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Published 4-6 times per year, and edited by Richard C. Nickels, our Newsletter contains Bible Studies, Book Reviews , and religious and health articles of interest to Sabbath-keepers. The Giving & Sharing Newsletter is available in either printed form, E-Mail version, or on this Web site. To subscribe, E-Mail Earl and Wanda Lewis at, or Richard C. Nickels at In your message, please indicate whether you wish to receive the printed form, or the E-Mail version, or both. We encourage you to request the electronic version, as this format saves us printing and postage costs.

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Newsletter 82 Should a Christian Fight?| Sexual Perversion | Lesson from Austria | Do You Have the Time? | Back to the Basics | The Sabbath and Military Service | Steven M. Collins' Books on Israel | Every Man Shall Sit Under His Vine | Fourteen Rules for Bible Study |

Newsletter 81 The Seventh Day| Food as Medicine | Islamic Reformation? | Modern Babylon and the Roman Catholic Church | When You Read the Bible Through | Dispelling the Sacred Name Philsophy | Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Christ, the Messiah | Without Natural Affection |

Newsletter 80 Don't Let Your Bible Bleed!| Children of Carthage | Evolution: Fact or Fancy? | Keeping Your Mind Alert | Reasons Women Should Not be Pastors | A Wild Olive Tree | A Favorite Son | Celtic Sabbath-Keeping | The Importance of Tithing |

Newsletter 79 Passover and the Book of Psalms| Check Your Sources | Benefits of Certain Fruits | Free Feast of Tabernacles Bumper Sticker | Free Passover Cups | Passover Bread Recipe | Why Unleavened Bread? | Passover and You | Book of Psalms

Newsletter 78 Bible Topical Index| Consequences of Denial | Must Men Wear Beards? | New Publishing Schedule | More on Three Days | Special Items — 2004 | If We Could Have Been There | Twelve Kinds of Proverbs | Bible Names | Did Moses Marry a “Cushite” Woman? | Keeping the Sabbath | Why Abortion is Wrong

Newsletter 77 Have Bible, Will Travel| The Faithful Word | Catholic Encyclopedia | Jewish Encyclopedia | Time Zones | Review: A Thousand Shall Fall | Did Jesus Keep the Passover? | Catholicism and Anti-Semitism | What is the Minimum Age for Baptism? | Great God Whose Day is Saturday | Annals of the World | The Day Jesus the Christ Died | Franklin Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible | “This Thing is Done of Me” | The Sabbath in John | Is Not Rome the Harlot? | The Elect in Babylon | Thirty-Eight Reasons Why I Question Seventh-day Adventist Doctrines | God Will Bring Again the Captivity of Israel

Newsletter 76 Garden Tomb and Skull Hill | Music: Our Weakest Link? | The Law Reflects God’s Character Lost Tribes of Israel Study Maps | Dealing With Sodomy | A Nation of Dependents? | Does God Curse Successive Generations for Sins of Their Fathers? | The Awesome Banana | Reconciling Difficult “Heaven” Scriptures | Gibson’s “Passion” Masterful Ecumenism | Do You Have a Wedding Garment? | New Testament Bible Story for Children | Biblical Music | Christ the Firstfruits | Have You Been Matthew 18’d? | Replacement Theology

Newsletter 75 The Importance of Marriage | Avoiding Unclean Meat| Opportunity to Help Others | When Family Dissolution Becomes the Law of the Land | Seventh-day Adventist Teaching on Divorce and Remarriage | Children's Bible Activities | Christian Education | A Church of Non-Givers? | Are You a Follower of Herbert W. Armstrong? | Sex Abuse Cases Reflect Theological Problems | Was Michael the Archangel Jesus? | Mel Gibson's Slaughter of Christ | Benefits of the Sabbath | Funeral Services | Gopherwood and the Construction of the Ark

