GIVING & SHARING NEWSLETTER                                                          January, 1990 No. 8


Prophecies Relating to Germany and United Europe


      Recent developments in Germany and Eastern Europe are stunning!  These dramatic events should stir us to study Bible prophecy.  As an ethnic German, I am excited about the prospects for a unified Germany.  However, as a student of Bible prophecy, I am aware that these developments bode ill for the continuance of a prosperous and religiously free world, and, more import­antly, the spreading of the Good News of the coming Messianic Kingdom.

      We have long believed that the eventual emergence of a German-led United States of Europe as a revival of the Holy Roman Empire, engineered by the Pope of Rome, would result in the national captivity of the Anglo-Saxon peoples of America and the British Commonwealth, and the establishment of the beast system of the book of Revelation.  We believe that Germany is prophetically identified with Assyria, and the United States and Britain are Manasseh and Ephraim.

      However, we were wrong in thinking these developments would happen in the 1970s.  We followed the teachings of ministers who set incorrect dates.

      The Eternal is fulfilling His timetable, but has not revealed to mortal men the exact dates and specific events that will occur. Yet, in a desire to have “secret knowledge” revealed only to a chosen few, or to aggrandize religious organizations or personal charisma, certain false prophets have, and are continuing, to make bold prophetic claims.  They never stop setting dates and naming people who supposedly will fulfill prophecy.

      The Wall Street Journal of December 5, 1989, covered the “Millennium Fever” sweeping religious circles as the year A.D. 2000 approaches.  Sect leaders use prophecy to separate the sheep from the goats and bind the faithful to the prophet.  More often than not, the flock easily adjusts to failed prophecy and forgives the deceiving leaders.  A minister may continue to utter prophecies which are later proven to be false, but the congregation “forgives” so well that they continue to be “dumb sheep,” following a false prophet.


Prophecy Not Written So We Could Say “I Told You So!”


      With regret we recently read a letter from a well-known Sabbath-keeping evangelist who for years has uttered prophetic speculations. He claims other religious prophets “were all wrong!” and that he alone has known for 35 years that a unified Germany would lead a united Europe against the United States of America.  Without shame he crows, “I told you so!” liberally citing earlier statements of his that appear to be prophetic.  Yet he ignores and conveniently forgets his failures.  This is not honest!  For example:  Recently, West German leader Franz Josef Strauss died.  For years, this “prophet” speculated that Strauss might be the coming new “fuehrer” of a unified Germany and Europe.  Now, he fails to admit his prophetic failures.  Yugoslavia’s former dictator, Tito, was another erstwhile “beast.”  For years, we were told that the United Kingdom would never join the Common Market, yet she did!

      Another Bible student said, “Keep your eyes on the Middle East . . . . As the United States loses power, Western Europe will be forced to unite . . . . Look for the emergence of a ‘United States of Europe’ composed of ten inner member nations . . . . the Antichrist . . . will become ruler of the European confederacy.  Look for the papacy to become even more involved in world politics . . . . Astrology, witchcraft and Oriental religions will become predominant in the western world,” (Hal Lindsay, The Late Great Planet Earth, 1970).  So there are others who believe this.

      The Bible’s admonition is to not be afraid of, not to hold in awe, a minister who utters a prophecy that fails, Deuteronomy 18:20-22.  Even if a prophetic interpretation comes to pass, if the prophet causes people to quit following the true Eternal, you should not listen to him, 13:1-5.   Prophecies recorded in the Bible were written so that true believers could look back, when the events are fulfilled, and see the hand of the Almighty.  Bible prophecy was NOT written so that vain, worldly prophets could boast, “I told you so!”


Unfulfilled Prophecy


      A major prophecy we look for is the signing of a peace accord which will not only settle World War II and the Middle East conflict, but also officially end the Cold War, resulting in the drastic dismantlement of super power military forces.  When Ephraim makes a covenant with Assyria, Hosea 12:1, and political leaders claim great peace in our time, then we know that sudden destruction is coming swiftly, I Thessalonians 5:1-4.

