Review: The God Makers, by Ed Decker and Dave Hunt. Harvest House: 1984. 272 pages. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormons, is one of the fastest-growing (5.2 million members, doubling every 10 years), most powerful, and most dangerous religious groups on earth. Its public image of being a clean-cut, family-centered church is totally false. Ed Decker, a Mormon for nineteen years, presents a shocking exposè of what the Mormon Church REALLY believes. The God Makers has been a national religious best seller. The God Makers movie has been shown to thousands around the world.

The God Makers is not for everyone. In Revelation 2:24, the Messiah commends those in Thyatira who "have not known the depths of Satan." It would be wrong for me or anyone to read many books about the occult and witchcraft. I read this book because (1) I live in a strong Mormon area, and work with Mormons, (2) I am concerned for my children and want to prevent them from falling prey to such evil cults as Mormonism, and (3) Mormons, contrary to their public image, are one of the world’s most anti-family, anti-marriage churches. The true Bible teaching on marriage and family is vital. Counterfeits must be exposed.

This book shocked and astounded me.


A Non-Prophet Organization

Joseph Smith (1805-1844) was a practicing necromancer (one who attempts to communicate with the dead) and divinator who duped rich people into believing he could find buried treasure. By use of his "peep stone," Smith "translated" a series of "golden plates" into the Book of Mormon. Supposedly "the world’s most perfect book," the Book of Mormon claims to be the record of ancient American Israelites before the Christian era. Yet it has King James English and many sections were quoted from the KJV 1611 Bible. The Book of Mormon’s many errors have forced Mormons to make thousands of corrections.

Smith made numerous false prophecies and seduced many women in the name of plural "Celestial Marriage" for all eternity. In short, Joseph Smith was a demonic sexual pervert who was obsessed with his power over others and was crowned king of the Mormon theocratic kingdom.

Mormons believe that no one can gain entrance into Heaven without Joseph Smith’s approval and accepting the Book of Mormon. How do Mormons know the Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church and that Joseph Smith is God’s latter day prophet who restored the true gospel in this age? By a subjective "feeling" that Mormons call the "burning in the bosom." This feeling allows them to "know" their false prophet and his successors are true, in spite of mountains of contrary evidence.

However, today’s Mormon Church, believe it or not, is NOT based upon the teachings of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, or even the Bible! It is based upon unquestioned obedience to the "Living Oracles," the successors to Smith, the current Mormon President and a group of twelve, known as The Brethren. Whatever they say has to be obeyed, even if it contradicts Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, or the Bible. As a Mormon leader wrote, "the Bible, the Book of Mormon . . . would scarcely be sufficient to guide us for 24 hours." And another Mormon wrote: "Modern Revelation is what President Joseph Smith said, unless President Spencer W. Kimball says differently."


The Pagan Connection

Leading Mormons admit that their religion is based on pagan concepts that man on earth is a mortal God, and that God in Heaven is an immortal man. The similarities between Masonic Temple rituals and Mormon Temple rituals is amazing, but not surprising since these ideas entered the Latter-Day Saints shortly after its founder Joseph Smith became a Master Mason.

Mormonism is a pagan religion. A common theme of pagan religions is that Adam and Eve’s eating of the forbidden fruit was not a sin but a blessing in that it unlocked the door to godhood for them and their descendants. As Brigham Young, next successor to Smith, declared: "The devil told the truth . . . I do not blame mother Eve. I would not have had her miss eating the forbidden fruit for anything in the world."

As The God Makers points out, the Bible teaches that man is separated from the one true God by sin, and God became a man to die for our sins. Hinduism, Mormonism and other pagan religions teach that men are not separated from God, but that each person has within himself the power to overcome evil and become a God. As Spencer W. Kimball has said, "In each of us is the potentiality to become a God . . . we were in the beginning with God [we pre-existed our human birth] . . . Man can transform himself . . . . He can lift himself up by his very bootstraps."

To Mormons, man may become God by keeping the secret, supposedly "sacred" Temple rituals. The basis for this Temple ritual, performed only by "worthy" Temple Mormons, is a re-enactment of Adam and Eve’s rebellion, putting on their aprons which they used to hide their sin from God. The Masonic/Mormon fig leaf apron with "holy underwear" defies the Almighty. The Eternal had a sheep killed and made Adam and Eve skin coats, signifying the necessity for a Messianic sacrifice for their sins. Mormons reject the shedding of the Savior’s blood, taking bread and water in their communion, instead of bread and wine (which symbolizes the shed blood of the Messiah).