Newsletter 74 Humor of Christ | The Papacy is the Antichrist| Cooking Oil for Burns? | Our Nation’s Founders and Christianity | Burying, Not Cremating,the Dead | Ten Super Foods You Should Eat! | Elephant Garlic | Origin of Nations | Book Review: Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War against Christianity | Book Review: Under the Influence, How Christianity Transformed Civilization | Book of Hebrews | Historic Phenomena and Theology of Nazarenes and Ebionites | Remembering Our Marriage Covenant

Newsletter 73 Origin of Nations | Biblical Doctrine | Dispel the Myth that the KJV is Hard to Understand| What is a Real Christian? | Feast Tapes| Seabiscuit: Overcoming Adversity | Home Remedies | Tips on How to Stay Young | Recall of Human Beings | Ichabod, the Glory is Departed! | The Sabbath and the Trinity | Table of Unusual and Archaic KJV Words | Three Sabbaths: the Lord’s Sabbath, Jewish Sabbath, Papal Sabbath | Doctrine by Anarchy! | Thou Shalt Now Show the Ten Commandments | Seven Holy Day Offerings?

Newsletter 72 The Seventh Day Sabbath | Ordinal Numbers, Cardinal Numbers | Topical Order of Books of the Bible | What Book in The Bible? | Why September 11? | Halibut: Holy Day Fish | Interpolation or Inspired Scripture? | Begotten Again, or Born Again, Which? | Mary’s Stars on the European Flag | Opening/Closing Prayer Guidelines | How to Give a Sermonette | The Danite Exodus From Egypt | Review: A Zeal For God Not According to Knowledge: A Refutation of Judaism’s Arguments Against Christianity

Newsletter 71 Calendar Controversy | Comprehensive Hebrew Calendar | Wisdom from Spurgeon | Your Articles Welcome | Special Items from Giving & Sharing | Exodus 34 and the Calendar | Lessons for Pentecost | The Promise of the Parakletos | The Real Father's Day

The Three Angels' Messages

The Sea of Glass

Newsletter 70 Let Us Keep the Feast! | Jesus Before the Sanhedrin | Was Jesus’ Body Broken? | Difference Between Islam and Christianity | How to De-Leaven Your Dwellings | Crash Course on the Arab-Israeli Conflict | Creation Thinking Versus Evolution Thinking | If Jesus Came To Your Home | What to do if You Have a Heart Attack While You Are Alone | Steve Collins’ New Books on Israel | You Have No Excuse | Friday Night Bible Study | That Other Feast | Days of Zeal Gone By | The Real Face of Jesus | A Story of Grace

Newsletter 69 Giving & Sharing Enters 25th Year of Service | Church of God News | Some Basic Principles | Comments From Our Readers | Bible Home Instructor Converts Idol Maker to Sabbath-Keeper | Good News From Nigeria | Comments from Giving & Sharing Workers | Audio Sermon CD | How Vaccines are Made | The Old Paths, the Good Way | Seven Essential Bible Study Tools | More on the Five Commandments | The Bible Story, by Arthur S. Maxwell | The Little Sabbath-Keeping Red Hen | Table of Symbolical Words in Scripture | Problems with the New King James Version | Our Road to Damascus | NIV Bible Quiz

Newsletter 68 The Jesuits | Goals of Giving & Sharing | Seventh-day Adventist Books | Kenya Church Progressing | God’s Promise | Regime Change Coming | When is Wave Sheaf Day? | The Christian’s Pledge | The Bible Home Instructor - Group Bible Study Aide | Contrast Between Christ and Mohammed | The Sabbath From Eden to Sinai | Scenes of the Ancient Waldensian Church | Universal Nature of the Flood | Genesis Flood’s Effect on Earth’s Geology | The Cancer Answer

Newsletter 67 Noah’s Ark and Early Man Seminars | Answers in Genesis Creation CD-ROM | Las Vegas or Yellowstone? | Dr. Barbara Boss | Two Worldviews | One Day in Seven, or THE Seventh Day? | Bring Me the Victuals! | The International Date Line | Christian Passover, and Harmony of the Gospels | The Church of God’s “English Connection” | Too Harsh On Muslims? | | Where is Jesus Today? | Amish and Mennonites | Land for Peace? | Catholic Priests Child Sex-Abuse Scandal | Close to You, El Salvador | The Fossil Record and Early Man | What Do You Mean, “You”?

