GIVING & SHARING NEWSLETTER                                                   September, 1992 No. 19


Learning More About Biblical Festivals


      Biblical Holy Days provide a gold mine of spiritual insight. Our book, Biblical Holy Days, is the result of countless hours of prayerful Bible Study, and reading many books and literature from numerous sources.  As I have said before, we have just barely scratched the surface in understanding the Festivals of the Almighty.   Once in a while, we discover material new to us, explaining even more fully the purpose and meaning of these sacred times.  If I had all the Truth, there would be no need for further study.  Even the Apostle Paul had to admit that he saw through a glass darkly.  The more we learn, the more we should realize that there is much that we do not know.

      It may be unsettling to realize that, at times, other people have a better understanding of God’s ways than we do.  If we are honest, we should admit that many times we can learn from others.  I’d like to discuss an example.

      Rabbi David Chernoff, a Messianic Jew, believes the Children of Israel should keep the Biblical Festivals.   He and hundreds of thousands of others[1] are beginning to study the Holy Days and celebrate them with Messianic significance.  In a series of eight cassette tapes, Chernoff explains the importance of all the major Festivals of Israel, plus other celebrations such as Purim, Year of Jubilee, and Hanukkah.  Chernoff notes that tens of thousands of non-Jewish Messianic believers are keeping the annual Feast of Booths, or Sukkot, in Jerusalem.  He believes that this is a sign of the Messiah’s Second Coming.   Learning more about the Biblical Holy Days, and celebrating them, is helping to prepare many hearts for Messiah’s return, when the Festivals will be an important part of His Millennial reign (Zechariah 14).  You cannot learn the lessons the Almighty wants for you to learn, without keeping the annual Holy Days!  Studying the Holy Days is good, but keeping them is much better.

      I rejoice that many others are coming to believe in the Biblical Holy Days.  There are many interesting points Rabbi Chernoff brings up in his tapes.  For example, in his tape on “Sukkot, The Prophetic Feast of Tabernacles,” Chernoff points out that God doesn’t want us to work on the annual Sabbaths, because He doesn’t want us to be distracted from learning from Him.  We should give our best time to YHVH.  Dwelling in booths, huts, temporary dwellings, at the Feast of Tabernacles, teaches us that God provides for us supernaturally.  Our lives are impermanent, and we need to trust in God, and not forget what God has done for us.  The Feast of Tabernacles is prophetic of the Almighty’s divine protection of His people during the coming Great Tribulation.

      I disagree with Rabbi Chernoff on some things.  He feels, wrongly, that only Jews are required to keep the Festivals, although Gentiles can gain spiritual insight by keeping them as well.  The Truth is, God’s Sabbaths are for all mankind.  Chernoff is confused about the Last Great Day of the Feast, which is Tishri 22, not Tishri 23 as he says.  We do not recommend that you follow Chernoff in a Sivan 6 Pentecost or a Seder Passover supper.  But in general, Rabbi Chernoff has a great deal of insight to many aspects of the Biblical Holy Days.  We can learn from someone who deeply appreciates and relishes the significance of God’s Sacred Appointments.


Passing of John I. Ajalli


      I never met him, but I loved him.  For more than a dozen years, I got to know him through correspondence.  Giving & Sharing has published several of his articles.  Elder John Ajalli of Nigeria recently died of an unknown ailment, accompanied by swelling and coughing.  He is survived by his wife Margrett, two sons and five daughters.  He was converted in 1973, and ordained to the ministry in 1977.  He was a teacher by profession, and at his death was Principal of a Secondary School.  His friend, Elder Joseph Orie, describes Ajalli as “a hard- working evangelist.  He was so helpful to the Church in many ways . . . .  the Lord willing, we shall meet in His Kingdom.”  May we all exhibit the gentle, patient, spirit of John I. Ajalli.


Common Sense Medicine From Dr. Unruh


In the tradition of the late Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn (who wrote the excellent book, Confessions of a Medical Heretic), Dr. Allen Unruh publishes a variety of helpful brochures covering nutrition, exercises, and chiropractic solutions to back pain.  As a practicing chiropractor for 22 years, Dr. Unruh’s educational brochures are written for the layman.  We highly recommend that you write for a listing to:  Complete Health Communications, 600 N. Western Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD  57104.                                                                                                                                           Ω



For example, during a recent Feast of Tabernacles, we were surprised to learn that a group of Seventh Day Adventists was keeping the Festival near us.