The Pink Swastika: Preview of the Tribulation


Review: Pink Swastika, Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, by Scott Lively and Kevin E. Abrams, Founders Publishing Corporation, Keiser, Oregon, 1997, ISBN: 0964760932. Not everyone should read this book.  Nevertheless, the information contained in this impressive documentary is important for us to consider. History tends to repeat itself.  You need to know the common origins of the Nazi and homosexual “gay rights” movements, and how that affects Christians today.

About 1992, the traveling “Anne Frank Exhibit” came to Portland, Oregon.  My daughter Barbara and I carefully studied the exhibit, and spoke to a Holocaust survivor.  I noted at the time that the exhibit emphasized that the Nazis sent Jews and homosexuals to the concentration camps.  The message was that both Jews and homosexals were victims of Nazism.  I now realize that I had been partially brainwashed.

I did not need to be convinced of the reality of the death camps, and persecution of the Jews, for we were good friends of fellow Oregonian Hans Bieglizer.  Hans grew up in an immigrant Polish Jewish family in Bonn, Germany, and suffered terribly through the Nazi Reich.  His story is told in the January and February, 1968, issues of The Good News magazine, in articles he wrote, “Preview of the Tribulation,” and “Deutschland unter Gott!”  As a fellow believer in the Church of God, we appreciated Hans’ humor and keen intelligence.  He used to joke about the “Polish Jews” and the “Orange Jews (Juice).”  He had to have humor to survive both the Auschwitz and Dachau death camps!

Back to the book, The Pink Swastika.  American Gay militants portray all who oppose their objectives as “Nazis.” Perhaps you’ve seen a Gay Pride Parade where hundreds of pink triangles (symbols forced on accused homosexuals in Nazi camps) are worn or carried. Authors Lively and Abrams (an Orthodox Jew) expose the “Big Lie” that the Nazis were “Anti-Gay.” The Nazis were NOT “Anti-Gay”; they were Anti-Femme (anti-effeminate homosexual). “Pink Triangle” prisoners in concentration camps were often the sex-slaves of the SS-SA; the death-camp guards who were often former members of the Brownshirts (SA); a notoriously masculine homosexual organization founded by Ernst Roehm; the openly Butch Gay man who was the mentor and buddy of Adolf Hitler. Indeed, the party that later became known as the “Nazi” Party was founded in a Butch Gay Bar in Munich! Lively and Abrams prove that the roots of Naxism can be found in Homo-fascism and Homo-occultism, and that the roots of the gay rights movement in America can be traced directly to the Society for Human Rights, the butch “Gay Rights” organization in which Roehm and other early Nazi leaders were members and founders.  This movement sought to legalize all forms of homosexual acts.

There is a spectrum among the homosexual community.  On one side are the “feminine” male homosexuals.  On the other side are the “butch” homosexuals, extremely masculine and contemptuous of feminine homosexuals.  Understanding this internal antagonism explains how Nazi homosexual thugs would persecute effeminate homosexuals.  We have been duped into believing that all male homosexuals are effeminate, when this is NOT the case!

Homosexuality of all kinds exploded in Germany in the late 1800s, and led naturally to the formation of the Nazi Party.  Roehm, Hitler, Hess, Goering, Heydrich, and many, many, other leading Nazis were sexually perverted.  The book provides evidence that, as a youth, Hitler was a male prostitute in Vienna and Munich.  Throughout his life, Hitler surrounded himself with homosexuals, although he was not exclusively homosexual.  He engaged in other, even more unspeakable, sexual vices. Hitler’s greatest hero was Frederick the Great (1712-1786), a well-known homosexual.  Hitler’s buddy Roehm, who had to be purged in 1934 because his flagrant sexual excesses were offending the general public, was a homosexual and pederast (molester of young boys).  The Nazis interned only 5,000-15,000 homosexuals out of 2-3 million German homosexuals.  Many of the “pink triangle” prisoners in Nazi camps were falsely accused of being homosexual.  The public pronouncement of Nazis such as Himmler against homosexuals was mere window dressing so as to not advertise the fact the Nazis were riddled with homosexuals.  Hitler’s fascist dictator friend, Italy’s Benito Mussolini, referred to Hitler as “that horrible sexual degenerate.”  Homosexuality has been termed “the German vice,” due to its prevalence in Germany.