Newsletter 66 Charlton Heston Presents the Bible | French Helps Us Understand King James English | The Problem is Within | Anti-Semitism Is Senseless | True Christians are Anti-War | Ten Paradoxical Commandments of Leadership | Carl’s Garden | We are Blessed! | The 7 Ups Guaranteed to Lift Your Day | David: A Man After God’s Heart | Handbook of Bible Law | Books of the Bible | The History of the English Bible | Korah’s Rebellion - Its Real Lesson for Today | Patriotism or Pilgrimage? | Book Review: King David’s Lost Tomb and Treasure

Newsletter 65 Viva La France! | French Bibles | Simple Things in Life | Islam: Is it Peace-Loving? | 20 Reasons Not To Take the New Smallpox Vaccine | An Honorable Judge | The Garden of His Delight | Leaving the Good Life | Making Evil Look Innocent | God’s Holy Days | Europa Rides the Beast | Rules of the Winds | Origin of Medical Practice | Who’s Who in the Bible

Newsletter 64 The Search for the Twelve Apostles | An International Feast | United Church of God Literature | Unleavened Bread Feast! | Giving & Sharing CD | Creation Seminar Series | Only Five Commandments? | 24 x 7 Attack on Sabbath-Keepers | Three Resurrections | Armstrong’s Early Writings and Later Writings | Wanted: A Faithful Apostle | Book Review: The Inquisition: Hammer of Heresy | Living Waters | Be Still and Know that He is God | In My Father’s House are Many Mansions | Revelation 8:13 - Angel or Eagle? | Elderly and Caregivers Benefit Programs | The Protester And The Prophet | More Terrorists Found - Believers Beware! | Roy Marrs Counters Antinomianism | Antinomianism in the Church of God (Seventh Day) | The Archers Have Sorely Grieved Joseph | A Physician Testifies About the Crucifixion

Newsletter 63 “Rev.” Twistruth | Ten Daily Questions | Herbs for Man’s Service | Black Hebrew Israelites: Racists of a Different Color | The Cold Within | Emergency Numbers | Hell: Where Is It? What Is It? | Islam and You

Newsletter 62 Praise the Lord, Oh Jerusalem! | There is a Redeemer | Directory of Sabbath-Observing Groups | A Thought for the Sabbath | Protestant Reformation — Lessons for Us | Help Lines Expands to Add Assistance Line | Ethiopian Sabbath-Keepers: Their Key to Survival | Junia, A Woman Apostle? | Some Holocaust Survivors Believe in Christ | Comprehensive Hebrew Calendar | Why Wavesheaf Day Cannot Be a Holy Day | Kindle a Fire on the Sabbath? | What You Can Do | Why America is in a Mess | Review:  Holy Land Experience, Orlando Florida | 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee | The Carpenter | Men of Science, Men of God | Why the Protestant Reformation Failed | Review: Marriage is For Life, Not From Wife toWife | Let No Man Deceive You

Newsletter 61 Hebrew Made Easy | More on Middle of the Bible | Bible Story Artist Wanted | Kenya Church Building | Giving & Sharing CD | Protestant Reformation | Preserving Your Main Study Bible | Hitchcock’s Bible Names | Why People Have Stopped Memorizing Scripture | The “Serpent Seed” Heresy | A Rebuttal To The “Worldwide News” Article By Mr. Ralph Orr Entitled “United States And Britain In Prophecy” | The Heart Of “EVIL,” An Essay On Evil | Martyrs: A Mirror of Christ in the World | Scripture Memorization Can Be Fun

