Music for the Church of God

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Handel, George Frideric. Handel's Messiah, conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham, Solists: Monica Sinclair, Giorgio Tozzi, et al., Orchestra: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 3 Audio CD’s. Sheet Music for Handel’s Messiah.
Israel in Egypt, Chandos Anthem No. 10, conducted by Simon Preston, David Willcocks, Solists: James Bowman, Elisabeth Gale, et al., Orchestra: Christ Church Cathedral Choir, English Chamber Orchestra, et al. Classic music for the Passover Feast! "The Lord is My Light," many other inspiring Christian songs. 2 Audio CD’s.

Church, Charlotte. Voice Of An Angel Audio CD. This Welsh girl has a beautiful voice! Classic Christian songs such as Psalm 23, Jerusalem, Amazing Grace, plus Welsh bird songs and more. Audio cassette version.

Music For and By Sabbath-keepers

Armitage, Barri. Long-time Church of God member and deaconess in the Washington, D.C. area, Barri brings prize-winning poetical talent, professional musical ability, and zest to her work. Sixteen songs are on this professional production, including “Think on These Things,” “Joy Will Come in the Morning,” “Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul,” “Song of Moses,” “Healed by His Stripes,” “Bought With a Price,” “Under the the Shadow of His Wings,” “The Virtuous Woman,” “Fear Not, Little Flock,” and my favorite, “Oh Lord, You Have Searched Me,” which is based on Psalm 139 set to the old tune we now know as Greensleeves. Barri has set her scripture-poems to ancient folk melodies. Vocalists include Barri’s husband, Dave Armitage, Rose Bello, and Eileen Townsend. Piano accompaniment is by Carnegie Hall performer Rachel Franklin, and guitar by Billy Kemp.
“Think on These Things,”
71 minutes of Inspirational Songs by Barri Armitage, is available postpaid for $12.00 for an Audio Cassette, or $15.00 for a CD. Sheet music with words and notes is available for $8.00. Or, $10 for CD or cassette with piano accompaniment (no vocals). International Orders, add $1.00. Maryland residents add sales tax. For shipping discounts on orders of two or more, or if you cannot afford the full price, contact Barri.

NEW! Barri has produced a second tape or CD, “O Lord, My Light,” with sixteen more inspirational songs, including “My Sheep Will Hear,” “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear,” and others.  Same rates as first recording.

Write: Barri Armitage, 13904 North Gate Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20906 E-mail: To read a description of the sixteen songs on this recording, click here. Visit Barri’s website, and listen to portions of her music:

Bryant, Roger. Traditional/Classical vocal solos with piano accompaniment.

Graham, Mark. His web site,, has much Bible-based music, written by Graham, as well as classic psalters, including the famous Scottish Psalter of 1564/1635. Mark’s music will add spice to your Sabbath worship, and enlarge your musical knowledge. Order his hymnal, Songs for the Family of God, P.O. Box 770261, Lakewood, OH 44107-0019, Phone (216) 529-1380, $6.00 for one hymnal, $10 overseas.

King, Sonia. See her website,, for samples of her two albums of Christian folk music. She is a member of the Living Church of God. Lyrics of her music are free.

Myers, Dave. His web site,, promotes his Contemporary Christian Music. The four brothers are: Dave, Steve, Skip, and John Myers. See their website, listen to samples of their music, and order their albums.

See, Sharon.  Sharon has produced a delightful CD/audio cassette recording, entitled There Is A Redeemer, which includes “Psalm 139,” “God Bless the Child,” “My Shepherd Became a Lamb,” “Wonderful Merciful Savior,” “He Is Jehovah,” “There Is A Redeemer,” and other selections.  Sharon sings and provides her own accompaniment.  More CD’s are planned, available on a donation basis.  Write: Sharon See, Route 1 Box 1133, Eagle Rock, MO 65641.  Ask for either a CD or Audio Cassette Tape.

Todd, Robin. His collection of Bible-based songs, which he has written and sings, is available from Giving & Sharing: “Our Everything, Every Knee Shall Bow,” CD ($9.95), or audio cassette ($7.00). His delightful songs are like dessert to your Sabbath or Feast. Titles include, "Every Knee Shall Bow"; "Go and Sin No More"; "His Kingdom is Coming"; "Eternal New Song"; "Our Everything"; and others. Order from Giving & Sharing, PO Box 100, Neck City, MO 64849.

Tonjes, Christine. Review and ordering information. Fourteen gospel songs.

Volmer, Denise. Review and ordering information for audio tapes of country and religious music from this South Dakota rancher's wife, whose music includes the excellent piece, “Do You Know the Great Creator?”

Music Books and Articles

Bacchiocchi, Dr. Samuele. Review of The Christian & Rock Music: a Study on Biblical Principles of Music. His book gives Bible principles of good music, and evaluates rock music in the light of the Bible.

“Yahweh is My Strength, My Song, My Salvation,” Study No. 42.

"Should Artistic Creativity Have Restraints?" by Wilbur A. Berg

"Biblical Music," Scriptures relating to music.