      Before the fall of our nation, our people must be warned by God’s true servants, Hosea 5:9, 7:12.  This was not fulfilled in 1972.  Nor is it being fulfilled today by those who preach a “pabulum gospel” instead of a ringing denunciation of sin, and a call to repentance which convicts a few but grits the teeth of most of those who hear it.  When it is the Creator’s time, He will use faithful servants to warn us. Their prophecies and teachings will be 100% correct.


Japan and the “Yellow Peril”


      We should study prophecy, and not avoid the subject due to horrible abuse by false prophets.  We need to watch Germany and Japan.  Prophecies relating to these two economic powerhouses are discussed in two useful books we are making available:


The Yellow Peril:  Or, The Orient vs. The Occident, by G.G. Rupert.  Britton, Oklahoma:  Union Publishing Co., 1911.  544 pages, available from Giving & Sharing.


      There is much that we disagree with relative to Rupert’s analysis of prophecy.  His identification of Europe as the beast, America as the false prophet, and Russia, China, Japan and the rest of the Orient as the dragon seems difficult to prove.

      Yet there is also much to learn from Rupert.  He makes the book of Hosea come alive.  In the early 1900s, G.G. Rupert successfully predicted the eventual war between the United States and the “Yellow Peril,” that is, Japan, which occurred in the 1940s.  Rupert said that “Prophecy reveals that Ephraim [identified by Rupert as Protestant America] will be trodden under foot by the hordes of the yellow races of the East,” (page 263).  As Japan’s economic conquest of the world continues, Rupert’s concerns with the “Yellow Peril” make sense.  So does the statement in Hosea 12:1 that Ephraim feeds after, pursues the “east wind.”  Is this a reference to bowing before the superior power of Japan and the Orient?  Revelation 16:12‑16 describes the Battle of Armageddon, in which the “kings of the east” cross the River Euphrates.  The original Greek for “east” is literally “rising sun.”  Japan, as even its flag shows, is the “land of the rising sun.”  The Japanese are the natural leaders of eastern nations.


Made to Dwell in Tabernacles


      Rupert corrected a misunderstanding that I had.  For years I had pointed to Hosea 12:9 to show that Ephraim (Israel of today, which we believe are the peoples of Anglo-Saxon America, Britain and Northwestern Europe) will be made to dwell in tabernacles, as in the days of the Feast.   “See,” I have said, “our nation should keep the Feast of Tabernacles.”  Yes, they should, but the context of this scripture is prophetic. After Ephraim is desolated by a vast army of the East, those remaining and those scattered as slaves in captivity, will have to dwell in tabernacles (tents, shelters, shanties) as Israel did of old when they camped in the wilderness on their way from Egypt to the Promised Land.

      Hosea 5:15, 9:3, 17 and other scriptures indicate a coming national captivity because of  our sins.  A lesson to be learned from keeping the Feast of Tabernacles is that we will never enter the Promised Land unless we exercise humble faith and trust in the Almighty.  Why not keep the Feast of Tabernacles voluntarily, now, and not have to be forced to keep it under the duress of captivity later on.


Who Are the Germans?  Their Ancient Roots and Future Might, by Craig Martin White. Sydney, Australia:  History Research Projects, 1992.  162 pages.  Revised version of 1990 book, The Assyrians in the Modern World. 


Germany in Prophecy


      In his thoroughly researched study of the historical origins and Bible prophecy relating to the Germanic peoples, Craig White proves that the Assyrians and Hittites of history are the Germans of today.  Israel, Assyria, and Egypt will be the leading nations in the millennial kingdom, Isaiah 19:23-25.

      This book is one of the best and most interesting historical and prophetic studies we have ever seen.  We highly recommend it.

      Rather than follow sensationalism of boasting, false prophets who do not have a rational, objective approach to the Bible, we need to seriously study history and prophecy.  Especially now that we see the hand of the Almighty in recent European developments.  Let us reject false prophets and put our noses in the Bible.         Ω


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