Newsletter 60 Larry Elder: Call for Black Responsibility | Wool is a Blessing From God | Seed Savers | The Holy Land Experience | Herbert Armstrong Continues to Make News | Martin Luther King: the Man Behind The Myth | Tooth & Gum Paste | Satan’s Successes | Is Homosexuality Genetic? | Who Cares? | Meaning of Psalm 23 | Edmund Burke Quotes | Success or Failure? | Job Versus Ministry | Review: Do All Races Share in Salvation? | Review: In the Image of God | Alpha and Omega | Parable of the Fishless Fisherman | Aid to El Salvador | The Middle of the Bible

Newsletter 59 What is Giving & Sharing? | What Is the Sharing Library? | Sharing Library Order Form | Why Read the Early Writings of Herbert W. Armstrong? | How Giving & Sharing Preserves the Legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong | Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? | God Won't Ask | Bible Correspondence Course | PAL Format Videos for International Brethren | Victor Kubik's Good Work for Needy Brethren | Think on These Things | The Race Change | Peter in Rome? | The Awful Crime of Rape | Why Count Pentecost? | Imitators or Follower of Christ? | A Simple Lesson in Tithing | Bible Sabbath Musicians: United in Music

Newsletter 58 Women of God | Rachel Oaks Preston | Emma Runcorn | Women God Has Used | Women’s Role in the Church | Women’s Resources | The Christian and Rock Music | Video: 666 and the Mark | Incredible History of God’s True Church | True History of the Early Christian Church | Be in Good Health! | Health and Healing Resources | Have You Been Sold a Different Gospel?

Newsletter 57 No Time to Play Church | Hasten to Obey the Eternal | Faith Under Fire, From Within | The Importance of Garlic | Romans 7:24 in a New Light | Music for the Church of God | Guided By Ideals | Review: Effective Jail & Prison Ministry | Values or Virtues? | Long-Haired Men? | The Pink Swastika: Preview of the Tribulation | Daniel & Revelation | Weapons of the Spirit | King James Bible Companion | Companion Bible (KJV) | All Roads Lead to Babylon

Newsletter 56 Christ the Healer | Faith Lessons: That the World May Know | Bible Quiz Questions | Little Old Winemaker - Me! | Parents Should Evaluate Harry Potter Books | Youth Activities | Lesson From Columbine | Bible Story Project | People Empowered With Authority | Philosophy of "Help Lines" | Get the Right Point-Sized Bible | They Don't All Do It! | Our Everything, Every Knee Shall Bow | Speaking in Tongues | Song of Our Syrian Guest | Kansas Prayer Rocks World | Is All Animal Flesh Good Food? | The Smugglers -- God's Outlaws

Newsletter 55 Church History Special Issue | Lux Lucet in Tinebris | The Church and the Homosexual | Sunday-Worshipping Sabbath-Keepers? | Hebrew Roots? | Modern Good Samaritan | Are You a Hireling? | Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose | Anti-Perspirant and Breast Cancer | Giving & Sharing Financial Statement | Edersheim's Book, The Temple | Sabbath Roots: The African Connection | Church History Resources | Disfellowshipping and Marking | The King of the Jews | Cancer Book Critiqued | Are YOU a Follower of Christ? | Right Makes Might

Newsletter 54 Focus on the Family Child Care Book | Faithful Unto Death | Rice and the Cure for the "Irish Disease" | The Sabbath is NOT Multiple Choice | Heaven is Not the Reward of the Saved | Index to Josephus | Coping With Cancer | And Follow Their Faith! | Stand Up To Bullies! | Our Godly Heritage | A Macedonian Call | Three Days and Three Nights Chart | Holy Anointing Olive Oil | Cremation Versus Burial — Which? | Three Pilgrimage Feasts

Newsletter 53 Telephone Sabbath Services | Reprinting Activity | Corrupted Language | Pagan Holiday Off With Pay? | Lessons from Littleton | Understanding Thee's and Thou's | A Convicted Testimony | Aides for Weak Eyes | Slaves and Souls of Men | Greatest Anti-Semitic Word in the Bible | Montana Paradise | Jail and Prison Ministry — a Job for You? | Sodomy in the Church of God | Sabbatarians in Transylvania

