GIVING & SHARING NEWSLETTER                                                              July, 1992 No. 18


Giving & Sharing Returns to Washington State


      After ten years, we have relocated to Washington State!  The Giving & Sharing mail order bookstore for Sabbath-keepers began in 1978, when we lived in Portland, Oregon.  We moved to nearby Vancouver, Washington, in 1980.  In 1982, we moved to Sheridan, Wyoming.  In 1985, we moved to the St. Louis, Missouri area.  And in early 1992, we moved back to Vancouver, Washington.  In each location, we have provided the unique services of Giving & Sharing, to a variety of Sabbath-keepers.  We are now pleased to continue distributing Bibles, Bible helps, and articles of interest to those who keep God’s Holy Sabbath Day.

      One of “Murphy’s Laws” states that “any job takes more time, and is more difficult, than you thought it would be.”  This certainly proved to be the case in our recent relocation from Missouri to Washington.  Selling our old house, buying a new house, and moving has taken us far more time and effort than we could have imagined.  This has delayed us reinstating the Giving & Sharing service.  However, we have learned a number of valuable lessons through our experience.

      We have too many material things.  We had a huge garage sale in Missouri to dispose of less-important things, in order to cut down on the expense of moving.  It’s hard to part with “priceless treasures,” but we had to do so.  If you haven’t opened a box during the last two or three moves, why keep it?  We need to live a more simple life, possessing fewer things.  As a stranger and pilgrim, Abraham learned this lesson.  We should learn it as well.

      “Value” to mankind is determined by changeable human demand; to God, value is based on inherent worth or purpose.  When we left the Pacific Northwest in 1982, we had to sell our property at a loss due to the severe economic recession.  But now, land and property in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington) have skyrocketed in “value.” Thousands are escaping California and other highly populated regions, to live in what we call “God’s Country.”  Californians can sell their small $250,000 houses in California, to buy larger homes in Oregon and Washington at half the cost.  This drives Pacific Northwest property values up.  Due to my employment situation, I had lost my job in St. Louis, where property values are moderate, and had to relocate with my new job in Portland, Oregon, where property is very expensive.  As a result, we had to pay much more for a much smaller house.  All because human “value” changes, because of demand.   Biblical Law does not allow land to be sold, or taxed.  Land is an inheritance to a family for all generations.  We look forward to the World Tomorrow, when every man shall sit under his own fig tree, and not be made rich, or poor, from fluctuating property values.

      Every area has its own unique characteristics, positive and negative.  Area characteristics cannot be fully understood unless you live there for a while.  Not too many folks would look forward to living in Wyoming as we did, where winter temperatures can dip to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  But, there is a pioneering spirit which is very invigorating.  It was quite a thrill to view from my office window, snow-capped peaks and antelope playing, and be only a 45-minute drive from the Big Horn Mountains where you can watch wild moose grazing and fish for trout from mountain lakes!  People in Missouri are among the friendliest that we have ever known.  This certainly compensates for the sometimes blistering hot, humid summers, and the cold winters.  In the Pacific Northwest in the Willamette Valley, we are only a couple of hours away from scenic ocean beaches, cool forested mountains, and high desert.  Fruits and berries of all kinds abound in this mild climate.  As I cross the mighty Columbia River each day to and from work, snow-capped Mt. Hood, queen of the Cascades, provides an inspiring sight.

      In every location, there are ample opportunities to be inspired, to be uplifted, so as to appreciate what the Eternal has done.  We are grateful for the wonderful opportunities we have gained living in various locations.  It is too bad that many who live next the most scenic wonders of God’s creation, fail to visit them even as much as out-of-town visitors do.  Don’t let opportunities pass you by!

      And so, as we unpack boxes, plant and landscape our lawn, and settle down in a new location, it is time for us to think of others, our spiritual brethren.  Giving & Sharing provides Bibles, Bible Helps and Biblical articles to help others know our Heavenly Father.  After a half-year postponement, we are ready to continue.                                    Ω