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009 Biblical Health & Healing, 98 pp. FREE
B006 Back to Eden, by Jethro Kloss.  Natural foods and remedies. 12.00
BS134 Truth About Circumcision FREE
B048 The Origin of Medical Practice, by Sherwin McMichael, 50 pp. 6.00
B073 The Christian & Rock Music, by Bacchiocchi & others. 15.00
B097 Should Artistic Creativity Have Restraints? by Wilbur Berg, 15 pp. 3.00
011 Biblical Marriage & Family, 92 pp. FREE
035 Divorce and Remarriage, 17 pp. FREE
B086 The Bible Story, by Arthur Maxwell, 10 vols. 169.95
B099 Christian Education, 28 pp. reprint, by A.T. Jones 3.00
B098 New Testament Bible Story for Children 345 pp. photocopy, by Keith Hunt 25.00
026 Key to The Book of Revelation. FREE
B039 The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop, hardcover. 14.00
B095 The Papacy is the Antichrist, by J.A. Wylie. 36-page reprint. 6.00
B015 Satan's Great Deception, by Dr. C. Paul Meredith, 54 pp. 7.50
B022 Daniel & Revelation, A.N. Dugger, 53 pp. 5.00
BS150 City on Seven Hills, Dave Hunt. FREE
BS137 The Elijah to Come, 12 pp. FREE
B214 Woman Rides the Beast: Roman Catholic Church, Hunt, 520 pp. 11.00
B085 France in Prophecy, by Dibar Apartian, 33 pp. 5.00
045 The Jesuits, by J.A. Wylie, 42 pp. 4.00
B251 Annals of the World, by James Ussher, 960 pp., classic chronology. 5.00
B014 The Collapse of Evolution, Scott M. Huse, 224 pp. 12.00
B042 Long War Against God, Dr. H. Morris 17.00
Videos (VHS NTSC)
V202 History of the Jesuits, by James Arrabito, 2-hour VHS. 20.00
V201 Israel of the Alps, 85 min. VHS, Waldenses. 20.00
FREE ITEMS (ask about bulk quantities):
GSNL Giving & Sharing Newsletter, 4-6 times/year FREE
012 The Tithe in Scripture, Lansdell, 60 pp. FREE
046 Feast of Tabernacles Bumper Sticker FREE
018 Bible Study Tools, how to use Bible helps. FREE
019 Why We Are Not Seventh-day Adventists. FREE
020 What Should You Be Doing? 32 pp. FREE
021 Index to Works of Josephus, 10 pp. FREE
024 King James Version Errors, 9 pp. FREE
027 Kingdom of God…What Does It Mean? FREE
028 Lazarus and the Rich Man FREE
030 What Do You Mean…SALVATION? FREE
031 Predestination…Does the Bible Teach It? FREE
032 Just What Do You Mean…BORN AGAIN? FREE
033 The Plain Truth About CHRISTMAS! FREE
036 Easter is Pagan! FREE
039 Where did Halloween Come From? FREE
043 Tongues: Is Pentecost Repeated Today? FREE
037 Why Were You Born? FREE
038 Where are Enoch and Elijah? FREE
040 What Kind of Faith is Required for Salvation? FREE
BS078 Heaven is NOT the Reward of Saved FREE
BS098 Is Gambling a Sin? FREE
BS161 God is NOT a Trinity, 14 pp. FREE
BS026 Ten Basic Qualifications of an Elder FREE
Bibles and Bible Helps
 (* indicates essential Bible Study Tool).