Newsletter 52 The Man Nobody Knows | Gambling: A Popular Sin | Daniel 7:25 | Story of an Old Missouri Mule | Keeping the Sabbath; Breaking the Sabbath | George Mueller, Apostle of Faith | What in the World is Happening with our Kids Today? | Preparing for a Disaster | Do You Know the Great Creator? | Wisdom from Daniel Webster | Do You Have a Right to Be Offended? | Review: The "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel -- Found! | The War Against Circumcision | Don't Reject God Because of Human Failure

Newsletter 51 Bibles and Bible Helps Online | The Death of Truth | Judge Rightous Judgment, or Judge Not? | Rabid What? | Moslem Terror Strikes Again | Why the Protestant Reformation Failed | Review: The Sabbath Under Crossfire | Matthew and the Stinking Fish | A Comparison of Some of the Doctrines of Protestantism and the Churches of God | Did God Intend For the Holy Days To Be Fund-Raising Occasions? | Do Not Prostitute Thy Daughter | United Religions Organization

Newsletter 50 What the Bible Says About Healthy Living, Are Men "As Gods" Today? Egyptian Police "Crucify" and Rape Christians, Echinacea and Your Immune System, Are You an Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Trinitarians Kill! Legalism in the Church of God? The Turkey and the Sabbath, Do You Use These Unbiblical Words? Bug Juice! Defend the Fatherless! Christian Radio, Homosexuality: Alternate Death Style, The Lion, the Lamb and the Koala Bear, The Collapse of Evolution, Joshua 5 and the Wavesheaf Day.

Newsletter 49 A Leader You Can Trust, Kiss Dating Goodbye, Grow a Vegetable Garden, Digging for Fish, Notable Quotes, Sabbath Scholarships, Beliefs of Sabbath-Observing Groups, Tom Justus Expands Tract Program, Satan's Great Deception, The Game of Proverbs, History of the Saturday Resurrection Doctrine Among Sabbath-Keepers, Was Luke a Gentile? It's Jewish, Don't Look Back

Newsletter 48 Giving & Sharing Postal Stamp, Learn Not the Way of the Heathen, Review: Pope’s Dies Domini Letter, Review: God Makers, Claiming the Promises of God, Walking in the Spirit.

Newsletter 47 New Web Site, New Computer Disks, Voice of the Martyrs, Has Time Been Lost? Tattered Bible: Get it Recovered to Look Like New, Music Affects Men and Mice, Ducks Limited, McGee and Me Videos at Lowest Price Ever, Nutrition Action Newsletter, Rhyme & Reason, Idaho Campmeeting, Every Prayer an Answered Prayer, RED ALERT!, Chronology of the Crucifixion and Resurrection According to Ancient Texts, Questions about Divorce And Remarriage, Jesus Set the Example of Forgiveness, The Bible Defines Truth.

Newsletter 46   E-Mail Version of Giving & Sharing Newsletter, Prayer Lines Address Change, The Sabbath: A Palace In Time, Even the Elect, Seven Churches of Revelation.

Newsletter 45   Giving & Sharing Enters Twentieth Year of Service, Description of Giving & Sharing Material, Information on Herbs, Should You Frequent Restaurants on the Sabbath? Writers Wanted for The Sabbath Sentinel, Audio Bible CD by Alexander Scourby, Seven Churches of Asia, God's Dietary Laws: Abolished in the New Testament?

Newsletter 44 Bread Making Tools, How to Live to be 100, Close Encounters of the Personal Kind, Health Education Abundant Living (HEAL), My Favorite Health Tips, The Rejoicing Tithe, Nichols an Early Holy Day Keeper, The Money Test, A Lesson from the Mormons, Renewed Interest in Doctrine of Marriage and Divorce, Assisting The Journal Newspaper, Sabbath History Origin of Nations, Sabbath Schools Are Great! A Feast to Remember, Facing a Blizzard, Disco En Espanol, The Biblical Model, Sabbath-Keepers Events Calendar, "How To" Sabbath-Keepers Users Group Meeting, 200 Years of Sabbath-Keeping in Australia.

