Another Excellent Resource: Companion Bible (KJV)


The Companion Bible (King James Version) is a popular study Bible.Its valuable Appendix is a great Bible study tool by itself.EVERY (absolutely EVERY) single page of scripture verse has study notes. Many pages have more than half their space filled with study notes, both technical notes for hardcore readers, and helpful clarifications for the layman. And then there are the dates in the margin, the extensive structure outlines, and 198 compre≠hensive appendices in the back about everything from the Greek classification of figures of speech as used in the Bible, to weights and measures, to the day of Jesusí burial [supports three days and three nights].

Order the leather edition for a suggested donation of $68, or the hardbound edition for $44 suggested donation, from Giving & Sharing, Box 100, Neck City, MO 64849.