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Youth Activities

United Church of God Youth Camps (Ages 12-18)

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Pinecrest, Missouri

June 15-22, 2006

Greg Sargent

Hye Sierra, California

June 25-July 2, 2006

James Capo

Woodmen, Alabama

July 2-9, 2006

David Dobson

Tetons , Wyoming

July 9-20, 2006

Paul Luecke

Camp Carter, Texas

July 23-30, 2006

Ken Treybig

Davidson, Oregon

July 30 August 6, 2006

David Holladay

Heritage, Pennsylvania

August 13-20, 2006

Doug Johnson

Winter Camp, Williams Bay, Wisconsin

December 24-29 2006

Steve Nutzman

International Camps




Other camps:

Please send us additional information for youth and family activities. Contact: Rich Nickels, info@giveshare.org.