Peter in Rome?


There is little credible evidence to support the common belief that the Apostle Peter was ever in Rome.  David Albert’s 1973 thesis, “Peter in Rome?” presents Biblical and historical evidence that contradicts one of the fundamental teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Paul noted that he did not wish to build upon another man’s foundation, Romans 15:20.  Paul’s ministry did not overlap Peter’s.  Peter was in Babylon in Mesopotamia, I Peter 5:13, where a great many Jews and Israelites lived.  The earliest records of Church history do not support Peter’s martyrdom at Rome, nor his supposed twenty-five year episcopate at Rome.  Only later did the tradition develop, because of the need to support Papal supremacy.  Another “Peter” did come to Rome during the first century.  This was Simon Magus, originator of counterfeit Christianity.

Giving & Sharing has reprinted, “Peter in Rome?  A Review Of The Literary Record In The Light Of Scriptural Evidence” a public domain thesis by David Albert.  It is available free on the Internet at  A 31-page printed version is available for a suggested donation of $4.00 from Giving & Sharing, PO Box 100, Neck City, MO 64849.