GIVING & SHARING NEWSLETTER                                                      February, 1994 No. 26


Biblical Law Reprinted


      A proper understanding of BIBLICAL LAW is important to our spiritual life.  Blessings come from obedience to the Creator’s laws, and cursings from disobedience. 

      God’s Law defines sin, as well as the character and nature of God, which is LOVE.  The essential teaching of the Bible is the two great commandments:  love for God, and love for one’s neighbor.  These two great commandments are summaries of the Ten Command­ments, which are in turn summaries of the rest of the Bible.

      Our study of Biblical Law examines the first four books of the Bible, showing how the statutes explain and magnify the Ten Commandments.  Most professing Christians reject the Law, which is holy, just and good (Romans 7:12).  However, the very mark, or sign, of true believers in the last days is that they keep God’s Law:


            Here is the patience of the saints:  here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. Revelation 14:12.


      First published in 1986, our study of Biblical Law has been revised, expanded and reprinted.  The revised edition of Biblical Law has 142 pages.  Order your copy today!  A donation is appreciated, but not necessary.


Biblical Law

Summary Table of Contents


The Reading of the Law

      Israel was required to read the Law (first five books of the Bible) at least once every five years, at the Feast of Tabernacles.  The whole Bible is based on the Two Great Commandments, love to God and love to one’s neighbor, which are a summary of the Ten Commandments.  The Law is the Gospel.

Which Old Testament Laws Are in Force Today?

      What is the Law of Moses?  Animal sacrifices are no longer obligatory because of the sacrifice of our Savior.  Unless God’s Laws and Statutes are specifically rescinded by Messiah, they are still binding on us today.

Biblical Law in Scripture Order; Topical Order

      Here is a list of scripture references from the first five books of the Bible which define Bible Law.  Another article sorts Bible Law by topic.

Man's Law versus God's Law, and Guide to Bible Laws

      Drawings illustrate man’s sinful way of “punishing” criminals, versus God’s righteous judgments.  The Guide to Bible Laws arranges Bible laws by subject.

Obedience and Disobedience

         Scripture shows the results of obedience and disobedience to God’s Law.

General Commandments, Loving Our Neighbor

      Far from being harsh strict codes, God’s Law expresses great concern for the poor, the weak, and the suffering.

Commandments 1-10

      This section of Biblical Law shows how the statutes magnify and relate to one or more of the Ten Commandment summaries of God’s Law.

Philo:  Classical Expounder of Law, Sabbaths

      Philo of Alexandria, a contemporary of our Savior, had keen insights on God’s Law.


Chick Comics Lambast Catholicism


      One of the most controversial publications in the Christian religious field is the Crusader series of comic books, published by Chick Publications, PO Box 662, Chino, CA 91708, and written by Jack T. Chick.

      Many religious bookstores refuse to carry the hard-hitting Chick Publica­tions, primarily because they openly attack the Roman Catholic institution as the “great whore” of Revelation 17, and expose the Satanic Baal worship masquerading as “true Christianity” today.

      Perhaps the best-known comic books are the “Alberto” series, based on the true story of Alberto Rivera, a Spanish Jesuit trained as a spy, infiltrator and destroyer of non-Catholic churches.  Rivera escaped the bondage of Rome and became an Anabaptist, and is currently working to win over Catholics to his Protestant views.

      Do Chick comics factually represent the evils of Catholicism?  Many of the items presented have the ring of truth.  There seems, however, to be some sensation­alism.  Chick claims that the Roman Catholic Church is secretly united with the Illuminati, Masonry, Communism and Zionism and their subsidiaries to control banking, media, governments, and world commerce.  This sounds a little extreme, but Revelation, especially chapter 18, does seem to agree.

      Chick’s message is that the Catholic Church is still the beast and will lead a soon-coming Great Tribulation prophesied in the Bible.  I believe this.  But is the method of telling this message appropriate?  A few of the comics in the series have so much “going to heaven or ever-burning hell” false doctrine, that we do not recommend them.  But most of the comics just zero in on the horrible persecuting power of the Catholic Church.  They certainly don’t hold anything back!  Sometimes we need to be reminded of how bad the great whore is.  Fox’s Book of Martyrs tells how bad the great false church was in the past.  But Chick tells us how bad she is right now.  It is tragic that Chick espouses some of the same false doctrines (such as Sunday) as the great whore that he exposes, but then so do all other Protestant harlot daughters!

      Some will say that such “anti” literature should not be read.  I disagree.  Chick is trying to wake people up to the fact that the Inquisition is going to happen again, and will be performed by the same bunch of evil religious hypocrites.  Don’t dwell on this type of literature.  Don’t get “bug-eyed.”  But heed the message: “come out of her” before it is too late.

      Chick points out that modern churches are soft on denouncing the evils of the great false church.  The Catholic Church would like the world to forget the millions she murdered in the Inquisition, and she has done a great job of propaganda.  Few churches today have the guts to follow the practices of the Medieval Waldenses who denounced the mother of harlots.  Jesus denounced the Pharisees in His day, but now some are afraid to speak the Truth.

      In the past, the Worldwide Church of God published strong articles clearly identifying the evils of the Roman Catholic Church: “Who Is the ‘Beast’?” and “The Mark of the Beast.”  These 1950s and 1960s publications were either killed or watered down.  A 1973 Worldwide Church of God Interoffice Memo to top church leaders stated the reason why these strong booklets were withdrawn from publication: “Too strong on [the] R.C.C.[Roman Catholic Church].”

      Let the TRUTH expose evil, no matter what the consequences.  In order to be acceptable to the Almighty, we MUST come out of this wicked Babylonish system.  As Chick says, “By avoiding this subject, they [false pastors] have become the servants of the Vatican.”  These comics are available from Chick Publications:


TITLE                    SUBJECT


Alberto                                    Story of Alberto Rivera, ex-Spanish Jesuit, who was trained by Catholics to infiltrate and destroy other ministries.

Double-Cross        Part II of Rivera’s experiences, showing his persecution after he left the Catholic Church.

The Godfathers     BLOCKBUSTER book! Shows the power and evil influence of Catholics in 20th Century history.  As the “Mother of Abominations,” Catholics have caused wars, and fostered Nazis and Communists.

The Force              Shows how the occult and heathen practices of Nimrod and Semiramis are the basis for Catholicism.

Four Horsemen     How the papacy fulfills Bible prophecies of antichrist.

The Prophet          The papacy helped start Islam, only to have this daughter rebel against her.

Big Betrayal          Condensed story of Charles Chiniquy, former Catholic priest. Lincoln successfully defended Chiniquy against the Jesuits.  Chiniquy claimed that Jesuits were later responsible for Lincoln’s death.

Sabotage?    How the Vatican has sought to discredit the veracity of the Holy Bible. 


      Chick comics are interesting.  When I was young, comic books held a great attraction for me, and I still find myself responding to simple pictures much more than staid old stuff.  I just cannot put them down.  Maybe I am still a kid.         Ω