GIVING & SHARING NEWSLETTER                                                    December, 1991 No. 17


God Answers Prayer!


      Many are awed by the Grand Canyon, a breathtaking example of the power of the Creator over the forces of nature.  However, there are just as great examples of God working powerful miracles in our daily lives, if we only would open our eyes to see them.  I have recounted what God did for me in previous personal experiences. And now, He has again been merciful to me!

      Just after the Feast of Tabernacles, I was shocked with the news that my position had been eliminated in a corporate reorganization, as my Company was closing its St. Louis office.  Immediately, I began the process of searching for other employment, realizing our nation is in a deep recession.  For each job I was qualified and applied for, there was intense competition from numerous others in the same situation as myself, often with better qualifications, willing to work for a song.  One of the major companies in St. Louis sent me a stinging rejection letter, stating there were MANY more qualified people than I for the position.   After a couple of months of diligent effort, I could begin to paper the walls with rejection letters.  It has been a real trial of my faith.   I told God that I was willing to submit to His will, and asked Him to direct my paths where I should go.

      Then, God opened up the possibility for me to obtain another job at the same level, with the same Company, in my native Portland, Oregon.  A woman who had been offered relocation decided to decline the offer, as she is pregnant, and admirably, will not work full time outside the home when she has small children.  She and many other co-workers lobbied for me to get her job.  There were eight internal candidates, some of which had better educational credentials than I do.  One after one, people came forward and spoke to upper management on my behalf!  Mind you, none of my fellow workers profess religious beliefs similar to mine, but one lady even said she was praying for me!

      The encouragement I have received from spiritual brethren has also been wonderfully uplifting. In the depths of some trying times, others have lifted me up in their prayers, and in a few cases, wrote me wonderful letters, such as this one:


            “Sadly I read the lines just received of the elimination of your job.  Myself and others on the road ahead of you have experienced this trauma.  It’s such a helpless, lonely, devastating feeling and as I read the lines I shared the pain with you all over again.

            “Richard, you are an exceptionally strong person and you are qualified in the kind of work you do.  But most important you are on God’s side — your security is already provided for you — by your choice.

            “He has something better for you in His plans and had to pry you from your present position — because you wouldn’t leave otherwise.

            “If worry paid dividends, the Bible would say, ‘worry more,’ or ‘you aren’t worrying enough,’ but it doesn’t say that does it?

            “You may wonder at times whether your work with Giving & Sharing is fully appreciated — or do enough people really care!  I can say to you truthfully yes we do appreciate your fine skills and dedicated service.  Perhaps we are guilty of not saying it to you enough.  But we think it often and feel this way about you often.  This at least may be a small comfort.

            “Take it from an old man who understands and cares, ‘this too will pass,’ — and best of all you don’t have to pay me anything — I say it from the heart!  I love you.” — L.M., Virginia


      Another friend wrote,


      “I am very sorry to hear that your employment is in jeopardy.  You have performed a genuine service to those of us who desire to know more about God . . . .  Rest assured there are many who will be praying for you.”  J.G., Oklahoma


Relocation of Giving & Sharing Operations


      As a result of what God has done, through many others, I am grateful to report that God has answered our prayers. I got the job!  Praise the Almighty!  We plan to move to the Portland, Oregon, area in the spring of 1992, pending sale of our home in St. Charles, Missouri, and obtaining a new residence in the Pacific Northwest.  We hope to restore full Giving & Sharing operations at that time [accomplished, mid-1992].

      As a result of this experience, I am more deeply concerned for the plight of others, in this country and elsewhere, who are unemployed or underemployed, desperately trying to honestly make ends meet in a world where greed and avarice have produced traumatic economic dislocations.  I want to help others, as so many have helped me.  I am in my third tithe year, I am looking for ways to invest in others to help them obtain and keep good employment.  Let us discover ways to help and assist others, and share information on the needs of others so that we can collectively be a channel of blessing.

      What friends have done for me in my recent bout with unemployment makes me shed tears of gratitude.  There are compassion­ate, loving people of God out there, those who have not bowed the knee to Baal.  Some of them might not even know about the Sabbath, but they exhibit love and outgoing concern.  Think what mighty works they will do, with God’s help, when He does reveal His Sabbath truth to them!                                                                               Ω