B007 Cambridge KJV Wide Margin Bible, Bonded Leather * 75.00
B051 Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, 1 vol edition, Green * 56.00
B010 Franklin Electronic Bible, desktop or pocket edition* 49.00
B002 New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (larger print) * 18.00
B005 New Englishman's Hebrew Concordance, 1689 pp. * 28.00
B004 New Englishman's Greek Concordance, 1021 pp. * 24.00
B101 Franklin Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, KJV, electronic, fits in Bible. 50.00
B052 New Thayer's Greek English Lexicon, 726 pp. 18.00
B040 Brown Driver Briggs Hebrew English Lexicon, 1185 pp. 25.00
B037 Nelson GIANT PRINT KJV Bible, Bonded Leather 26.00
B035 KJV Companion Bible, notes & appendix by E.W. Bullinger. 63.00
B102 Companion Bible Appendix only, by E.W. Bullinger, 227 pp. 15.00
B029 Cooparative Study Bible (NIV,NASB,AMP,KJV), parallel. 35.00
B001 KJV Bible, Hardcover, $5.00 value. FREE
B031 26 Translation Bible, Hardcover 49.00
B032 Amplified Bible, Hardcover 28.00
B036 Moffatt Bible, Hardcover 35.00
B060 Complete Jewish Bible, by David H. Stern, hardcover, Messianic. 25.00
B061 Biblia Bilingue, Reina-Valera 1960 & KJV, Spanish and English parallel. 21.00
B062 KJV Bible Audio Cassette, Alexander Scourby, 48 cassettes. 40.00
B063 KJV Bible Compact Disk, narrated by Alexander Scourby, 62 CD's. 80.00
B070 Ferrar Fenton Bible, 1296 pp. 26.00
B071 KJV Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible,1967 pp. 42.00
B013 Halley's Bible Handbook, 860 pp. 12.00
B038 Smith's Bible Dictionary, 770 pp. 10.00
B033 Josephus, Complete Works. 15.00
B025 Nave's Topical Bible, 1616 pp. 18.00
B065 Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of OT and NT, 823 pp. 18.00
B066 Adam Clarke's Bible Commentary, 1356 pp. 24.00
B068 Harmony of the Gospels, by Fred Coulter, 381 pp. 15.00
B043 Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary, 33 pp. 3.00
B067 How We Got the Bible,Griffin, 61 pp. 4.00
B045 Our Authorized Bible Vindicated, B.G. Wilkinson, 258 pp. 7.00
042 KJV Companion, David Daniels, archaic words defined, 24 pp. FREE
B047 Hebrew Made Easy,  by Robert Hernandez, 78 pp. 15.00
B026 The Man Nobody Knows, Bruce Barton, 119 pp. The real Jesus. 6.00
B053 Number in Scripture, E.W. Bullinger, 303 pp. 12.00
B057 Temple at Time of Christ, by Alfred Edersheim, 414 pp. 17.50
B074 The Life & Times of Jesus the Messiah, Alfred Edersheim. 21.00
B003 Judah's Sceptre & Joseph's Birthright, by J.H. Allen. Israel Identity. 9.00
B044 "Lost" 10 Tribes of Israel Found! Steven Collins, 439 pp. 18.00
Sabbath and Holy Days
B224 Sabbath Under Crossfire, by Samuel Bacchiocchi, 303 pp. 15.00
B211 From Sabbath to Sunday, by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, 372 pp. 15.00
B212 Divine Rest for Human Restlessness, by S. Bacchiocchi, 319 pp. 15.00
B217 The Sabbath: Its Meaning for Modern Man, Heschel, 118 pp. 10.00
025 Why Do You Observe Sunday? FREE
P203 Roman Catholic and Protestant Confessions about Sunday FREE
002 Biblical Holy Days, by Richard C. Nickels, about 500 pp, photocopy. 20.00
041 God's Holy Days, 24 pp. FREE
023 Pentecost is NOT Sivan 6, 12 pp. FREE
B078 Comprehensive Hebrew Calendar, by Spier. Holy Days, 1900-2100. 35.00
B083 The Christian Passover: 14th or 15th? by Fred R. Coulter, 482 pp. 15.00
034 How Often Take Lord's Supper? FREE
029 The Resurrection was NOT on Sunday! FREE
3Days Three Days and Three Nights Chart FREE
Giving & Sharing Helping the Needy Projects
Part of the requirement for spreading the Good News is to help the poor and needy, Matthew 25:31-46. Subject to careful review and evaluation, Giving & Sharing contributes to several worthwhile efforts, including, but not limited to, emergency aid to widows, orphans, and poor in North America, free Bibles to African and Central American brethren, school and orphanage in El Salvador, Church building in Kenya, etc. Donations are appreciated. See our annual Financial Statement for expense details.