Newsletter 43 Don't Be a Weasel! Enemies of the Sabbath, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Kingdom, From Sabbath to Sunday, The Church Made Me Do It! Sabbaths of God Again Available, Sabbath Unrest in Israel, Pentecost Discussion, Samuel Smiles Author of "Self-Help", The Voice of Satan, It Does Make a Difference Which Version You Use, Similarities and Differences Between Sabbatarian Groups.

Newsletter 42 Sharing Tapes Service Begins, Which Electronic Bible Is Best? Tom Justus Reprints Herbert Armstrong Articles, Fractured Bible Knowledge, Friends of the Sabbath Tapes, Why I Believe in a Monday Pentecost, God is NOT a Trinity.

Newsletter 41 Articles by Larry Walker, It Takes Guts, David Hill: Down Under Sabbath-Keeper, Passover Basics, Colossians 2:16-17, Review: God's Festivals in Scripture and History by Samuele Bacchiocchi.

NOTE: Newsletters 1-40 also had accompanying Bible Studies. Those articles are not included with this listing.  For a complete list of our Bible Studies, click here.

Newsletter 40 Seven Essential Bible Study Tools, Rome’s Challenge: Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday? Truth Triumphant, Facts of Faith.

Newsletter 39 Melvin Johnson’s Bible Songs For Children, Sunset Tables Available, Benefits of Red Wine, Network Of Sabbatarian Community Churches Penpals, Are We Becoming Ecumenical? Red Lunar Eclipse Portends Coming Day of LORD, Postponements Make Sense, Australian Office Begins, The Church Follows the World, Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess up Their Lives, Murphy’s Laws in the Church of God, Results of Reader Survey.

Newsletter 38 Wanted: Reader Feedback, Leon Lyell’s Sabbath History Newsletter, The Coup De Grace.

Newsletter 37 Friends of the Family Library Begins, Earl Lewis Temporarily Swamped! The “Lost” Tribes of Israel . . . Found! Elders and Virgins, New Disks on Church History and Biblical Holy Days, Return to Babylon? Passover: 14th or 15th? Biblical Doctrine Book Updated.

Newsletter 36 Giving & Sharing On the Worldwide Web, Church of God Talk Radio, Organic Rice From Lundberg Family Farms, Material From Harold Hemenway, Finding Fault With Them, Friends of the Sabbath Seminars.

Newsletter 35 Think For Yourself, Friends of the Sabbath, Bacchiocchi Discovers the Holy Days, Excuses, Sabbath Campers Fellowship, Early Writings of Herbert W. Armstrong, Correction!

Newsletter 34 Why Giving & Sharing is NOT A Church, Faithful Stewards, Three Tithes? Are You a Friend of the Family? Children Are Their Oppressors, A “Conspiracy to Destroy Marriage”?

Newsletter 33 We Are Now Called Heretics! Reader Comments, Hold Fast to the Truth; Don’t Worship a Man, Pentecost Change Created a Different Spirit, Religious Apartheid, The Fall Feasts, The Elijah to Come, It Has Happened Before, Wal-Mart Faces the Sabbath, Bible Sabbath Association, Thirty-Year Reunion.

Newsletter 32 Sharing Disks Service Begins, Copyright or Copy Wrong? Expect an Answer, Faith Put to the Test, Wanted: Word Processing Assistance.

Newsletter 31 The Battle Continues, A Call to Arms! Divorce Causes Cancer, Dangers of Childhood Vaccination And Excessive Use of Antibiotics, A Few Health Tips, A Feast in God’s Presence, The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, Sabbath Controversy.

Newsletter 30 The Importance of Faith, Another Faith Chapter, The Conspiracy of Silence, Worldwide Church of God Splits, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? What Should You Be Doing? Newsletters 1-30 Reprinted, Observe the Holy Days With Us.

