Sabbaths of God Again Available

Anyone who has done serious research on the Biblical Holy Days has probably come across the landmark book, The Sabbaths of God, by James L. Porter (Exposition Press, New York: 1966). This 354-page book set the standard for research and commentary on the Biblical Holy Days. Mr. & Mrs. Porter were members of the Worldwide Church of God for over three years, and were disfellowshipped in 1959. During the late 1960s and 1970s, his book was available in most public libraries across America. Since that time, Mr. Porter has ceased publication of his book, and attrition has caused it to disappear from many library shelves. Mr. Porterís views on the Holy Days have changed, due to his involvement in the charismatic movement. Since 1994, The Sabbaths of God has been in the public domain. A petroleum geologist, Porterís views on evolution and ancient man before Adam are at variance with my understanding. However, most of his book has valuable insights into the meaning, past, present, and future, of the Holy Days.

Giving & Sharing is pleased to again make The Sabbaths of God available again to the general public, in the form of a computer disk. For a copy, please request Disk 008 from Giving & Sharing. A donation of $2.50 per disk would be appreciated. Also on this disk are articles by Larry Walker, United Church of God pastor, on a wide variety of topics; articles by Gary Fakhoury on the Trinity, Law and Grace, and the Holy Days, and various other articles. Click here for a list of all our disks. All files are in ASCII (text) format, readable by any IBM or Macintosh compatible computer. Windows Notepad is limited to small file sizes, but Windows Wordpad and almost any other word processing program can read all our files.