Satanís Great Deception

Dr. C. Paul Meredith (uncle of Roderick C. Meredith of the Living Church of God) wrote an excellent paper, Satanís Great Deception. (He also directed the original Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course.) Recently, I discovered Satanís Great Deception on the Internet. However, someone did a very sloppy job transcribing this book. Many words were misspelled or inaccurate, and whole sentences from the original work are missing. We have fixed many of these problems, and can now provide you a better, more accurate, edition.

Do you know that long before Jesus Christ was born, there were other "Saviors" worshipped as sons of God, other Madonnas, other Christ-childs, and the symbol of the cross? Meredith traces the history of false religion, and how it affects us today. Published in eleven installments from November, 1959, through September, 1960, in The Plain Truth magazine, this vital book was long ago discarded from Worldwide Church of God literature. It was not readily available in the early 1970s. Perhaps because of its suppression, the Church was destined to forget the lesson of history, and follow the downward path to false religion. As shocking as it sounds, the Church today followed a similar route of descending to paganism that occurred in the first few centuries of Christianity. Dr. C. Paul Meredithís book, Satanís Great Deception, is available on the Internet for download at, on computer disk (Disk 10, which also includes The Seven Epistles of Christ by Taylor Bunch, and other articles on Church history) for a donation of $2.50, or on paper for $7.50.

Download it now: Satan's Great Deception, by Dr. C. Paul Meredith, 74kb