopolitics will be seen in an entirely new light. 

Most efforts to locate the “lost” House of Israel have failed because of erroneous assumptions. Searchers assume that the supposedly “lost” ten tribes of Israel would be found in isolated little bands of people. However, the first chapter of Hosea and other Biblical prophecies foretold that the nations of the ten tribes would be found among the wealthy and powerful nations with large populations!

This book identifies the modern House of Israel as those nations descending from the Goths, Saxons, Germans and related peoples who migrated into Europe from Asia after the fall of Parthia and Scythia. They have enjoyed national prominence, power, and prosperity as the primary recipients of the divine “birth­right” blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant. Many nations have Israelite roots, in whole or in part. Not only did they retain Semitic-Israelite names and customs, but many of the tribal and clan names of the ten tribes of Israel are found among them.

The final portion of this book utilizes Biblical prophecies about the tribes of Israel, as well as evidence from secular history, to identify the descendants of each tribe in the modern world. Readers may marvel at how specifically the prophecies have been fulfilled among modern nations, and that these nations even now enjoy the promised blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant. With the substantial evidence laid out in this book, their Israelite origin and character is impossible to miss.

This fourth book has 312 pages (296 + xvi) with a full-color cover and over 140 illustrations!

This four-book series expands upon Mr. Collins first book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! and reveals much new information about the tribes of Israel.  They are fully indexed and contain a large number of photographs, illustrations, narratives and maps not in Mr. Collins’ first book.                                                            Ω


The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel . . . Found! The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel, Israel’s Lost Empires, Parthia: Forgotten Ancient Superpower, Israel’s Tribes Today.

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