Satan's Great Deception
by Dr. C. Paul Meredith

Ancient pagan beliefs and practices in many ways bore a striking resemblance to the beliefs and practices taught and followed by Christ and the apostles. Are YOU deceived by Satan's clever counterfeit "Christianity"? Text file download of entire book. Printed copy of this book.

Part 1, Paganism Resembled Truth, "Christian" Church Attitude, Pagan Similarities, How It All Began, Satan Retains Rule By Deceiving, Mankind Deceived, Opportunity of Salvation Revealed to Adam and Eve, Pagans Knew of Adam and Eve's Disobedience, Pagans Knew of Promise of Eternal Life, Nimrod Starts Apostasy After Flood, Cush and Nimrod Build First City -- Babylon, Nimrod Becomes Priest of Serpent-Sun Worshippers, World Cheated Out of Real Happiness, Confusion of Tongues

Part 2, Apostasy Spreads, Shem Slays Nimrod, Semiramis Expands Apostasy, Semiramis Initiates the System, Nimrod and Semiramis Become Gods, The False Messiah, Kings of the Earth Spread Mystery System, Nimrod-Worship Widespread Under Other Names, "Ye Shall Be As Gods, " Characteristics of the Babylonian System, Answer Found In Eden

Part 3, Are Men "As Gods" Today? World Deifies "Self," Why Do We Want To Be "As Gods"? Proving Selves Wrong Today, How Satan Rules, Semiramis of Babylon Originated Counterfeits, Idolatry Spreads Everywhere, Truth About God Changed, Same Pagan Ideas in Today's World, Family of God Counterfeited

The Devil's Part in the Counterfeits, Pagan Hades A Myth, Devil Worship Reaches Rome, Counterfeit of Adam and Eve's Disobedience

Part 4, WHY Pagans Had Counterfeit Baptism, Pagan Doctrine of Penance, Forgiveness By Blood Unnecessary? Communion With the Sun-God, World Deception Planned From Time of Flood, Pagan Worship Continues Today, "St. John's Day" in Britain, What About Christmas Observance?

Part 5, And the Christmas Tree? Christ's Conception Counterfeited, Origin of Easter Observance, The Counterfeit Cross, Origin of God's Week, GOD'S Week Corrupted Early, Satan Produces His Own Week -- Today's Week, Names of the Days, Why Was Sunday Created? Sunday -- The "Lord's Day" -- Enters Early Church, "Lord's Day" Among Pagans, Why Sunday Worship Is Widespread Today, Vain Repetition of Prayers, St. Valentine's Heart

Part 6, Extreme Unction a Counterfeit of Salvation, Relic Worship of Pagan Origin, Other Deceptive Counterfeits, "Mystery of Iniquity" A Secret System, Today's Greatest Religious Hoax! World's False Savior Reappears, Today's Religious Confusion From One Masked Source, The Next Fateful Factor, Labeling Pagan Practices by Christian Names, Pagan Rites Masquerading as Christian, You Are Born Into Your Religion, Bible Proof That World Worships False "Savior"

Part 7, Abraham and Israel, Israel Worshipped Counterfeit "Savior," Why Mentioned In Scripture, A Dead "Savior," History's Secrets Unfold, Baal and Ashtoroth, Other Names of Nimrod, Israel's Pagan Customs, New Testament Mentions Mystery System

Part 8, Why Israel was Deceived, Satan Knows He Has But a Short Time, Perversion of the True Church Teachings, Are Majority Deceived Today? How False Churches Arose From Apostatizing Congregations of True Church, Small Church of God and Great False Church, Daughter Churches Blinded, What God Requires of You

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