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Friends of Sabbath Seminar, Tacoma, Washington, August 1996

C301 "Call the Sabbath a Delight," Dennis Luker, UCG pastor.C302 "A Critical Look at Col. 2:16-17," Larry Walker, UCG pastor.
C303 "My Search for the Sabbath at Vatican University," Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, SDA scholar.
C304 "Rest for Human Restlessness," Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, SDA.
C305 "Mysterious Seven Day Cycle," Kenneth Westby, ACD leader.
C306 "Sabbath of Prophecy, I" Gary Arvidson, writer and researcher.
C307 "Sabbath of Prophecy, II" Gary Arvidson, writer and researcher.
C308 "Little Known History of Sabbatarians (Taiping in China)," Dr. Phillip Arnold, Religion-Crisis Task Force, Houston, Texas.
C309 "Sabbath Friends & Enemies," (David Koresh of Waco), Dr. Phillip Arnold, Houston, Texas.
C310 "Church in the Living Room -- An Alternative?" John Christopher.
C311 "The Sabbath Service," Norman Edwards, editor of Servants' News.
C312 "Sabbath Lesson from African Bush, Part I" Rabbi Daniel Lapin, radio talk show host.
C313 "A Sabbath Lesson from the African Bush, Part II" Rabbi Daniel Lapin.
C314 "Sabbath: Messianic Memorial," Doug Dolly, Messianic.
C315 "Sabbath Letter, Sabbath Spirit," Calvin Burrell, COG7 leader.
C316 "Sabbath Facts of Life," panel discussion, led by Ken Westby.

Friends of the Sabbath Seminar, Dana Point, California, May, 1995

C320 "Sabbath & Sectarian Judaism," "Argument from Silence,"Peter Nathan, United minister.
C321 "Legacy of Steven Mumford," Dr. J. Guy, "Sabbath Faith," Ron Dart.
C322 "History of COG7, Sabbath Renewal," Whaid Rose, COG7.
C323 "Sabbath in Colosse & Galacia," Walker, Nathan, & Bacchiocchi.
C324 "Biblical Canon & the Sabbath," Dr. Ernest Martin, scholar.
C325 "Sabbath in 1st Century," Walker, Walburn, Nathan, Bacchiocchi.
C326 C325, cont., + "Sabbath in NT," Larry Salyer, Global minister.
C327 "Sabbath & Modern Woman," Luker, OMaley, Scharpen.
C328 "Sabbath & Modern Youth," Jacobs, Merritt, Skidmore, "Do's & Don'ts," Dennis Luker.

Friends of the Sabbath Seminar, Windsor Locks, Connecticut, October, 1996

C330 "Sabbath Made for Man," Ronald Dart, CEM minister.
C331 "Biblical Proofs of Sabbath,"Jerry Johnson, SDB pastor, "Sabbath Observance -- Delight or Burden?" Paul Saal, Mesianic Jew.
C332 Paul Saal, finish C331. "Is Sabbath Observance Required for Salvation?" Don Ward, IBLC.
C333 "Latest Research Findings," Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.
C334 "Personal Reflections," Merritt, Bacchiocchi, Dart, Ward, etc.
C335 "Questions and Answers," panel by Jerry Johnson, etc.
C336 "How We Came to the Sabbath," Merritt, Johnson, Bacchiocchi, Saal.

Friends of the Sabbath Seminar, San Antonio, Texas, December, 1995

C337 "The Sabbath in Early American History," Jim Franks, UCG leader.
C338 "Sabbatarian Cooperation," Rich Nickels, "COG7 History," Burrell.
C339 "Typology of Holy Days in New Testament," Ron Dart, CEM.
C340 "Holy Day or Holiday?" Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.
C341 "Divine Rest for Human Restlessness," Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.
C342 "Sabbath and Holy Day Linkage," Dr. Donald Ward.
C343 "Holy Day Observance in the Early Church," Peter Nathan, "Paul & Holy Days," Larry Walker.
C344 "Holy Days in Galatia & Colosse," Burrell, Nathan, Walker, Ward.
C345 "Feast Days for Christians?" Calvin Burrell, "Holy Days Overview," Larry Walker.
C346 "My Research on Biblical Holy Days," Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.

Friends of the Sabbath Seminar, Lansing, Michigan, April 6-7, 1996

C347 "Sabbath in Jewish & Christian History," Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.
C348 "Preparation & Calendar Postponements," Wilf Hey, UCG.
C349 "Quest for a Christian America," Richard Wiedenheft, COG7.
C350 "Sabbath Letter & Sabbath Spirit," Wilf Hey, UCG minister.
C351 "History of Sacred Name Movement," L. Brumbaugh & S. Graham.
C352 "Spring Vale Academy, BSA, COG7," Richard Wiedenheft.
C353 "Churches of God In Transition, Church Govt," John Robinson, UCG.
C354 "Sabbath From Reformation to Present," Dr. Walter Douglas, SDB.
C355 "Splinter Groups of the Worldwide Church of God," Alan Ruth.
C356 "Covenants & Festivals Controversy," Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.
C357 "Sabbatarianism in British History," Wilf Hey, UCG minister.

Friends of the Sabbath Seminar, Bend, Oregon, April 11-13, 1997

C358 "Search for Lord's Day at Vatican," Samuele Bacchiocchi.
C359 "I Call You Friends," Larry J. Walker, UCG Pastor.
C360 "Rest for Human Restlessness," Dr. Samuele Bacchicchi.
C361 "Does Col. 2:16-17 Abolish the Sabbath?" Larry J. Walker.
C362 "Sabbath & Gospel," Bacchiocchi, Walker, Scruggs, Uriel, Nickels.
C363 "Havdalah Sabbath Closing," Yehuda Uriel, Lee Richardson.
C364 "Anti-Semitism & the Sabbath," James D. Scruggs, historian.
C365 "Similarities & Differences Between Sabbatarians," Richard Nickels. 


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