King James Bible Companion


The King James Bible is the best Bible for general use, but what do you do with old English words that you don’t understand?  You learn what they mean.  A 24-page booklet, King James Bible Companion, by David Daniels, defines over 500 classical English words used in the KJV.

So, if you re “astonied” (taken by surprise) by a word like “prognosticators,” you can be “careful” (full of worry) “not a whit” (not the least bit).  Reach for the KJV Com­panion, and it will “bewray” (reveal) the meaning to be: “foretellers of the future.”  If you “durst” (dare) to “eschew” (shun) corrupted modern Bible versions, and “countenance” (face) the “unseemly” (inappropriate) comments from your friends, this little book will help you “shew” (show) them how easy it is to “cleave unto” (stick to) the true word of God.  Rather than settle for a corrupt, inferior Bible version, you can use this little book to “assuage” (relieve) the “clamour” (loud complaining) about the less familiar words in the KJV, and “let” (hinder) the spread of the modern per-versions (from the March/April 2000 issue of Battle Cry).

 King James Bible Companion, 24 pages, is available free of charge from Giving & Sharing, Box 100, Neck City, MO 64849.