Cartoons by Daniel Botkin


Daniel Botkin is a nationally-acclaimed artist, and leads a Messianic Sabbatarian congregation in Illinois.You may request his free magazine by writing: Gates of Eden, PO Box 2257, East Peoria, IL 6161-0257.


Botkinís cartoon character, ďRev. Twistruth,Ē and other cartoons, a regular feature of his Gates of Eden magazine, teach Bible Truth through humor.Twistruth is a typical Protestant minister who attacks Godís Law (is anti-Torah).Botkinís portrayal of Twistruthís absurdities helps us understand the shameful, yet hilarious, tendency of carnal human beings to rebel against the Almighty.


We are very pleased to promote Rev. Twistruth and His Disciples, an 80-page book of cartoons, by Daniel Botkin.Suggested donation is $10, from Giving & Sharing, PO Box 100, Neck City, MO 64849.


Here are some of our favorites of Botkinís cartoons, reprinted with his permission:


Honor Your Parents, Honor the Sabbath


Naaman and the Sabbath


A Tale of Ten African Sons


Santa Claus Mocks the Messiah


The Serpent, The Church, and the Sabbath, Page 1, Page 2


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