Sabbatarian and General Church History
003 History of Seventh Day Church of God, Vol. I, 158 pp. Comprehensive history, 1800-1996, by Richard C. Nickels. 9.50
004 Six Papers on History of Church of God, 354 pp.  Sabbatarian Baptists in England & America; Adventist Movement; Sabbath Adventists 1844-1863; Remnant of Israel (G.G. Rupert), by Richard C. Nickels; History of COG7 by John Kiesz. 14.00
005 History of True Church, by A.N. Dugger & C.O. Dodd, 108 pp. Church of God 7th Day view of Church history from 1st Century to 1930s. 7.50
006 The Bible Home Instructor, by A.N. Dugger, 182 pp. Group Bible studies in question and answer form, first published about 1920. 9.00
007 Early Writings of Herbert W. Armstrong. Public domain articles, written 1928-1953, plus biography of Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986). 236 pp. 9.00
008 Remnant of Israel, 1915-1929, G.G. Rupert vs. Herbert W. Armstrong. 2.00
G036 Albert, David, Peter in Rome? 31 pp. 4.00
B206 Andrews, J.N., History of the Sabbath, 548 pp. 15.00
G003 Armstrong, Herbert W., Eleven Articles in Bible Advocate, 1928, 38 pp. photocopy 3.00
B229 Bradford, Charles, Sabbath Roots, 234 pp. 15.00
G007 Conybeare, Fred,  The Key of Truth, 397 pp., photocopy, Paulicians of Armenia. 15.00
G008 Coulter, Robert,  "Story of the Church of God (Seventh Day)," 58 pp. 3.00
G011 Davis, Tamar,  General History of the Sabbatarian Churches, 255 pp. photocopy 7.50
B210 Edwardson, Christian,  Facts of Faith, 320 pp. 10.00
B228 Fleschutz, Hans,  And Follow Their Faith! Sabbatarians persecuted by Nazis,60 pp. 5.00
G033 Fletcher, Ivor C.,  Incredible History of God's True Church, 136 pp. 12.00
B076 Foxe, John,  Foxe's Book of Martyrs. 10.00
B208 Hardinge, Leslie,  The Celtic Church in Britain, 265 pp. 9.00
G034 Kelly, Ronald D.,  True History of the Early Christian Church, 81 pp. 7.50
G038 McBirnie, Dr. Wm. Steuart,  The Search for the Twelve Apostles, 312 pp. 6.00
G037 Meredith, Roderick C.,  Plain Truth About the Protestant Reformation, 94 pp. 30-day LOAN only. 3.00
B249 Newmann, Blaine,  History of Seventh-Day Sabbath in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, 36 pp.. 3.00
B020 Nickels, Richard C.,  Origin and History of the Sacred Name Movement, 7 pp. 1.00
B021 Nickels, Richard C.,  Seven Churches of Revelation, 30 pp. 2.50
B018 Ramsay, William,  Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia, 221 pp. 15.00
B235 Sanford, Don A.,  History of Seventh Day Baptists, 448 pp. 25.00
B209 Wilkinson, B.G.,  Truth Triumphant, The Church in the Wilderness, 424 pp.  12.00
B207 Wylie, J.A.,  History of the Waldenses, 206 pp. 9.95
045 Wylie, J.A., The Jesuits, 42 pp. 4.00
Special Items
001 Biblical Doctrine, Fundamentals Belief of Sabbath Groups, 80 pp.      6.00
010 Biblical Law, Which OT Laws Are Applicable Today? 68 pp.      5.00
B081 Handbook of Bible Law, by Charles A. Weisman, 144 pp.      8.00
CD001 Computer CD of entire G&S Website, mainly .html files.    10.00