Anti-Marriage Church

Aren’t Mormons pro marriage? NO, just the opposite! Their doctrine of eternal marriage is causing hundreds of divorces among Mormons. The Mormon goal of obtaining godhood cannot be accomplished alone, but only with a marriage partner can they be sealed together for all eternity through a Temple Endowment Ceremony. If one partner becomes a strong Christian, the other (Mormon) mate is often advised by Mormon bishops to divorce and then remarry someone else who is "faithful" to Mormonism. Even Mormon marriages performed in the Temple may be, and often are, dissolved. Divorce and remarriage has permeated Mormonism, contrary to clear Bible teaching.

Most know of the Mormon doctrine of polygamy. Polygamy is a major tenet of their faith. They have declared Adam, Jesus and God the Father to be polygamists. But for political reasons, it must at this time be toned down. Utah was not allowed statehood until they agreed to a perpetual anti-polygamy statute in the state constitution. Nevertheless, polygamy continues to be secretly practiced by some. Polygamy is totally contrary to the maker of marriage who declared marriage to be an indissoluble union of one husband and one wife, Matthew 19:4-6.


A Church for the Dead

Besides polygamy, the best-known Mormon belief is the practice of baptizing for the dead. Ancestor worship is a key element of other pagan religions such as Buddhism. According to Mormonism, it is necessary for the salvation of the living that they be baptized for the dead. By supposedly releasing the souls of the dead from "prison," the living can also be saved. This belief plays a major part of Mormon Temple worship. Some non-Mormons are likewise interested about genealogy. But for Mormons, their very own salvation depends upon genealogy.

The Bible says we are not to engage in endless genealogical searches, I Timothy 1:3-4, Titus 3:9. The dead are unconscious, awaiting the resurrection. They cannot be helped by anything we do. Every one will be judged according to his or her own works. Yet annually, thousands of Mormon proxy baptisms are performed.

But doesn’t I Corinthians 15:29 say we are to be baptized for the dead? "Else what shall they do which are baptized for [Greek word huper] the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?" Mormons say that the Greek word huper means "in behalf of, for the sake of." In the Sabbath- keeping church I was raised, I was always taught that huper means "for the hope of," and that this verse means that we are baptized for the hope of the dead, which is the resurrection. It is very difficult to clearly define prepositions.

Huper is Strong’s #5228. Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon defines huper as "in the place of, instead of, concerning, with regard to, for one’s safety, for one’s advantage or benefit, for the sake of, over, above, beyond, across." We are baptized for the purpose of looking beyond the grave to the resurrection, made possible by the Messiah. Certainly it is for our advantage or benefit that we are baptized, not for someone else’s benefit, because every man stands on his own before his Maker. Only the pagans are baptized for dead relatives. Again this shows the heathen origin of the Mormon church.


The Danger of Mormonism

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is attractive due to its very strong fraternal association and economic advantages. Those of us who are isolated Sabbath keepers can feel discomfort for lack of frequent fellowship. If we are out of a job, we don’t have thousands of brethren who would help us out.

Obeying the Eternal does sometimes seem to put one at a disadvantage in some areas of this world. I thank the Almighty for a book like The God Makers that gives the true perspective underneath the religious facade.

Mormonism is a Luciferian religion. Brigham Young admitted that evil spirits regularly inspired him during his sermons. The Mormon Church claims to be the Kingdom of God and wants to take over the world. The global goal of one world government — under their control — is openly advocated. Their immense church wealth is totally controlled by their President, answerable to no one.

Why do so few Mormons leave their church, even though they know damaging facts? How was Joseph Smith able to seduce the wives of his church elders and still retain the loyalty of both? There is a strong occult bond that is difficult to break. When Church members are confirmed, they have hands laid on them with the command to receive the

Holy Ghost. The Mormon "Holy Ghost" is NOT the same Holy Spirit as described in the Bible.

Next time you see two clean cut young men appear at your doorstep and pleasantly ask if you would like to learn about the Mormons, realize "the rest of the story." The God Makers is a sad story of millions of people grossly deceived and in Satanic bondage. May the Messiah return soon to deliver such captives free!


Mormons 35, Church of God Zero

Recently, in the office where I work, we had a going away party for Kevin, a clean-cut young man who has worked for our company for over a year as a computer technician. A Mormon, he is going to serve his church for two years in Chile as a missionary. In preparation, he will be immersed in the language and culture of Chile in an intensive missionary training course in Provo, Utah. Kevin tells me that 5% of the population of Chile is already Mormon. He will be serving in the southern "stake" of Chile (about a fourth of the country), where there are 35 Mormon missionaries. To my knowledge, there are no Church of God missionaries there. Although we have more of God’s Truth than cultic Mormons, we seem to care little for sharing Truth with others. There is no Church of God missionary program that in any way compares to that of the LDS Church. Is it any wonder they are growing, and we are not?

I encourage young and old in the Church of God to quit being shamed by the Mormons now, and later, by God in the Judgment. Seize the day, and zealously proclaim the Truth God gave us to others. Do it NOW!

— written by Richard C. Nickels W

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