Newsletter 29 Armstrong’s 1953 Article, “Divorce and Remarriage.”

Newsletter 28 History of the Saturday Resurrection Doctrine, United States and Britain in Prophecy Back in Print, Can Two Walk Together Except They Be Agreed?

Newsletter 27 Six Papers on the History of the Church of God, America’s Godly Heritage, Pentecost, May 23, 1994.

Newsletter 26 Biblical Law Reprinted, Chick Comics Lambast Catholicism.

Newsletter 25 Biblical Doctrine Revised, Reprinted, New Items on Giving & Sharing Order Blank, William Miller and Adventist History, New King James, or King James? Electronic Bible Price Cut in Half! An Excellent Feast

Newsletter 24 A Place Where You Can See God, Ellis Island — Seventy Years Later, The Vicissitudes of Life, The Sabbath Sentinel — Much Improved.

Newsletter 23 The Decline and Fall of the Church of God, The War of Words, God’s Mathematical Precision.

Newsletter 22 Giving & Sharing Returns to Missouri, Who “Owns” Sabbatarian History? The Cross of Christ — a Christian Symbol? NIV or KJV? Laodicean Motto:  It is Finished! Wavesheaf and Unleavened Bread, Stories For Family Study, New Biblical Health and Healing Book.

Newsletter 21 Passover: 14th or 15th? The NEW Dare to Discipline, Where Did the Trinity Doctrine Come From? Alexander Scourby Bible Tapes, Why Don’t YOU Keep Christmas?

Newsletter 20 Getting the WORD Out, Online Bible Program, Doing the Right Thing.

Newsletter 19 Learning More About Biblical Festivals, Passing of John I. Ajalli, Common Sense Medicine From Dr. Unruh.

Newsletter 18 Giving & Sharing Returns to Washington State.

Newsletter 17 God Answers Prayer! Relocation of Giving & Sharing Operations.

Newsletter 16 Bible Studies Book Ready, Giving & Sharing Curtails Bookstore Operations.

Newsletter 15 Doctrines Under Attack, Israel Identity Doctrine Questioned.

Newsletter 14 Waldenses, Vallenses, Albigenses; Paulicians Preserve Bible Truths; Paulicians to Bogomils to Albigenses (Waldenses), Chanforans, Again!

Newsletter 13 Electronic Bible Available, New Items on Giving & Sharing Order Blank, Moslem Influence Increases, Positive Values of the Moslem Faith, Negative Aspects of Islam.

Newsletter 12 Modern Macedonian Cry, A Great Feast.

Newsletter 11 Sharing Library Begins, Watering Down Continues, Fake Conservatives.

Newsletter 10 Tithing Booklet Reprinted, Strong’s Lite, Sinners Anonymous.

Newsletter 9 The Important Feasts, The Feasts of the Lord, The Jewish Festivals, History & Observance.

Newsletter 8 Prophecies Relating to Germany and United Europe, Prophecy Not Written So We Could Say “I Told You So!” Unfulfilled Prophecy, Japan and the “Yellow Peril,” Made to Dwell in Tabernacles, Germany in Prophecy.

Newsletter 7 An Inspiring Feast of Tabernacles, Fun is a Key to Success, They Shall Rise Up in Judgment.

Newsletter 6 Companion Bible An Excellent Study Tool, Sabbatarians or Sabbath-Keepers?

Newsletter 5 Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus.

Newsletter 4 Plans for Feast of Tabernacles, Your Health is Important, Book Review:  Back to Eden.

Newsletter 3 Book Review:  The Bible Home Instructor, Extra Copies Available.

Newsletter 2 A Sin to Help Others? Victory for Clean Foods, Beware of False Prophets! Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Newsletter 1 Purpose of Newsletters, Thanks for Your Support! The Pluses and Minuses of 1988, Plans for 1989, “Biblical Doctrine” Ready Soon.