CD002 Audio Sermon CD, RealAudio (PC) most audio tapes (see below).    10.00
B080 Race Change In Italy, 300 BC - 300 AD, Ernest L. Martin, 29 pp.      4.00
B072 Law of the Offerings, by Andrew Jukes.  Explains OT sacrifices.      9.00
B201 Directory of Sabbath-Observing Groups, BSA, 246 pp.    10.00
B094 Restoring the Original Bible, by Dr. Ernest L. Martin.    30.00
B091 Jesus Before the Sanhedrim, by Lemann, 39 pp.      5.00
B250 The Day Jesus the Christ Died, by Fred R. Coulter      5.00
044 Islam Versus the Bible, 56 pp.      5.00
V003 Christianity or Islam, VHS video, Richard C. Nickels    10.00
B092 Language of the KJV Bible, Gail Riplinger, 179 pp.    10.00
B093 New Age Bible Versions, Gail Riplinger, 700 pp.    15.00
B096 The Humor of Christ, Elton Trueblood, 127 pp. 6.00
B100 In Search of Origin of Nations, History Research Projects, 474 pp. 25.00
B248 1000 Shall Fall, by Susi Hasel Mundy, 172pp. Sabbath-keepers in Nazi Germany. 13.00
Church of God News
Published 10 times a year on the Internet, the Church of God News provides positive news of the activities of
the various Sabbath-keeping Churches of God, and short articles of interest to Sabbath-keepers.  Send your
group's news and short articles to  To subscribe:  
Also available free on paper, only to those who do not have Internet access.  
Giving & Sharing Audio Tapes
Suggested Donation: $1.50 per tape.
C001 "Sabbatarian Cooperation, Giving & Sharing, Bible Sabbath Association Update," RN.
Narrations from the book, "Early Writings of Herbert W. Armstrong"
C002 Herbert W. Armstrong: 1892-1986, RN.
C003 What is Faith? Faith for Salvation? PK
C004 Did Christ Reorganize the Church? PK.
C005 The Kingdom, Bible Study Quarterly, PK.
C006 1934 PT editorial, Key to Revelation, Evolution? Sabbath Covenant, PK.
C007 Divorce and Remarriage, Why Should We Have Churches? AW.
C008 Does God Heal Today? Fundamentals of Belief, AW.
C009 Importance of Fasting, 10 Health Rules, How G&S Preserves HWA Legacy, AW.
C010 Christmas, Easter Resurrection? AW.
C011 The Truth About Israel, Part I, PK.
C012 The Truth About Israel (Part II), Beautiful Resort, Which Day is Sabbath of NT? PK.
C013 Passover Supper, 14th or 15th? AW.
C014 Tongues:  Pentecost Experience? PK.
C015 How to Figure Pentecost, '34, '43 Letters, Baptism With Fire? 1938 Editorial, PK.
C016 United States in Prophecy, Part I, PK.
C017 United States in Prophecy, Part II, PK.
Herbert W. Armstrong Audio Tapes
Tapes from the 1980s or earlier, sermons or World Tomorrow broadcasts of Herbert W. Armstrong. The booklets
headvertises are generally nolongeroffered by the Worldwide Church of God, which has changed most of
Armstrong'steachings.  Items marked with an asterisk (*) are HWA's younger,pre-1970s voice.
1981-1982 World Tomorrow Series
C018 Gospel of the Kingdom of God; Prophecy Revelation 6, Matthew 24.
C019 Resurrection Was NOT on Sunday; Beasts of Daniel and Revelation.