The sexual perversion of homosexuality easily lends itself to authoritarian impulses. When a society accepts a moral relativistic philosophy (leading to acceptance of homosexuality) it could very well lead to the eventual destruction of our constitutional rights. The authors show that the reason why the Nazis were so anti-semitic had to do with historical reasons. The Jewish culture — with its Biblical ethical system — was implacably opposed to the macho-gay/warrior mentality that dominated so much of ancient Europe, especially ancient Rome and Greece. These ancient pagan cultures, which glorified sex between warriors, were worshiped by the Nazis who blamed the Jews for the introduction of Biblical morality, which, of course, condemned homosexuality and ended much of the pagan lifestyle in Europe. The basis of any “human” civilization is a moral and healthy sexual constitution.  When sexual morality goes south, God’s people are naturally persecuted.

And so it is, that the wrath of the Nazis was against those who stood for Bible morality and the sanctity of the family.  Nazism was merely a Twentieth-Century revival of ancient Greco-Roman paganism, which exalted homosexuality.  In fact, the whole six thousand years of struggle between the forces of good and evil in human history has been one of sexual morality versus sexual immorality.  Pagan religions of Egypt, Persia, Carthage, Babylon, and Assyria were all steeped in pederastic (man-boy sex) tradition.  Male homosexual temple prostitutes existed in the worship of Ishtar and Astarte in Syria, Babylon, and Canaan, who were the neighbors of the Israelites, and in Crete and Ephesus in the Greek world.  The ancient religion of Baal had male cult prostitutes, I Kings 14:24, which is condemned by God, Deuteronomy 23:17.  The Roman Empire, which can be considered a type of the Christian holocaust, homosexual sadistic emperors of Rome, tortured and persecuted Christians, who stood for Biblical sexual morality.  Fourteen of the first fifteen Roman emperors were homosexual.  As the Romans persecuted Christians, so the Nazis persecuted the Jews.

The Pink Swastika hits home in explaining the hatred of homosexual occult pagans toward those who stand for Bible morality.  We have the same thing developing today in our society.  The homosexual movement is diametrically opposed to those who stand for Bible morality.  They are dedicated to the destruction of the family and the closing of churches who oppose their agenda.  In Germany, the Wandervoegel boys’ clubs were breeding grounds for homosexuality prior to the ascent of the Nazis.  So today, the Boy Scouts of America are a target of homosexuals.  From 1973 to 1993, over 1,416 scout leaders were expelled for abusing boys.  There is a juggernaut toward pushing the gay and lesbian agenda.

Lively and Abrams note that Mani, for whom Manichaeism is named, was a Third-Century prince of Babylon who devised his own form of Gnosticism. Gnostics blended pagan sex rituals and Mother Goddess worship with elements of New Testament Christianity, rejecting the Old Testament God as an evil demon.  Manichaeism imposed on Gnosticism a caste system of leaders (elect) and followers (hearers).  The “heretical” sect of Bogomils arose in Bulgaria and spread across Europe. Later called Cathars, Bogomils were infiltrated heavily by Manichaeans. Homosexuality became so closely associated with Bulgarian Bogomils that the practice became known as “buggery.”  The word for “Cathar” in most European languages came to be the word for homosexual, Ketzer in German, Gazarro in Italian, Herite in French.  One writer says that “Heresy and homosexuality became so interchangeable that those accused of heresy attempted to prove their innocence by claiming heterosexuality.”  Bogomils, as we know, were remnants of God’s Church during the Dark Ages.  Even they were apparently infiltrated by homosexuals!

“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be,” Matthew 24:21.  Could it be that the coming great holocaust will pit sadistic homosexuals against Bible believers?  The chilling facts given in the book, The Pink Swastika should make us realize that we cannot compromise with evil, no matter what the consequences.

John commended those in Thyatira who had not known the depths of Satan, Revelation 2:24.  It is dangerous to read much about Nazis and homosexuals.  Evil has a power to enmesh those who delve too deeply into it.  Sexual perversion is at the core of Satanic belief.  May God guide His people to remain pure in thoughts and deeds.  This “Preview of the Tribulation” should be enough for us to follow the Eternal now, and escape all these things to come to pass, Revelation 3:10.