GIVING & SHARING NEWSLETTER                                                       October, 1991 No. 16


Bible Studies Book Ready


      After months of labor, we are ready to issue our latest book, Bible Studies.  This new book contains all our miscellaneous Bible Studies, numbered 1 through 130, not included in our other publications, such as Biblical Holy Days, Biblical Health, Biblical Doctrine, What Should We Be Doing?, Biblical Marriage and Family, and Biblical Law.

      Distribution of this attractive 350-page book, Bible Studies, is the largest publishing undertaking that Giving & Sharing has ever done.  Our thanks to numerous individuals who made this book possible.  May our Heavenly Father use these Bible Studies to enlighten many.  [Note: This book is now out of print, but all our Bible Studies are available at the website.]


Giving & Sharing Curtails Bookstore Operations


      My employer has decided to close its St. Louis, Missouri, office and relocate to the Pacific Northwest.  My job is to be eliminated by the end of 1991.  Hence, Giving & Sharing bookstore operations are on hold as of December 31, 1991.

      We hope to be able to restore full Giving & Sharing operations as soon as I am settled in a new job.  We will notify you when this occurs.  We anticipate no disruption in mailing our Newsletters and Bible Studies.  Your prayers are appreciated.      Ω