C020 Promises Made to Seed of Abraham; Where Will You Go When You Die?
C021 Born-Again Christians; The Two Trees
C022 Don't Believe Me; Christ's Gospel Not Proclaimed
C023 Another Gospel;  Born Again
C024 Why Can't Solve Troubles?  Rev. 13, 17; Dan. 7
C025 No Immortal Soul; God Will Intervene
C026 What is Man? What is Life?
C027 Which World?  Human Mind and God's Spirit
C028 God Create Devil?  Bible -- Coded Book.
C029 Is There Life After Death? Part I, Part II
World Tomorrow Prophecy Series*
 C030-C037  Eight tapes.
World Tomorrow Hebrews Series*
 C038-C045  Eight tapes.
World Tomorrow True Church Series*
 C046-C049  Four tapes.
Misc. World Tomorrow (mostly *)
C050 Understanding the Bible Parts I, II
C051 Gospel Restored; Is it Easy to Be a Christian?
C052 Truth -- Your Eternity at Stake;  What Will Happen to the USA?
C053 Choose! Forerunner Paving the Way
C054 Apostasy Foretold;  Bitterness
C055 Form of Godliness;  Flight to Safety
C056 Truth;  Called for a Duty
C057 Tree of Life;  Faith
C058 Gospel; The Gospel Jesus Taught
C059 Understanding Prophecy; Choose!
C060 False Prophet; Understanding the Bible
C061 Grace vs. License; False Gospels
C062 Apostasy From Truth; Tribulation
C063 Hebrews;  Faith for Salvation
C064 God's Law -- Conversion
HWA Sermons & Miscellaneous
C066 H.W.A., Dick Armstrong, etc.*
C067 Divorce & Remarraige (4/13/73)
C071 AC Forum - College History (ca. 1980)
C072 II Corinthians 6 & 7 (11/15/80)
C073 II Corinthians 9 & 10 (11/29/80)
C074 Ephesians 1 & 2 (3/7/81)
C075 Ephesians 3 & 4 (3/21/81)
C076 Revelation 12 Bible Study (4/18/81)
C077 Big Sandy Forum - HWA (8/21/81)
C078 The Holy Spirit #1 (6/13/81)
C079 The Sabbath Question (10/23/81)
C080 The Holy Spirit #2 (11/28/81)
C082 Restored Truths -- Philadelphia Era
C083 Mark of the Beast (80s)
C084 First Day of the Feast (10/2/82)
C085 Last Great Day (10/25/82)
C086 The Value of Human Life (10/29/83)
C087 F.O.T. Opening Night (10/11/84)
C088 First Day Unleavened Bread (4/16/85)
C089 Why the Firstfruits? (5/26/85)
C090 Feast of Trumpets (9/16/85)
C091 The Last Great Day (10/7/85)
C109 God's Way to Salvation, HWA radio broadast.
C100 HWA Funeral (1/86)
C101 GTA 40th Anniversary Program (1/1/74)
C102 HWA Remembered, Ron Dart
Other Audio Tapes by Richard Nickels (RN) and Others, $1 each
C103 Claiming Promises of God, RN, 7/98
C105 Road to Damascus, RN, 4/01
C107 Pentecost, Let No Man Deceive You, RN, 6/01
C110 Marriage is For Life, Dan White, 3 tapes
C111 The Mind of Christ, Randy Schafer, 4/24/99
C113 Dealing With Sodomy, RN, 9/26/99
C114 Three Times a Year, RN, 9/30/99
C116 Book of Hebrews, RN, 8/23/03
C120 The Importance of Marriage, RN, 2/21/04
C120 After Unleavened Bread, Then What? RN, 4/17/04
C124 Biblical Music, RN, 4/12/04
C126 Are You a Son of Belial? RN, 8/13/04
C128 Returning from the Feast, RN, 10/16/04
C129 Book of Psalms (3 tapes), RN, 2004-2005
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