Hebrew Made Easy


If you are a serious student of the Bible, you no doubt want to learn some Hebrew and Greek.  This will make it easier for you to use essential Bible Study Tools, such as The Interlinear Bible, Englishman’s Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance, English­man’s Greek Concordance, and Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.  The above four tools are available from Giving & Sharing for suggested donations of $56, $28, $24, and $28 respectively (plus postage).  If you don’t already have these essential Bible Study Tools, please write for our free article, “Bible Study Tools,” which shows you how to study the Bible with these valuable resources. 

Hebrew is a fun language.  Years ago, I greatly enjoyed taking a course in Hebrew at the Portland, Oregon, Jewish Community Center.  Hebrew reads from right to left.    There are 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet (aleph-bet being the first two letters).  Hebrew Made Easy, by Robert Hernandez, is an excellent primer workbook, which teaches you how to pronounce, read, and understand Hebrew.  It is a delightful book, designed for folks from ages 5 to 105.

In Hebrew Made Easy, each lesson focuses on just a few letters of the Hebrew Alphabet along with the vowel points. Then, within each lesson, is a practice session that combines letters with vowel points so that the learner practices pronouncing Hebrew. After that, the learner then reads simple Hebrew words made by the letters just learned. After this the learner sees where these newly learned words are in the Bible. Then there is a review session to reinforce the learner’s Hebrew vocabulary base. There are also template pages in the back to make flash cards.

By the end of the workbook, the learner will know all the Hebrew letters, the vowel sounds, and have a vocabulary base of 174 words.  The learner will thus have laid a solid foundation for reading Hebrew!

You may order Hebrew Made Easy, 78 pages, by Robert Hernandez, for a suggested donation of $15 from Giving & Sharing, PO Box 100, Neck City, MO 64849.