Melvin Johnsonís Bible Songs For Children


Melvin Johnson is a part-time songwriter and singer.He has written over 100 religious songs.He and his wife Elizabeth have three children, Danielle (19), Angela (11), and Adam (9).They attend the Church of God, 7th Day in McMinnville, Tennessee.Melvin works at the Nissan automobile plant in Smyrna, and his wife homeschools their children.His family sometimes sings with him in nursing homes.His prayer is that the Lord will use him to get His word out in music, and that many will be blessed by his songs.

Melvinís deep voice resonates with a Tennessee country flavor.His music is unique and interesting to listen to.At the request of the Bible Sabbath Association, he has written a special song about the Sabbath, entitled, The Sabbath Day.The words are very appropriate for Sabbath worship:


Godís Sabbath is a holy sign,

To show that you are His design.

He makes His favor really shine

Upon the Sabbath day.


A time of worship, a time of rest,

A time for joy and happiness,

For giving thanks, for we are blessed

Upon the Sabbath day.


A time for peace, to get away,

And I canít wait to start.

I love to rest the Sabbath day

With Jesus in my heart.


Godís Sabbath dayís a true delight

and I canít wait for Friday night

To serve the Lord with all my might

Upon the Sabbath day.


Godís Sabbath is a precious pearl

My Father who made all the world

He also made each boy and girl,

So keep the Sabbath day!


(Repeat third and fourth stanzas.)


The Sabbath is a true delight

So keep the Sabbath day!


A cassette tape of this Sabbath song, plus several of Melvinís songs, Esther, Daniel, Samson, Jonah, Greatest Love Story of All, Joshua, David and Goliath, the Prodigal Son, and The Mustard Seed is available for a donation of $6.00 from:The Bible Sabbath Association, 3316 Alberta Drive, Gillette, WY82718.These songs are enjoyable for children from 5-105.