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            We feature audio cassette tapes by Herbert W. Armstrong, and tapes narrated by Phil Keener (PK), Anne Wibbelsmann (AW), and Richard Nickels (RN). A suggested donation of $1.50 per tape to cover costs is appreciated, but not necessary. Circle the number(s) of the tapes you wish to order and mail your order form with suggested donation to the above address.

C001   Sabbatarian Cooperation, Giving & Sharing, Bible Sabbath Association Update, RN.

The following tapes are narrations from the book, Early Writings of Herbert W. Armstrong, (book available from Giving & Sharing for $9).

C002   Herbert W. Armstrong: 1892-1986, RN.
C003   What is Faith? What Kind of Faith is Required for Salvation? PK.
C004   Did Christ Reorganize the Church? PK.
C005   The Kingdom, Bible Study Quarterly, PK.
C006   1934 Plain Truth editorial, Key to Book of Revelation, Can a Sabbath-keeper Believe in Evolution? The Sabbath a Perpetual Covenant, PK.
C007   Divorce and Remarriage, Why Should We Have Churches? AW.
C008   Does God Heal Today? Fundamentals of Belief, AW.
C009   The Importance of Fasting, 10 Simple Health Rules, How G&S Preserves the Legacy of HWA, AW.
C010   Plain Truth About Christmas, Easter Commemorate the Resurrection?, AW.
C011   The Truth About Israel, Part I, PK.
C012   The Truth About Israel (part II), Beautiful Secluded Mountain Resort, Which Day is the Sabbath of the New Testament?, PK.
C013   How Often Should We Observe the Lord's Supper? How to Figure Passover, Lord's Supper: 14th or 15th? AW.
C014   Tongues: Is the Pentecost Experience Being Repeated? PK.
C015   How to Figure Pentecost, 1934, 1943 Letters, Do You Want the Baptism With Fire? 1938 Editorial, PK.
C016   The United States in Prophecy, Part I, PK.
C017   The United States in Prophecy, Part II, PK.

Herbert W. Armstrong Tapes

These tapes, from the 1980s or earlier, are sermons or World Tomorrow broadcasts of Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986). The booklets he advertises are generally no longer offered by the Worldwide Church of God, which has changed most of Armstrong's teachings. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are HWA's younger, pre-1970s voice.

1981-1982 World Tomorrow Series

C018   Gospel of the Kingdom of God; Prophecy Rev. 6, Matt. 24
C019   Resurrection Was NOT on Sunday; Beasts of Daniel and Revelation
C020   Promises Made to Seed of Abraham; Where Will You Go When You Die?
C021   Born Again Christians; The Two Trees
C022   Don't Just Believe Me; Christ's Gospel Not Proclaimed
C023   Another Gospel; Born Again
C024   Why Can't We Solve Our Troubles? Bible Prophecy; Rev. 13, 17; Dan. 7
C025   No Immortal Soul; God Will Intervene
C026   What is Man? What is Life?
C027   In Which World Do You Live? Human Mind and God's Spirit
C028   Did God Create a Devil? The Bible - A Coded Book
C029   Is There Life After Death? I; Is There Life After Death? II

World Tomorrow Prophecy Series*

C030-C037     Eight tapes.

World Tomorrow Hebrews Series*

C038-C045 Eight tapes.

World Tomorrow True Church Series*

C046-C049     Four tapes.

Misc. World Tomorrow (mostly *)

C050   Understanding the Bible I; II
C051   Gospel Restored; Is it Easy to Be a Christian?
C052   Truth; Your Eternity at Stake; What Will Happen to the USA?
C053   Choose! Forerunner Paving the Way
C054   Apostasy Foretold; Bitterness
C055   Form of Godliness; Flight to Safety
C056   Truth; Called for a Duty
C057   Tree of Life; Faith
C058   Gospel; The Gospel Jesus Taught
C059   Understanding Prophecy; Choose!
C060   False Prophet; Understanding the Bible
C061   Grace vs. License; False Gospels
C062   Apostasy From Truth; Tribulation
C063   Hebrews; Faith for Salvation
C064   God's Law; Conversion

HWA Sermons & Miscellaneous

C066   H.W.A., Dick Armstrong, etc.*
C067   Divorce and Remarriage (4/13/73)
C071   AC Forum - College History (ca. 1980)
C072   II Cor 6 & 7 (11/15/80)
C073   II Cor. 9 & 10 (11/29/80)
C074   Ephesians 1 & 2 (3/7/81)
C075   Ephesians 3 & 4 (3/21/81)
C076   Rev. 12 - Bible Study (4/18/81)
C077   Big Sandy Forum - HWA (8/21/81)
C078   The Holy Spirit #1 (6/13/81)
C079   The Sabbath Question (10/23/81)
C080   The Holy Spirit #2 (11/28/81)
C082   Restored Truths - Philadelphia Era
C083   Mark of the Beast (80s)
C084   First Day of the Feast (10/2/82)
C085   Last Great Day (10/25/82)
C086   The Value of Human Life (10/29/83)
C087   F.O.T. Opening Night (10/11/84)
C088   First Day Unleavened Bread (4/16/85)
C089   Why the Firstfruits? (5/26/85)
C090   Feast of Trumpets (9/16/85)
C091   The Last Great Day (10/7/85)

Tributes to Armstrong

C100   HWA Funeral (1/86)
C101   GTA 40th Anniversary Program (1/1/74)
C102   HWA Remembered, Ron Dart

Other Tapes (by Richard C. Nickels unless otherwise noted)

C103   Claiming the Promises of God (7/4/1998)
C105   Our Road to Damascus (4/7/2001)
C106   Feast of Unleavened Bread: Putting Sin Out (4/21/2000)
C107   Let No Man Deceive You: Pentecost (6/4/2001)
C108   Portland Vancouver Choir, Menís Chorus, directed by George King (1970)
C110   Marriage for Life, by Dan L. White (3 tapes in series)
C111   The Mind of Christ, by Randy Schafer
C112   Donít Live in Sodom, by Dan L. White
C113   Dealing With Sodomy (9/26/1999)
C114   Three Times a Year (9/30/1999)
C115   Sabbath-keepers in Ghana, by Melvin Rhodes (11/17/2001)
C116   Book of Hebrews (8/23/2003)
C117   Humor in the Millennium? By Randy Stiver (2003 Feast)
C118   Purpose of Sacrifices in the Millennium, by Rex Sexton (2003 Feast)
C119   Solomonís Last Great Feast Message, by Randy Stiver (2003 Feast)
C120   The Importance of Marriage (2/21/2004)
C121   Preparing for Passover (3/20/2004)
C122   The Second Exodus (6/19/2004)
C123   After Unleavened Bread, then What? (4/17/2004)
C124   Music (4/12/2004)
C125   Fear Not!  The Fear of God (5/15/2004)
C126   Are You A Son of Belial? (8/13/2004)
C127   Word-Based versus Image-Based Worship (9/18/2004)
C128   Returning From the Feast (10/16/2004) C129   Book of Psalms (Nov, Dec, 2004, Jan. 2005), 3 tapes
C130   The Importance of Tithing (3/19/2005)
C131   The Wild Olive Tree (2/19/2005)
C132   The Papacy is the Antichrist (4/16/2005)
C133   Book of Daniel (5/21/2005, 7/16/2005), 2 tapes


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